Sunday, August 13, 2006

Much Needed

Ok- Today I went to church and for some reason, I just needed it much more than I usually do. It was a very nice day with inspriational lessons that really boosted my up for the next week. I'm feeling good now!
So.. after several days of not being able to scrap (which literally killed me!) I was able to finally get a page done last night. This is my little niece Macie. My sister came down for a visit not too long ago and I took these pics while she was here. I couldn't wait to scrap them and now i have! Macie and my daughter Mia are 4 months apart, so it should be pretty fun to watch them grow together.
Things will be hectic the next couple of weeks- RIck has is finals, Mia has her apt's with the eye Dr. and the oral surgeon....(finally) so we'll just see if i can accomplish anything! Guess you'll find out eh?!


Anonymous said...

So, i guess this answers my question about you having time to take our pictures - he he! Let me know . . . And the page looks great!

Anonymous said...

this page is so cute. I wish carter had an aunt to do cute pages of him. haha. talk to you later.