Monday, January 22, 2007

The REAL Story

Alright......So if any of you have seen Jamie's blog (at right)- you've seens al ittle snipet of pics from our goodbye party for Roxann. Well.... Leave it to me to tell the REAL story about what happened there. You can also reference back to our Christmas party. OK- let's start at the beginning. Roxy's hubby went and had to get a job in Kansas.... yah- what was he thinking?! so obiviously- ROxy has to pack up everything and move out with him. We had anice little goodbye party for her... let her know how much we love her. We had planned to have 2 pages done to go in a little album as a little gift to send off with her. Of course I wasn't done with mine by the time she got there- but it got done anyhow- here's the pics of the first page of all of them. I may need to explain- some of them need no explanation. 1- My page... i'm the only cool one with rockin pics with this girl... it's cause' she loves me the most! 2- Loverly Kristine..... one of kristine's many faces she makes quite often! 3-Jamie's page.... self explanitory. (maybe you should ask her how she got this shot?!) 4- And then Suzy Q's page..... she found this cutie patootie story and anrrowed it down and made this cute page out of it! If you can read it.. it really is sweet. Oh,.... and this is a pic of ROx when she found out she was getting something from us..... does her face say it all? It's like she was scared er somethin?!
enough said on that. SO now we'll get into the juicy parts... hahahahha- we can't have a TRUE party with these crazy girls without Margaritas and daiquris. Well.... the store they usually buy them from, doesn't allow "take out drinks" anymore- which was a HUGE tragedy! SO they had to settle with the bottles that Roxy is sporting here. Yah... this is a very becoming pic- this is Roxy in true form. Honestly- the girl doesn't drink- so it's pretty funny when she does! Rox... does Ike know about this?!

Here are the pics of us girls with Roxy as she read each of our pages. You know... Roxy is a BIG BABY!!!! She started crying even before she opened the book! SO of course, she made cry baby Kristine cry- and then they tried to get Jamie to jump off the cliff with them- but that didn't work... Jamie ran away as fast as she could! Suzy doesn't have an emotional bone in her body- she can't cry... (it really does take A LOT to get her to cry) - and me.. well- I didn't even want to go there.. got to maintain my MO and be the tough one. Had to save it for when I was all by my lonesome- no one knows I cry..... ;)

The part really was a lot of fun. Most of us (ahem) actually got some work done and made some pages. I won't mention any names though. Here's a pic of a true Roxy face... man I'm gonna miss this girl!And this is a not-so-typical face of Roxy-poos..... don't shoot me girl... had to do it! Caught this moment when she was reading my page of course. ( maybe it was someone else's... but I'm sure it was mine!) Let's just make sure we never see this face again eh?!
Poor baby!!!! Just breaks your heart doesn't it? WE continued to have a really fun night. Got a nice picture of all of us. Aren't we just a bunch of babes?! Then there's the not-so-cute one....... just keep in mind that this pic was taken after several drinks. (just for the record..... Suzie and I don't drink- so... we have no excuse for our behavior!)

Yah- I know we're cool.... just don't go being all jealous about how cute we all are k?!
WEll..... the party was a huge success.... we all had a fun time. The store wreaked of alcohol, we laughed and cried, got some pages done, and had a nice hang over the day after. Roxy is now gone. Don't know when we'll see each other again- very sad.... she was seriously a wonderful friend. For those of you who knew her.... I'm sure you'd agree at how awesome she was. (is this a freakin funeral or what?) One last thing to share.... this picture.... I"m not gonna say a word. The phrase "a picture's worth a thousand words"... well- this one's worth at least double that!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Doing it... AGAIN!!!

I find it pretty funny that whenever I pull out my wedding album- I always sit and marvel at how BAD it is! I've done (scrapbooked) my wedding album twice already. Now.. given- times change and so do styles, but there are pages I've done 3 years back that I still like. I don't know what it is- but for some reason, I feel like my wedding album MUST be kept up and look nice at all times. SO... that being said, I've done it again! Well- not all of it. I've decided to take pics off the pages and re-do them... but only when a call for a magazine or contest calls for wedding pages. I'm slowly getting more pages done. THere's a CK call out right now for wedding pages, so of course- i take full advantage of that. I've done 2- one is already below in my Feb Kit pages. Here's one I did the other night. And yes- that's me and my hubby.... look so young right? if you take a look at us now, you'd defintely be able to tell that we've had 3 kids and years of no sleep!!! Anyone else feel the same?
I'll have to scan in some pages that are done according to my style 4 years ago and compare them to now. And for my mom and dad... I'm sorry your album looks the way it does.... I'll do it over. Eventually. :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

I haven't had time to post this until now- but my baby turned 1 a couple days ago and it's such a sad sad time! Time flies by and I can't believe it! So there's obviously a nice story going with these pics- so I'll be the narrator... just imagine you can hear my voice in your head!
We day started off pretty well. Typical birthday day. We were all being extra nice and spending most of our time playing with the baby. I went to pick up the cake at the store that I had made. First of all...... when your child turns's a cardinal law to have chocolate cake for your child to dig in to. I ordered a chocolate cake... did I get a chocolate cake? NO!!!! She had white cake with vanilla frosting....strike one. So i blow it off- 'cause what am I gonna do? We go through the day just playin and having fun. I go to lay her down for a nap, during this time of "sleeping", I hear this faint whopping cough coming from her room. Strike 2. It comes time for dinner, so we eat and prepare for her little party. I went to get the gifts out of the car to wrap. I come inside and after frantically running through the house trying to find wrapping paper, the only thing I have is leftover Christmas wrapping paper!!! Strike 3. So now she has a bright pink and yellow cake, a cough, and red and green plaid presents. She's ONE... what's she gonna care right? Well.... little do people know that it doesn't matter what she wants.... all I can think about is how nothing matchies in the picture so how am I going to scrapbook it?! Sheesh! We sing Happy Birthday to her, I unwrap her gifts, because she can't, and then we set the cake in front of her. It was really pretty funny, she looked at it like it was a piece of chikunk ready to eat her alive..... ;) She slowly got to the point where she was poking her finger in the cake and then just dove in. And she was the one to decide when she was done eating it by throwing the whole thing on the floor. The pictures really explain it all! For a first birthday- it was a lot of fun. My baby is now 1 and isn't really my baby anymore- time for another one? NOT!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Baby!

Friday, January 12, 2007

There's A First For Everything

So I am so happy to be part of the Scrapbook Nook Design Team! I just got my first kit in the mail and the product is AMAZING!!! You get 10 sheets of paper, box of chipboard hearts, bag full of ribbon, a tube of buttons, and an alphabet set.... and all for $25!!!!! Ok, once I'm off the DT- I'm signing up for this thing. Like I said eariler- my friend is the one who puts all the kits together and she has done an amazing job.. as I know she will conitnue to do. So... here are a couple of projects I made with the product... and believe me- there is so much left over product- I can make a lot more too! PLEASE... if you are wanting to sign up for a kit club- sign up for this one. If you do, make sure you place my name on the recommendation box in the checkout! Check out their forum and gallery too.... it is stocked full of inspriation!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cute Kiddos

I had to get these up. My kids were all sick on Christmas Eve, SO we couldn't wear our Christmas outfits, I so carefully planned, to church. Killed me- but I got over it. So we got to wear them this past Sunday- and I must admit it was one of the happiest days of my life. Explanation: ever since I found out I was having another girl, I was so excited for one thing..... the fact that I could buy matching dresses for both my girls. This is the first time I was able to put that dream to reality. SO here are the most adorable pics to prove it. My son had a matching tie with his new suit.... now even thoush I'm allowed to be bias towards my own children... who can't admit that my kids are just the cutest things in the world?! :)-

Freakin' Hilarious I am!!!!

Yup... that's what I am! I'm not afraid to admit that I think I'm the funniest person on earth. This is just one instance in which I claim my funniest person in the world claim. I have NEVER been good at wrapping presents. It's always been a huge struggle to get the paper just right and have it look neat and clean. So- this Christmas... was no different! Funny enough, by coincidence, I was working one day when my friend Kristine comes walking in and starts wrapping some of her gifts. I was watching her (unbenounced to her) and how she wrapped. The heavens opened and the angels sang.... I GOT IT!!! Why had it been so hard? So.... after I had wrapped 99.9% of all my gifts, I was able to use my newly found super human, flippin sweet wrapping skills to use on ONE gift! AND IT WORKED!!!! well- I won't go into detail of how I USED to wrap gifts...... it's a thing of the past anywho. Now, If you want lessons, I am booking my calender for this year already! ENjoy the pleasure in my goofiness. SO here are my pics- proof of what I USED to be. and of course, I had to have a treat before I started for fuel. And my husband thinks he helped by cutting tape for me. SUch a good helper... he should get a gold star!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

TOOT!!!! I'm on a Design Team!!

Just heard that I was chosen for another Design Team position. It's been a while since I was on one last, but I am very excited about this one. Go to and sign up. It is a monthly kit club. Now I KNOW that this club is going to be awesome. My good, presonal friend *Lou* (blog at right), is the designer of all the kits..... and she wil do an awesome job. IF you go sign up for their kit club, before you check out, put my name that I reffered you. Seriously, it's a great deal with some awesome product! Can't ask for anything better right?
Also- if you go to Adornit's blog (again... at right) check out the Page I did for the ad going in Scrapbook Etc in Feb. debuting my open shelf line. It's adorable! I love it! only 3 weeks left until I leave for CA!!!!!