Monday, July 14, 2008

I lied....

Said i wouldn't post anything until after the move, but for once brief second- i actually have internet and I want to take advantage of it until it gets cut off. (what ever will I do without it?)

so just a few highlights from this past week. It was so fun.

As you know (or maybe not..) my mom and sister were able to fly out for the week to help out. Oh boy..... I'm so glad they did! It was so much fun becuase I was pretty much healed up and we were able to have a ton of fun.

We hit the beach a few times and went to River street- that was awesome. Painted toenails and went to the pool, did funny hair-do's, and most importantly.... I got to sleep in!! (thanks mom!)

So here's my little sis with the baby- aren't they cute?

And the kids with the uber cool pirate- (can we say this will be the ONLY time i let them hold guns? lol)

And my mom just had double knee surgery about 2 weeks ago and she's still a cripple. I had to get this hilarious shot of her attempting to come down what seem to be the steepest stairs in the world. Yah... i thought it was funny- my mom... not so much. lol

And in our church, instead of doing baby baptisms or christenings, we do a baby blessing. And yesterday Jayce got blessed and this was how cute he was.

And of course I had to get the rest of the uber cute kiddos as well. These are the adorable dresses great grandma sent- cute right? And if you can't tell from the picture- Hailey had been crying forever. We had just gotten back from taking grandma and nana to the airport and she was devestated- literally.

And here we are- the first ever brother picture. isn't it to die for? You'll be seeing this picture on a scrapbook page VERY soon. (well... after i unpack my massive amounts of scrap crap- lol)

And one just for the records..... this is my current living state. This folks, would be my dining room at the moment. And I still have 2 rooms to go through- it's all packed for the most part, just have a bunch of the odds and ends to put in boxes. (hate those kind of boxes!)

Anyone wanna come finish packing my house for me? I could use a nap.... or two... or three. ;)-

see ya in a while. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I know i'm missing....

but little baby, family visitng, and a move in a few days is taking up quite a bit of time. :)

I'll post some yummy pics later of projects and baby soon enough. i'm moving on Thursday and hopefully will have internet back come a week from now- so be looking for me around then.

will be fun stuff to get into a new house huh? I'm very excited to move on with my life. nothing like a nice change to get you going right? (isn't that just the BIGGEST understatement of the year?) hahaha

over and out.