Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was doing laundry and taking a load out of the dryer... and look what I found:

it's a horrible picture- but you get the idea.

Yah... Mia put CRAYONS in her SOCK!!

and the result: 9 shirts, 10 socks, 1 underwear, and 3 pants RUINED. I'm lucky most of it was fine. The worst part.... most of what was ruined was all NEW clothes purchased right before school. And every child suffered a loss.

GGGRRRR..... looks like kids will be losing one toy for christmas and getting clothing in it's place. :(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last night... I needed it. Seriously.
Just one of those nights where you just wnt to lock yourself in a room and never come out.
Luckily for me- I have a few ways of to perk me up therapy.
One of those ways.. is obviously Scrapbooking. And because I haven't accomplished a whole lot of it in the past year, I thought it was time to pull it all out again.


Got my pictures ready, got all my product set out and got on my way. Kids were finally in bed, Rick was busy working in the office, and I was all by my lonesome (except for the loverly christmas music playing int he background :)- )

It took me about 3 hours to finish the ONE page... guess I've been sort of out of it.. but I love how it turned out. Seriously.. can honestly say it's the best page out of the whole year!! (which isn't hard because I've done like...a whole 3 pages in the past year lol)

So here it is. These pics were taken last month to mark the first time my kids have EVER played in leaves. They had so much fun- it was awesome watching them play.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Boys

Here's a little update on what's been going down.....

Kayleb finally got his glasses and he is so cute! We've heard the comment "He looks just like Rick now" several times. lol ANd funny story (which I've been dreading since he got them) is the fact that I was totally worried about how he'd handle glasses and if they'd break and we'd have to replace them 10 million times in the next 2 years. lol

On Saturday- Jayce somehow got a hold of his glasses and bent them. Bent them enough that- we had to take them BACK to the eye dr to see if they could fix them. Alas.... they couldn't. lol Soooooo- they ordered him completely new glasses at no expense. ( we had a 1 yr warranty on them thank heavens) He can still wear the ones he has, but the one side is lop-sided. And although he's been fairly responsible with them, what I feared, came true. Hopefully we won't make this a weekly thing. lol
Isn't he adorable?
AND THEN.... this is hilarious.
So I'm working today in the office and things are pretty quiet. And all moms know what that means right? right.
So I go looking for the kiddos and then I hear this banging. I then realized that not only was my bedroom door closed, but that my bathroom door was closed as well.
I reach for the doorknob to hear laughter coming from inside the bathroom. So I sit and wait to listen. Mia and JAyce are just laughing and laughing- I can't help but laugh at them too.. it was just so darned cute. So after a minute, I hear something that doesn't sound normal... I open the door and what do I see? Um.... MY FLOOR IS LITTERED. and littered.... with lotion, medicine bottles, hair accessories, nail polish bottles (luckily.. nothing was opened- it was just out of the cupboard)... and then I see this:
and then i see this:

yup... little munch and princess got into my tampons and opened just about every single one of them. And then mixed in my entire box of q-tips and decorated my shower with them. lol
Jayce had about 6 of them in his hands and he thought they were the greatest toys ever. lol
I burst out laughing- I thought it was seriously hilarious that they were having so much fun with it all. And what were they laughing at? Mia had figured out that if you push the bottom of the tampon... the cotton part would jump out the other end... so she was doing "party decorations" (as she put it) with Jayce. (sort of like Pop goes the Weasel... in a very disturbed but hilarious fashion)
so there ya have it. My fun for the day. At least I now have black mail for my son when he has dates come over.....heheheheheheheheh LOL
aaahhhhh fun times.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here are pictures from our fun filled night. The kids were so funny :)

My Tigger:

My Angel:

My Ninja (aka KarateGuy):

My Senorita:

My good-sported Fro-man:

Me and all my deliciousness:

The troops:

Fun times fun times.