Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here it is!!!

So the announcement i can now make!!! Check it out here!!!!!! notice who's name is on the list. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have some good news!!!!

But i can't share it yet.........hehehehehehehehehehehehehe
hows that for nasty?! but seriously.. it's FANTABULOUS!!!!!

The Nook... AGAIN!!!

So I can't keep telling you how MUCH I love my Design team at the Nook. Leah is simply FABULOUS with choosing out the product. Well this month is no different. For the month of september- we have a bunch of Daisy D's. and it's so pretty! Seriously- never would have picked any of this product out on my own. but since i was forced to use it, i fell completely in love with it and hope to get more of it soon!
So here are a few pages I've done with it. You can go here to my gallery and check out the rest of the creations that my DT members and I have come up with.

Now.. bad news- this kit is already sold out! So sorry! BUT, be sure to check back in a couple weeks- we'll have October's kit coming up and it's going to be just as fabulous. I highly suggest signing up for this kit club. you get so much product and it's always the new stuff too. Go sign up and if you do- put my name in the refferal spot!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm not Dead...... I SWEAR!

Seems like it- but it's not true. Honestly... I'm just trying to manage not locking my kids in their rooms permanently until school starts! lol- I've been going crazy trying to keep 3 kids under 5 occupied and not yelling and screaming every 5 minutes. But things are good. The kids have been playing pretty well, although I AM still counting down until school starts.

So i've been working hard trying to get my Design team repquirements filled and applying for several manufacturer Design teams. It's been so fun being able to work so much. i LOVE it. So thought I'd share a few pages I've done in the past couple days. The one of my friend Roxy is part of the Nook Sept. kit- so go over and order it before its gone! It's seriously a good one!

I'll post more later. I have more pages I have to get done today, it's for the class I'm teaching over at the nook this month- so go over and check it out tomorrow once it's up k?! :) Toodles!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A little somethin' somethin' & a digi

Ok- So i've been showing you just about every single page i've done for my design team over at My scrapbook Nook. seriously- they've redone some thigns and they are gonna be better than EVAH!!!!! seriously- buy 6 months, get the 7th free!!! no other kit club does that. plus- they throw in free stuff in someone's box every single month!!! plus- with our new design team now running- you'll get free classes, and over 40 examples of projects using this one kit!
now tell me you don't want to join something this MAHVELOUS!!!!
here's the link- check out the gallery for August kit and go sign up! if you do sign up, put my name in the refferal spot. besides... this months kit is A-MAZ-ING! go check it out fast!!! because.. honestly, all our kits usually sell out by the first week of the month. so don't miss out k?!

I'll throw out a challenge to ya'll too. whoever signs up for the kit club, puts my name in the refferal spot, and leaves a comment here saying you did so, i'll put all names in a bowl and draw and someone will recieve a NICE RAK (random act of kindness) from me!!!!!

You have officially 1 week to sign up from right now. I'll draw a name and post a winner next Friday. Come on.... i know you wanna!!!!!! ;)-

and here's a digi page i did last night- for my creative team at Scrappin Freestyle. hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The coolest thing EVER!!!

Ok- so there's this blog, call Mother-Talk. If you go to the right hand side, there's a subscribe button. click it and subscribe. THEn....... here's the gist of it.
On the right hand side there's a list of Books that are doing "book tours". If it says (tour full), then it's full and you can't choose it. BUT, if there is a book listed and it DOESN"T say that it's full, then it's free reign to sign up. NOW.... waht are you signing up for exactly? the coolest thing EVER!!!
email the lady- her name is Marjorie. tell her you are interested in reading one of those books. The cool thing, she puts your name on a list and then when that week comes up, she send you the book FOR FREE!!!! THEN, all you have to do is read it, and post a review on your blog and link it back to her blog. ONCE you have done that, she will send you a $20 gift certificate to AMAZON.COM!!!!! how freakin cool is that?! So i've signed up for 5 so far and saving my gift certificates for christmas shopping. :)-
SOOOOOOOO.... seriously- if you love reading and want free books and free gift certificates, head over there and sign up. it's seriously so cool. Plus- you read all the reviews and you can tell whether you want to read a book or not.
SOMETIMES (like now) there's a movie that needs to be "reviewed". so if you can go see a movie and write a review about it, then they'll send you a $30 gift certificate to!!!!

So anyway- check often, she adds books VERY regularly. it's seriously- one of the coolest thigns EVER!!!! :) uh.. have i mentioned yet that it's cool? well- it's cool. just so ya know! lol

Amie- to answer your question, just email her. Here's her email addy!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Here's for Savannah......

So on my little photo safari last weekend, i was able to use some of those pics to scrap some pages already!!! So here they are- in all thier radiant glory!

PLUS.... lucky you- you all get to see my new scrap room!!!! Isn't it MAHVELOUS DAHLING?!
I love it. I get to break it in today- anyone wanna come play?!