Sunday, June 11, 2006


Don't mind the spelling on the title! This past week has been crazy. I worked 20 hours at the scrap store and was working hard on my submissions for Paper Trends Mag. I have to send out my 2 cards to them for publication in October this week. I met a lady in the scrap store the other day. She was the person that made all the purchases for her store in NC. She told me she was going to CHA in July and I told her about my line and she said she would purchase it. Not only did she do that, but she knows the editor of Memory Makers Mag. and said she would hook me up with her. I've been trying to get published in that mag for a while- so that would be fun. In my day trip to Jacksonville last weekend, I made sure to talk to all the owners of the stores we hit and told them about my line and to purchase it. So hopefully with my advertising, I have a chance at winning this thing. I'd post a snipit of what my papers are- but I'm not allowed to. Sorry! I'lll be working on some more papers this week. RIck is going to teach me how to use different coloring ways on Photoshop so I can get depth to my colors. I"m excited.
Here is the project I came up with for the Memory Makers Idea Gallery issue submission. Of course, it will eventualy ahve pics in it- but that's what it is for now. Here's one of the pages I came up with also.
I'm in the process of saying "goodbye" to a lot of my friends. They are moving away and it just so happens to be all at the same time. So Sad! :(
ok- until next time........


Anonymous said...

Those pages are so pretty! (Oh, and the kids are pretty cute too.) You need to teach me how to do some of that stuff, because I have these beautiful pics of Lily in the wildflowers that i want something special for.

Anonymous said...

You have talent like nothing I have ever seen before. I love what you do!