Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vision Board

Ok- i know... 2 posts in one day. Aren't you lucky?! :)
Actually, I've wanted to post this for a while, just haven't gotten around to it. So here it is. Thought I'd post something positive and somewhat creative to lighten my mood.
So here it is: It's called the Vision Board.
I was watching Oprah (yah- don't do that too often) but they were talking about "Laws of Attraction". Not in the sense of attracting the opposite sex, but in attracting your own destiny and positive things. The idea is that if you physically post your dreams, goals, ideas in a place where you are constantly seeing them, then things will just have a way of working themselves out to make it all come true. Sounds kind of hokey- i know. But wait- there's more. It's not just a "'magical" thing that takes place. It's the idea that if you constantly THINK potively and WORK hard for your goals, dreams, ideas- with the help of looking at them every day, then they WILL come true. You have to make sure that there is no negativity in your life. Like past grudges or anything in order for this to supposedly work best.

Honestly, I don't believe in the whole "universe is key" thing, BUT I do believe that thinking positivley and working hard for the things you want is key.

I'm not a goal setter. I've set goals, I've never finished them. (minus a few occasions)- But I do notice that when i don't thikn positively, i feel down and don't think I'll ever get to the point in my life that i want to achieve. So if I go to bed thinking that tomorrow will be a good day, that I'll get everything done on my list that i need to do, and that I do at least ONE thing to work towards one of my goals, then how can it NOT come true?

Examples that Oprah had:

This lady started her own online business. It was BOOMING when she started it up. Had tons of work. Then after about a year, it started going downhill and she was getting really deperessed. In talking with her brother, he suggested doing the "Laws of Attraction" thing and making her a Vision Board. So she decided it couldn't hurt and did it that very day. Made up the board with things she wanted to accomplish, not only with her work, but her life in general. She went to bed that night and thought over and over "I will wake up to tons of emails asking for work". Well, the next morning, she had doubled her email intake for business. And from that very moment, her business has now doubled over the past year.

Same lady: Her husband (during this year of doubling her business and doing this vision board) came home and said that he had been laid off. Instead of crying and moping around and wondering about their future, they pulled out a bottle of wine and celebrated the fact that they now had a few weeks of uninterupted family time! He of course would work hard to find another job that actually appreciated him, but for the moment, they were content with just celebrating the family time they were going to get. After 2 weeks, he got offered a position that paid twice as much. The key was that they never told anyone that he had been laid off. They knew that something like that would bring in comments and feelings of "Oh I'm so sorry. that is so hard" and negativity is what they didn't want to bring in with their positive thinking and visions of what they wanted for life.

Example #2:

Another lady was uber depressed. She just couldn't get out of it. She hated her job, hated her house, and hated where she lived. One day, she saw somewhere about this "Laws of Attraction" thing and decided to make her own vision board of what would make her happy. Firt thing on that board was a picture of a house on the beach. Well, She talked with her family on what she was doing, got everyone on board with family goals etc., and from there it took off. Within about 3 months, they moved away from everything into a house on the beach. She got a better job that she loved. She showed her vision board in her house. It's a WALL! And entire wall in her kitchen is devoted to family dreams and goals. everyone who wants something puts a picture on there of what they want. One of the cutest things is that her 3 yr old daughter put a picture of a doll on there and was asked "why did you put that on there?" she replied "Because whatever you put on there, you're dreams come true". Needless to say, they are all happy, no more depression, and they are creating their own success through positive thinking.

I got to thinking that I wanted to do this, not only for the sake that i'd LOVE for everything I want to come true, but for the simple fact that if i keep positive things around me or in front of my face constantlty, I'm bound to be a better person. I talked this over with Rick and he's heard of other artists hanging up pictures of what they want to strive to be or whatnot and he agreed that it was a good idea.

So we now each have our own vision boards up. I keep a positive quote at top at all times so i can read it all day. Then the things listed on my board are not only goals, but reflections of what I feel I can achieve if I continue to work and think positively. Theres' the outlandish house of course that i'd love to live in, but I know if we work hard enough, we'll get in our dream house someday. Things don't have to happen now or even in the next week, month, or year. I just need something to remind me that i have goals and have something to work towards.

So here's my board. Who wants to join the Vision Board revolution? :)- I'll be adding a few more things in the next day or so, but for now- this is what I want. Anyone else care to share?


nichole said...

i have a great vision board... i started it as a way to help me with the door to door sells i was doing this past summer(sorry i know everyone hates them...) it ended up not being a very successful summer as far as money is concerned.

i did realize just a few days ago i didn't put up anything about sales on my board. i put up pictures of gardens, rooms in houses, and places i want to see.

since i came home i have started working on my artistic goals (loving it), start not one but two rewarding jobs, got married to my boyfriend of a couple years, and now have a beautiful house with MANY similarity's to my board.

i guess deep down i knew what i needed to be happy.

your board has made me what to put up more of my goals about scrapping and art. Thanks for the reminder to update. if you interested in life i MADE you can check out my blog...

thanks again

Unknown said...

Fantastic idea! I feel inspired to join you in this. It will have to wait just a bit of time (one week) to get it up but I'm going to start looking for pictures. Mine will not nearly be as neat as yours I must say!

Cara said...

I recently started thinking more positively and you wouldn't believe how much easier life is, I get parking spaces at school, I didn't miss dh's when the postman came. they usualy come. saves me a trip to the PO! I should really do this as well. It's a good idea to get my desires down as dreams and goals instead of fleeting thoughts!

Lisa Brown said...

Ooo, I really like the diningroom table on your board - I found the prettiest dining set in the Pottery Barn catalog the other day. I had never thought about having something visual for my goals before, since I am a listmaker at heart, but it seems really cool!

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