Monday, August 28, 2006

It's over-

So- I was in a couple of contests. The first one ended last week and I WON!!!!! I got a 50$ gift certificate to their online store and i get to be their guest designer for the month of September. You can check out my stuff on their site in a couple of days-
The other contest was a tough one. It started out with over 50 people, and got narrowed down each week. I made it to the top 15- but it ended for me today. I'm sad- the grand prize is a product package valued at $500! So that was a little dissapointing. BUT- I cam up with some wonderful pages that I can now reveal to all! Here are some of them- I'll post more later.
I am also guest blogging on Adorit's blog TODAY! Go check out the projects and pages I've created using my line there. I've had so much fun with it. I can honestly say that now that I've created so many things with my product- I'm officially sick of looking at it! Probably won't be pulling it out again for a while.
Things continue to be good- I'm very excited because Angela Wiggington is coming to Savannah Scrapbooking at the end of the month to do some workshops! She's a big-wig in the industry and it will be a lot of fun to get to know her a little.
I now get a little break from deadlines- which is very nice. I am going to be starting up a couple more contests and continuing to get published.... seems to be the only way I can work now is if I have something to work towards.
Enjoy the pics!

Friday, August 18, 2006

New Stuff/Sad Stuff

Ok- so a couple of things. First of all- I'll be guest blogging at Carolees Creations/Adornit on August 28th. So I'll have abunch of pages and projects made with my product. It's all about promotion and helping to get the word out... so tell all your friends!
My daughter just went to preschool for the first time today. It is so empty in my house! Now- I have 3 kids- Hailey is 4 and Kayleb is 3... and they fight hard and love hard. So- needless to say- it is very calm and quiet in my house today- which i love. It's been a nice break. But she's gone from 8-3 every day and I am sad that my girl is not with me anymore I'm constantly thinking about her and if she's ok. I'm sure i'll get over it! Aw- so sad! Anywho... here's her funny pics of her first day of school. she's such a nut. Had to get a new outfit and shoes and a backpack. She thought she was so cool! Ok- I'll get over my sad sad story.......

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Much Needed

Ok- Today I went to church and for some reason, I just needed it much more than I usually do. It was a very nice day with inspriational lessons that really boosted my up for the next week. I'm feeling good now!
So.. after several days of not being able to scrap (which literally killed me!) I was able to finally get a page done last night. This is my little niece Macie. My sister came down for a visit not too long ago and I took these pics while she was here. I couldn't wait to scrap them and now i have! Macie and my daughter Mia are 4 months apart, so it should be pretty fun to watch them grow together.
Things will be hectic the next couple of weeks- RIck has is finals, Mia has her apt's with the eye Dr. and the oral surgeon....(finally) so we'll just see if i can accomplish anything! Guess you'll find out eh?!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally- a breath!

So...... think I've been scrapping right? NOT! I had soo many plans and so many projects to work on this week and decided to "scrap" them (figuratively speaking). So- now that I've had so much time on my hands (major understatment)- I've been able to go on a date with my husband and celan the house majorly. I must admit- feels really good! After much debate and frustration- I'm not oging to do the Design Team for KI or Scenic Route. I really just don't have the time to get the submissions together. I've been spending a lot fo time with my kids- which has been great, and focusing more on the important things of life. So- I did manage to create our family photo frame (s). now that Mia is 7 mo. old- i figure it should be time to incorporate her photo amongst our family pics hanging up in the house. Up until now- she's been a non-existant child that only existed in the flesh. Now there's proofon the walls that she's an actual part of the family! Poor thing! ok- these aren't the best of pictures- believe me..... I know! but just the general idea of what it looks like!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Work Work Work

Ok- so have you ever felt like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? I think i've reached that point. I have so many projects and definitely not enough time to do it. ALTHOUGH..... all the things i'm doing are completely optional. hahahahaha! I just want to conentrate on building my portfolio and resume- that I"m trying to get as much on my plate as i can. I'm in 2 contests and currently working on 2 Design Team submissions, and working on my own stuff. It is a lot. I've been putting out some good work. I've been really challenged through these contests and I love that. I don' thave to do the Design Teams, but the more and more I submit- the more likely I"ll have the chance that they'll recognize my work and want to see more. So it's a tough call. I'm loving the work I do. I've completely re-done my daily schedule. I've cut my work time in half so I can spend more time with the kids and cleaning house.....mommy duties. It's been wonderful- but I could defnitely use more hours in the day!
Anyway- here's my latest creation. I love this picture. It's so inspiring. Love my girls! Enjoy too!