Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm not Dead...... I SWEAR!

Seems like it- but it's not true. Honestly... I'm just trying to manage not locking my kids in their rooms permanently until school starts! lol- I've been going crazy trying to keep 3 kids under 5 occupied and not yelling and screaming every 5 minutes. But things are good. The kids have been playing pretty well, although I AM still counting down until school starts.

So i've been working hard trying to get my Design team repquirements filled and applying for several manufacturer Design teams. It's been so fun being able to work so much. i LOVE it. So thought I'd share a few pages I've done in the past couple days. The one of my friend Roxy is part of the Nook Sept. kit- so go over and order it before its gone! It's seriously a good one!

I'll post more later. I have more pages I have to get done today, it's for the class I'm teaching over at the nook this month- so go over and check it out tomorrow once it's up k?! :) Toodles!


Amie said...

wow, they're beautiful! good luck with the DT apps!

Zarah said...

Superb as always, my dear - and I especially love the Roxy one!! :D

Mireille said...

beautiful work Amber! -as always-