Thursday, May 10, 2007

HILARIOUS with a capital H

Ok... so a couple of pics to lighten your day. And on a side note.......these pics were COMPLETELY and utterly Rick's idea. We've made this CD for my mom for mothers day and the title for this CD is "Rick and Amber's greatest PICKS"...... hahahahaha- i know. He's funny huh? So here- for your enjoyment and my humiliation (as I'm sure Jamie may find something to do with these :) are the pics we are going put on the cover. I know we're funny..... you don't need to say a word!

And for the second part of this rather funny story..... My son has "quiet time" every day after lunch. Sometimes he falls asleep, most times he doesn't. But I heard him get up yesterday and go to the bathroom. Well, after a long while, I noticed I didn't hear him come back out of the bathroom. So I went back to see if he was ok and this is what i found! I guess he was tired after all?


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Sweet, sweet Kayleb.

Now, Rick and Amber....a little picky.

Lisa Brown said...

I am still laughing about the picture of Kayleb :). It reminded me of how he falls asleep during sharing time - so funny :).

Anonymous said...

Hilarious is right! hee hee...I'm pretty sure I have a pic of Big Dave doing the same thing (as Kayleb) haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!