Friday, June 30, 2006

Adorable Family

Rick just left me for the entire weekend. He's at a huge comic book convention and so left me with the chitlins for 3 days. It makes me so sad to be apart from him. I guess this is why I decided to do this little tidbit on here. We just had our family pics taken by my friend Lisa Brown... (thanks Lisa!). Here are a few highlights of the shoot. I just love how these turned out. I have been so inspired by these pics. Makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family that I love so much. These are the reasons I feel it important to scrapbook. I'm not a journal keeper (which is odd that I'm actually keeping this up!), and scrapbooking is my way of keeping our memories. Makes me feel so good to know that I can preserve our family moments in a wonderful and creative way. Who could resist doing something fun and creative with faces like these?!?!?! I would HIGHLY suggest to anyone who wants to play with their photos and make them look amazing... go to and download PICASA. it's free and you can do amazing things with your pics on there! Theres my 2 cents for the day! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sneak Peak!

I have created, yet, another line... and I am sooo excited about this one! I am going to attempt at submitting it to the 4 biggest distributors in the scrapbook industry. I have contacted each company and have gotten a response from all of them. So, on to creating my portfolio and sending it off. I loved this collection from the minute I started creating it. It's called the "Groovy" collection. has 6 papers and 1 sticker sheet. It's a mix of oranges, greens, browns, pinks, and blues. i'll show you a little later!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

More info.....As if you need more!

Ok... so Georgana Hall (pres. of Carolees Creations/ADornit) is has been doing a spotlight of each finalist on her blog. Today was ME!!!! so... here's the link to her blog- check it out and find out all the things that you thought you knew about me.... (evil laugh... heheheheeh) Actually- it's probably everything you already know and just need to confirm! How fun is this?!?!?!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another one

Ok... so I don't know what it is.... but I am totally inspired to do really good pages of my daughter Hailey. She is so photogenic and there's just something there that helps spark my creativity. sooo... that is probably why you'll seee a lot of pages with her as the subject. My poor other 2 kids... i do pages of them.. i really do. I just don't seem to do as well for some reason. Here is the latest one I did. Did it tonight. I've had this paper forever and could never figure out how to use it until now. I was crazy enough to use the Bernina sewing machine at my store and sew every little detail of the flower and sew a flower border on it. took forever- but I love how it turned out. I'll be submitting this one to of course!
These pics were taken by my friend Lisa Brown... have to give her full credit.
My baby is teething right now and is a complete monster- so I'm not having a whole lot of time to get the things done I want.... so this is what happens when I get to "work" at work! hahaha-

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's HERE!!!!

I am so stinkin excited!!!!! My product came in the mail today from Carolees and I can't tell you how cool it is to see your own designs in actual company packaging!!!! WOOHOO!!! ok.. so here's what it looks like. There are 6 papers and 1 set of 3 dimensional stickers. Now once they hit the shelves come August... I'm expecting all of you to go out and get them....regardless of whether you scrapbook or not.... you have to pretty cool to show everyone that you KNOW the designer right?!?!?! Ok- so tell all your friends to go vote for me online at and remember that only one vote per email counts. I have included pics of the brochure that is being sent to all the retailers. This is so exciting!!!!!! Thanks for all the support!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So.. today starts the voting of Carolees Scrapbook apprentice! Finally!!! I've known about this for a month now and I'm freaking out that I have to wait clear until OCOTBER to find out who wins. I'm excited though. I will be getting my line in the mail soon and can't wait to see it in actual company paper and see my stickers! Once they are here- I will uplaod them and show you all!!!!! PLEASE go and vote for me! winner is determined by vote and by sales of product- so buy my paper too!!!! go to and vote for my line.. the Mia collection (obviously) and vote as much as you want until september. Thanks for all the support you all give to me!
I did a LO the other day with our new fam. pics we took last week. this one is of Hailey. I loved it. I can't tell you how proud I am of myself that I used stamps on a page. I love stamps but I was- and still am- intimidated by them. but here it is. hope you like it!
Sent off my cards that are going to be published in the Oct/Nov issue Paper Trends last week. I can't wait to see them. It's always so fun to look at your own things in magazines!
Until next time......

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Me

Here is the most recent pic of me. I had my hair cut and died.... and i've been outside a lot- so i"m obviously more tan....... just thought I'd share! You can see an older pic of me when I was stark white and blonde in my profile...:)


Don't mind the spelling on the title! This past week has been crazy. I worked 20 hours at the scrap store and was working hard on my submissions for Paper Trends Mag. I have to send out my 2 cards to them for publication in October this week. I met a lady in the scrap store the other day. She was the person that made all the purchases for her store in NC. She told me she was going to CHA in July and I told her about my line and she said she would purchase it. Not only did she do that, but she knows the editor of Memory Makers Mag. and said she would hook me up with her. I've been trying to get published in that mag for a while- so that would be fun. In my day trip to Jacksonville last weekend, I made sure to talk to all the owners of the stores we hit and told them about my line and to purchase it. So hopefully with my advertising, I have a chance at winning this thing. I'd post a snipit of what my papers are- but I'm not allowed to. Sorry! I'lll be working on some more papers this week. RIck is going to teach me how to use different coloring ways on Photoshop so I can get depth to my colors. I"m excited.
Here is the project I came up with for the Memory Makers Idea Gallery issue submission. Of course, it will eventualy ahve pics in it- but that's what it is for now. Here's one of the pages I came up with also.
I'm in the process of saying "goodbye" to a lot of my friends. They are moving away and it just so happens to be all at the same time. So Sad! :(
ok- until next time........