Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Book Review: The Liar's Diary

Time for another review!!!

The Liar's Diary by Patry Francis

From Publishers Weekly: A case study in the explosive effects of extreme denial, Francis's debut relies completely on its very unreliable narrator, with mixed results. When local violinist and composer Ali Mather, a very sexy 46, comes to teach music at the Bridgeway high school where narrator Jeanne Cross, a very plain 37, is the secretary, teachers and students alike are abuzz. Ali is separated from her mild husband George, and is soon sleeping with the 31-year-old shop teacher, Brian Shagaury (and also with car dealer Jack Butterfield). Jeanne is married to a buff orthopedic surgeon, Gavin, with whom she has an overweight, dyslexic 16-year-old son, Jamie, who attends the school. An unlikely friendship develops between the seemingly steady Jeanne and acting-out Ali, and Jeanne's purposefully flat narration is effective in doling out disorienting incongruities (as in the offhanded way Jeanne develops a serious pill habit). Ali's provocative lifestyle eventually intersects directly with Jeanne's home life. When tragedy strikes, Jeanne's Stepford routine holds for a while, then becomes a giveaway.

At first, this sounded like a very intruguing book. It's not a very big book, so I wasn't intimidated by size or content. I started reading and within the first chapter, I started feeling kind of leery about this book. I had read the reviews and had read what it was supposedly about.

Background: For those of you who know me, I'm an upbeat person. I try to keep happy at all times and not let anything that could potentially destroy that happiness into my life. I read happy things, I listen to happy things, I watch happy things (for the most part). Honestly... this book is depressing. When you have a story plot, you expect that there will be happy moments, sad moments, moments of intrigue, moments of action, and a good ending to tie it all up. All this book held for me was that it was sad at points, it was even more sad at other points, until the end, when it became just depressing. I didn't feel good reading this book at any point.

The main synopsis of this story is that a woman, Francis, seems to be a normal wife/mother on the outside, but is really facing the struggle of a home/family that just doesn't work or make her happy. A new lady, Ali, is hired on as the music teacher at the high school where she works and turns her world upside down. Ali is a troubled person with a history of mostly downs in her life. And through their friendship, Ali brings out the "bad" in Francis, whils Francis attempts to help her with all of her "issues". There are plenty of twists in this book that I definitely wasn't expecting, but each twist lead down another path of something i didn't care to visit. In general, this book is full of depression, unhappiness, murder, love affairs, and betrayal. And although this seems to most as regular worldy things that happen everyday, I don't care to look at life in that light. I live my life complete opposite and like to look at life in the complete opposite light.

I can easily see this book as a movie. It's very visually effective and keeps the reader attatched to the story, whether they like it or not.

If you prefer reading stories that have these aspects in it, then it's definitely the book for you. If you don't care for such things and would prefer reading upbeat, happy things- then don't read it. I for one will not read this book again. But that is just my opinion. :)

If you'd like to read more reviews- go to this link and you can read more.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lesson Learned

Ok- one thing i've learned....

You say "Contest" and "Free Stuff"...... and by joe... people will comment!!! :) Talk about "if you build it, they will come" !!!!! hahahahahaha
I've never had so many comments in my life and I love it!

So please, although I LOVE that you've all commented and wished me luck (I appreciate it so much, i love you guys!!!), please keep commenting for me! I like to know that people actually READ my blog and are interested. I keep seeing all these people clickin on my blog from various places around the world and realize i have NO CLUE who they are or how the found my blog. ANd I'd love to hear it!

So a shout out to all my peeps who leave comments... THANK YOU!!!! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Half way there Contest!

See these beautiful faces? Aren't they just precious?

And after seeing something so cute, why not want more of it?

Yup..... if you didn't know- baby #4 is on it's way and i'm half way done!!! As of today, I am 20 weeks along and will more than likely have less than that left. (based on all my last pregnancies)

And this picture... you're lucky to see it. It's strictly for Roxy.... so i don't want to hear it anymore Foxy!!!! :) See.... i DON'T do pregnancy pics. hate them. only one i have to prove i've EVER been pregnant before is 2 pictures from past baby showers. thats it. So you are especially lucky. Guess it has to do with the fact that i feel really good too. So that helps. (and hubby took the pics, so they aren't the best quality. But that's all you're gonna get!)

Due date is July 14, more than likely wo'nt make it that long, but that's ok.

So along with the "announcement", leads me to the CONTEST. I am having my ultrasound this thursday morning to see what the sex is. I'm totally excited. So how about a little contest to go with it? Comment here and let me know what you THINK it will be. out of those that are correct, i'll put your names in a bowl and if you are drawn- i'll send you a scrappy goody box!!! If you don't scrap- i'll send some anyway to get you started! :)-

So what do ya'll think?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Look

So what do you think? Like it?
I needed a change badly. Came up with this header this morning. Thanks to the wonderful Rhonna Farrer and her magnificent talent, I put this thing together. Tell me what you think!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Inspiration Monday

I know I don't do this every monday- although i should. but here's a few pages I've done in the past week or so and just wanted to share! I have 2 for my bro. who's serving a church mission in Aukland, New Zealand right now. He sends me the most AMAZING pictures. One of him on the train tracks and one of a sunset he took. Then the one of Kayleb, I'm using all Piggy Tales product and absolutely love how this one turned out. Then we have the Hailey one. I thought it was just too funny to NOT scrap. so there ya go!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vision Board

Ok- i know... 2 posts in one day. Aren't you lucky?! :)
Actually, I've wanted to post this for a while, just haven't gotten around to it. So here it is. Thought I'd post something positive and somewhat creative to lighten my mood.
So here it is: It's called the Vision Board.
I was watching Oprah (yah- don't do that too often) but they were talking about "Laws of Attraction". Not in the sense of attracting the opposite sex, but in attracting your own destiny and positive things. The idea is that if you physically post your dreams, goals, ideas in a place where you are constantly seeing them, then things will just have a way of working themselves out to make it all come true. Sounds kind of hokey- i know. But wait- there's more. It's not just a "'magical" thing that takes place. It's the idea that if you constantly THINK potively and WORK hard for your goals, dreams, ideas- with the help of looking at them every day, then they WILL come true. You have to make sure that there is no negativity in your life. Like past grudges or anything in order for this to supposedly work best.

Honestly, I don't believe in the whole "universe is key" thing, BUT I do believe that thinking positivley and working hard for the things you want is key.

I'm not a goal setter. I've set goals, I've never finished them. (minus a few occasions)- But I do notice that when i don't thikn positively, i feel down and don't think I'll ever get to the point in my life that i want to achieve. So if I go to bed thinking that tomorrow will be a good day, that I'll get everything done on my list that i need to do, and that I do at least ONE thing to work towards one of my goals, then how can it NOT come true?

Examples that Oprah had:

This lady started her own online business. It was BOOMING when she started it up. Had tons of work. Then after about a year, it started going downhill and she was getting really deperessed. In talking with her brother, he suggested doing the "Laws of Attraction" thing and making her a Vision Board. So she decided it couldn't hurt and did it that very day. Made up the board with things she wanted to accomplish, not only with her work, but her life in general. She went to bed that night and thought over and over "I will wake up to tons of emails asking for work". Well, the next morning, she had doubled her email intake for business. And from that very moment, her business has now doubled over the past year.

Same lady: Her husband (during this year of doubling her business and doing this vision board) came home and said that he had been laid off. Instead of crying and moping around and wondering about their future, they pulled out a bottle of wine and celebrated the fact that they now had a few weeks of uninterupted family time! He of course would work hard to find another job that actually appreciated him, but for the moment, they were content with just celebrating the family time they were going to get. After 2 weeks, he got offered a position that paid twice as much. The key was that they never told anyone that he had been laid off. They knew that something like that would bring in comments and feelings of "Oh I'm so sorry. that is so hard" and negativity is what they didn't want to bring in with their positive thinking and visions of what they wanted for life.

Example #2:

Another lady was uber depressed. She just couldn't get out of it. She hated her job, hated her house, and hated where she lived. One day, she saw somewhere about this "Laws of Attraction" thing and decided to make her own vision board of what would make her happy. Firt thing on that board was a picture of a house on the beach. Well, She talked with her family on what she was doing, got everyone on board with family goals etc., and from there it took off. Within about 3 months, they moved away from everything into a house on the beach. She got a better job that she loved. She showed her vision board in her house. It's a WALL! And entire wall in her kitchen is devoted to family dreams and goals. everyone who wants something puts a picture on there of what they want. One of the cutest things is that her 3 yr old daughter put a picture of a doll on there and was asked "why did you put that on there?" she replied "Because whatever you put on there, you're dreams come true". Needless to say, they are all happy, no more depression, and they are creating their own success through positive thinking.

I got to thinking that I wanted to do this, not only for the sake that i'd LOVE for everything I want to come true, but for the simple fact that if i keep positive things around me or in front of my face constantlty, I'm bound to be a better person. I talked this over with Rick and he's heard of other artists hanging up pictures of what they want to strive to be or whatnot and he agreed that it was a good idea.

So we now each have our own vision boards up. I keep a positive quote at top at all times so i can read it all day. Then the things listed on my board are not only goals, but reflections of what I feel I can achieve if I continue to work and think positively. Theres' the outlandish house of course that i'd love to live in, but I know if we work hard enough, we'll get in our dream house someday. Things don't have to happen now or even in the next week, month, or year. I just need something to remind me that i have goals and have something to work towards.

So here's my board. Who wants to join the Vision Board revolution? :)- I'll be adding a few more things in the next day or so, but for now- this is what I want. Anyone else care to share?

5 Things: Rant

Ok- so yesterday sucked. And after having a good nights rest, I can do this post without having boiling feelings. :) But I thought I'd post anyway, just to get it off my chest. lol
And for those of you who are from or live in this area, I'll be doing a POSITIVE POST about this too, so just wait for it. These are mearly on my observations and experiences.

5 Things I Hate about Savannah:

5) The smell. hahaha- as funny as that sounds, the summer is the worst with the marsh smell. seriously enough to make me puke! Mostly due to the humidity- which also sucks.:)

4) The traffic. Can you really have only 2 ways out of this city? I mean.... You run into SO much traffic no matter what time of day or what day of the week. It's ridiculous.

3) DRIVERS. I guess this has always been a pet peeve of mine, but if you're going slow... GET IN THE SLOW LANE!

2) Apt. Neighbors. Ok people, if you are going to live in an apt., realize that you WILL hear your neighbors. I don't care how new they are or whatever, DEAL WITH IT. on a side note: be courteous too- people don't want to hear your hard rock music at 2 am.

1) PEOPLE. Honestly... heres' my biggest rant of all. They say Southern Hospitality right? Out of the 4 years i've lived here, i've seen it like ONCE. From the bag boy at the grocery store putting BANANAS ON TOP OF MY BREAD, to the high school kids getting off the bus and walking in the middle of the road and not moving for oncoming cars, to teachers swearing and yelling at kids, to being afraid for my life when I drive down the road and see a "group" of boys because I don't know whether I'm gonna get shot or just looked at, to having a kid shot/murdered right in front of my house because of a STUPID agrument over something STUPID, to the news who only reports the current murders and shootings. Man... there's really SO much more I could say, But i'll save it. Besides the WONDERFUL friends and people I've met through church and the scrap store, I just have not liked anyone that I have come in contact with. period. WHy is it that people are so concerned about dumb things and not considerate of others. I just don't understand that. I was raised to have respect for others, and I just don't see that AT ALL here.

Ok- i'm done. I just needed to get that off my chest. I'm ok now. Guess i'm reaching the breaking point in knowing I'm moving away from here and aside from my dear friends, I can't wait.
Love Ya'll!!!!! :)-

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Birthday, A Funny, An Owie, And Inspiration...WHEW!

Ok- so like the title said... a lot to talk about. First off- It was my oldest daughters bday this past Thursday. She turned 6! I'm still in shock that i have a 6 yr old. so wierd. But the day was great, she had cupcakes in her class and she got a few gifts from friends. She chose to go to burger King for dinner (gag me) in which the kids played and were the only ones who ate food. lol then it was home for presents and cake. SO here are the highlight pics from her "party". Typical Hailey faces, that's for sure! :) And the cake she chose and the cutest shoes in the world given to her by gramma- Thanks gramma!!

Now here's the funny: This is the conversation that happened between me and my son last night.

Me: Kayleb, what's wrong?
Kayleb: (sniffling with tears) I'm sad.
Me: Well what happened?
Kayleb: I said I'm sad.
Me: Well, you have to tell me why you're so sad.
Kayleb: (tears still coming) Because.
Me: (laughing) Kayleb... it's hard for me to help you if I don't know what happened. Did you get hurt? Did something happen?
Kayleb: Yah.
Me: Well what happened then? You're just sad?
Kayleb: Yah.
Me: (laughing still) Well then tell me why you're sad.
Kayleb: Because I have feelings.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- it was so stinkin hilarious. And of course once i started laughing, he didn't understand and just got more upset. It was just so cute. I ran and took a picture so I could scrap this. Here's the result of his "feelings". I tried to get the right angle so you could see his tears, but the lighting was aweful. So just pretend like you can see them- cause they are REALLY there. lol

Then there came the OWIE. Literally. I swear, with how many times my kids run into things and hit their heads or shins- people must think we abuse them or something! (which we totally don't by the So Kayleb was jumping on my couch on Saturday. (big no no in my house) Well, Mia of course has to copy every little thing he does and started jumping too. Although she lost her balance and bounced right into the arm of the couch. This is what it left.... (the first picture isn't a good angle, but you can see the MASSIVE bump on her head right between her eyes the best) Yah..... it was a painful one- luckily it's gone down and it's only a bruise now.

And finally the inspiration:
I was able to sit on saturday and put this little thing together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out. Don't ask me what I'll use it for, probably a gift to someone, but it's still adorable. It's called a Magic Box. And my dear friend Leah is the entire inspiration for them. Once the lid is taken off the box, it opens up to reveal the other 4 boxes. It actually took me longer to decorate the thing than it did to actually put it together. And this is using the Ba Ba Black Sheep line from Piggy Tales. Everything excpet for the Flowers, brad, and stamp is from Piggy Tales. What do you think? :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's OVER!

so i'm totally excited because in a matter of less than a day- all the kits sold! And not to mention, the only thing left i'm stuck with are the albums, which is far better than anything else!

I will be packaging up the kits hopefully on Monday. I will pay for the shipping stamps so i know the exact cost. Once i know that, I will email each person to give them their total. Like i said earlier, i accept paypal and check- either one is fine, but you'll get it faster if paid by paypal :)-

I'll send payment info in each email as well and would like to get ALL KITS shipped by Friday.

Savannah Girls...... I'd like to have everyone meet at the store, unless you want to pick them up at my house. When I send your totals, please let me know which one you want to do and we'll go from there.

This was fun! I plan on doing it again in the future, so keep checking back. THANK YOU once again! ya'll ROCK! :)


Good morning! wow- you ladies were busy last night fighting for those kits! lol

So- as of right now, i have 33, 34, 36, 38 left. Again, all the extras minues the organizer and 12 x 12 album are still available as well.
I still have all those magazines (for free if you want them), the jars, the rest of the albums, and the quickutz handle are still available- and I'd really like those gone.

And because I want them gone so badly, i'm willing to drop the price even more. If you are intersted in any of them, please let me know and I'll let you know the price! :)-

I'm sure now that I've emailed everyone back- again, please let me know if i haven't.

I will have prices for those in town today. For those who require shipping, I will have to package them up, purchase the stamp, then let you know the total.

I WILL NOT SHIP THESE KITS UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECIEVED. If you send paypal- wonderful, if you send a check- i will wait until it clears to send the package. I'd like to get all these prices to everyone on Monday and have them all shipped by Friday.

Again... thanks! this has been fun- I'll definitely be doing it again. I usually do a NICE clearout every 6 months or so. So stay tuned.........

Friday, February 01, 2008


in just a matter of hours- my stack had depleted!!!

As of right now- here are the kits still available.
#5, 15, 28, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and All the extras minus the organizer and the 12 x 12 wedding album.

If you are interested in any of these, please let me know asap. I'm working to get it all organized and need to know final counts by Monday so I can prepare them all and ship them out.

I believe I have emailed everyone that has requested kits. If I have NOT emailed you back yet, please let me know. I've been keeping track of who has what, so i haven't left you in the dark. Eveyone that has spoken for a kit, has gotten one. (at least)

I'm off to bed- hopefully the rest of these will be wanted and gone by the time I wake up in the morning?! :)
Here's to hoping!

Thanks so much ladies- you rock!!!