Monday, May 28, 2007

Here she is!

i was FINALLY able to sit and scrap a page today! first time in like FOREVER!!!
So- I did this for a contest, hope I make it to the next round!
Here's my little girl... isn't she so cute?!

How'd I do that?

I was browsing through all my pics on my computer today and i found a digi page that i did a while ago but never posted it! So wierd. how can you just forget you do something? sheesh!
Ok- so here it is, this is one of the first ones I did too. Guess I need to stop on the whole "silly" title.... thing is, that's the perfect word to describe my son. As you can see... the only pics i can get of the kid are of him doing something goofy.

I'm working on an ACTUAL scrapbook page right now. I'll post it a little later!

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Finally Over

Well- My baby has graduated Pre-K today. It was the last day of school and she was so sad. I think I got her to smile in only a few pics. It was really sweet. They had a nice program and the funny thing was that i couldn't get her to smile AT ALL. When she went up to get her certificate, she was supposed to go back to her seat right after, but instead, she rad over to me and started crying. It was so sad. She kept saying that she was tired, but I knew she wasn't. She absolutely loves school and her teacher Ms. Marty. Hailey was teachers pet and loved every minute of it.

Here are pics from the day. Some of her friends, her teacher, and getting her certificate. So sad.. I can't believe she'll be in kindergarten in the fall and Kayleb will be with Ms. Marty. Well.... now what am I gonna do with the summer? Anyone want to come take some kids off my hands for a couple of hours a week?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here's another one!

I started working on this last night and finished it tonight. I'm so happy with it. gives me great pleasure to create something so cute!!! Now... isn't by boy so adorable? This is what he does everytime i pull the camera out- what a goober!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Back

Sorry peoples.... i've been sick sick sick! but hey- 7 lbs lost later (?), I'm good again!
I was FINALLY able to do something creative with paper today! I was so excited. Seriously... it's been WAY too long since I last did something. So here's what i did. This is a little gift for hailey's teacher. Her last day of school is Friday and she's been a wonderful teacher. Hailey adores her and vice versa. SO it's filled with candy and i will make a matching card to go with it.

Hard do yer stink? (that would be amber lingo..... if you've never listend to me say it, nevermind :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Going to the DARK SIDE

Help!!! Pull me away!!! Ok.. I said i wouldn't go over to digi scrapping, but seriously- it's all i can do these days. I can have my handy dandy, spankin' new, flippin sweet computer on my lap all night long, but i can't keep all my supplies with me since they are all in my daughters room. The only time I have to scrap is at night when the kids are down, so this is my only option. So- now that I've explained away my paper scrapping rights... (not really, just being dramatic :)-
here's another one I did tonight. Yah.. this is a pic of me when i used to be smokin' hot. That my dear friends was taken my senior year in High school. Too bad I'll never be like that anymore. Why is it kids destroy your body? ugh! At least my husband still likes me.... HA! enjoy..... :)
Kirsty Wiseman
Shabby Princess
Rhonna Farrer
Leah Riordan
Designs By Krista

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is for you Roxy

I have such a wonderful friend Roxanne... aka Foxy Roxy. ( her blog is at right) I got to know her by working with her in the scrapbook store here. She was a teacher with me and one heck of a hilarious person. She was the most fun to be around and always made everyone feel so welcomed. (i'm making her sound like she's dead... she's not.... :)
She's been going through some tough times lately- see.... her husband had to go off and get transfered for his job, thus pulling one of my closest friends away from me. ( I'll never forgive you Ike.... :)

So this is for you babe..... Love ya tons!!!!! Oh.. and Rox.... notice what the stamp around the circle pic says...... hehehehehe ( and yes, this is another digi LO.. seems that's all I'm able to accomplish lately.)
Shandy Vogt
Designs By Kari
Rhonna Farrer
Gina Cabrera
Leah Riordan

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finished Product

So with using all those funny pics, I finally completed the CD cover for my mom. This is what it's gonna look like. Think she'll like it? I know it won't get there on time, but that's typical of me... i can never get things out on time. oh well- it's the thought that counts right?!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

HILARIOUS with a capital H

Ok... so a couple of pics to lighten your day. And on a side note.......these pics were COMPLETELY and utterly Rick's idea. We've made this CD for my mom for mothers day and the title for this CD is "Rick and Amber's greatest PICKS"...... hahahahaha- i know. He's funny huh? So here- for your enjoyment and my humiliation (as I'm sure Jamie may find something to do with these :) are the pics we are going put on the cover. I know we're funny..... you don't need to say a word!

And for the second part of this rather funny story..... My son has "quiet time" every day after lunch. Sometimes he falls asleep, most times he doesn't. But I heard him get up yesterday and go to the bathroom. Well, after a long while, I noticed I didn't hear him come back out of the bathroom. So I went back to see if he was ok and this is what i found! I guess he was tired after all?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Nook Rocks/ Sad News

So you know that I'm on this design team for this AMAZING kit club. Well... my good buddy Leah has put together another smasher for the month of May. Here are 2 pages I've done from this kit so far. Seriously..... aren't these supplies just yummy?! Stop waiting and click here and sign up for the club.... you won't regret it. Put my name in the referral spot if you do.

ON a more serious note...
My very very good friend Jen Gallacher has suffered a major loss this week. Her son Joey lost his battle with cancer on Saturday night. He was such an amazing boy. He had a sweet spirit that was rare. I remember his sweet smile and how everyone just loved him. He was a friend to everyone and would make everyone smile just because. He will be deeply missed and ask that if you pray- to please send your prayers for her and her family while they go through this terrible time. Her blog is at right and she has some pictures of him on there. There is a blog set up for donations to send to her family to help cover some of the medical expenses. If you have it in your budget and hear to help them out, that would be absolutely wonderful. You can find it here. I love you Jen....I'm so sorry for your loss.

This photo was taken 1 year Jen said... "before the cancer stole the sparkle from his eyes."
This is the Joey I remember.