Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We're Out of Here!!!!

Don't be missing me too much- cause I won't be posting or be back until Monday or Tuesday. WHy you ask? Because we're only going to the greatest place on earth!!!- that's right folks.... we're off to have a "magical" weekend where "magical" things take place and "magical" will be used in just about every sentence from here on out. :)-

We're going here:

To most definitely see this guy: wouldn't be a complete trip without hime right?

And Of course we have to see this guy: (cause little boy asked) :)-

And the Main reason we're going is to see these ladies: (because honestly.... what little girl DOESN"T want to see them?)- especially Ariel, cause that's the "phase" we're currently in.

So wish us luck on the drive, not that long from here- but I know it will be long enough for my kids to want to beat each other up by the time we arrive.

OH! And I can't forget to tell you where we're stopping on our way back! This place is way too cool- ever heard of it? It's called Dungeness, GA. I'll def. be posting TONS of pics when we get back.- I'll aslo explain about what it is... lol--- Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My attempt

Ok- so i posted a post earlier about fall pics and the lack-thereof in this place.

Well on thanksgivng day, we went back to Lake Mayer to attempt to find some good fall pics. I wanted beach pics- since it's been a while since we've been there, but the husband didn't want to make the trip out there. yup- blaming it all on him! ;)

So.... here's a few pics of our trip to the lake. they turned out pretty good for what I was attempting to capture. I really need to move somewhere with seasons.... this is killing me. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

December Kit is in da house!!!

Oh man- you don't want to miss this one. It's one of the best kits to date i believe. Just look at all the yumminess that come with this thing! So- hurry over and hook yourself up with one of these beauties. it'll be shipping soon- so hurry up before it sells out. and one more cool thing- see the chipboard album? it's made exclusively for the Nook! So you won't be able to get it anywhere else. pretty cool huh?

Oh- and put my name in the refferal spot.... because you love me! :)
And Have a Happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is SOOOOO freakin funny!

Click on this link and see where it takes you. you'll seriously pee your pants watching this thing!

Merry Christmas?????!!!!!!

Finally!---- and a cutie :)

Ok- so I've always complained that I haven't had seasons since moving here and one of the seasons I miss most is Fall. I love all the beautful trees and colors and just the crispness of nice fall air. I wish I could just see mountain after mountain of fall colors, but alas..... i have to deal with forests of pine trees.

I've been looking all over trying to find some pretty fall pics since about end of October. I find some pretty trees on the side of the highway, but we obviously can't be stopping to take pictures.

I was looking out my window today and realized a tree that is right outside that has turned this beautiful shade of red. So I whipped out the telephoto lens, ripped the screen out of my window- and started shooting some pics. Now granted, They aren't my ideal choice of GOOD fall pictures, but they'll have to do! I think some of them turned out real pretty. If anyone know some good places for fall pictures in the South... let me know- i'm in dire need of a good photoshoot!

And also- I had to show this. Baby had her first offense with coloring on the wall. lasted longer than either of the other 2 kids! She found some colors and made a pretty picture on the inside of one of my closets. As you can see by the picture- sh'es quite proud of herself and her creation!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Book Review: Downsizing Your Home with Style

Ok- time for another review! And this one- i'm totally excited for.

Downsizing Your Home With Style by Lauri Ward is a wonderful example of how we should all downsize our homes and lives.

here's the synopsis of the book from

No matter your reason for downsizing--whether you are moving from the suburbs to the city, or you are trading the larger family home for a smaller, more manageable one, or perhaps you are just looking to simplify life--the transition can be a challenge. When you're moving a lifetime's accumulation of belongings from a larger home into a jewel box, the task can seem overwhelming--and so can your emotions. How do you decide what to pack and what to part with? Where will you put the contents of your attic, basement, and/or garage? What if the ceilings are lower, the windows are smaller, or your living room rug would fill the entire space? How can you use the stuff you've got so that it functions well and looks right?
Downsizing Your Home with Style answers all of these questions and more. A professional decorator in New York City for over thirty years, Lauri Ward is an expert in making small spaces both elegant and functional. From the initial evaluation of your new home to one year after you have settled in, she takes you through every step with detailed tips, lists of good buys, tricks of the trade, photographs, and anecdotal examples, so that achieving spectacular results is simple and affordable.
Learn How To:
Create more storage
Make your stuff look smaller and your space look bigger
Update and modernize your favorite old pieces
Multipurpose your rooms and furniture
Find a new home for the stuff you no longer need
Having less room doesn't mean that your home can't be even more stylish. Downsizing Your Home with Style shows you how to reduce what you have to the best and most loved, so that your new space can be even more special. After all, downsizing isn't about restrictions and sacrifice. It's about living more simply and calmly; it's about leading a richer life by having less.

When you start reading this book, it seems as though it's only about taking what you have and deciding what you really want and need for moving to a smaller space. At first, i was kind of put off because I thought that it wouldn't apply to me, because in my life right now- I'm not planning on moving to a smaller space. But if you keep reading, there are SO many tips and tricks that you come by, that it doesn't matter what size a place your are moving to or living in, you can downsize your "things" and make your home look better and be more organized. I've always looked at magazines and books with proffesional designed rooms/houses and wished that I could do that. I've always been interested in design and organization. I want my house to look good. It doesn't need to be proffesional looking by any means, but it would definitely be a perk!

like to consider myself pretty clean and organized. I'm not a packrat, i always pick up, i don't have piles all over my house, and i like to have matching things to make my rooms look uniform. With reading this book, I've come to find out some things that I have supposedly been doing "wrong" in the world of decorating. Simple things such as: how high or low to hang things on the wall, how to arrange your furniture to get the most out of a conversation area, what walls to put things on and which ones to leave empty, how to optimize my small space and getting the most out of what i have, how to update what you have, etc.

Now- if you've been to my home, you know that NONE of my furniture matches. It's either been given to us or purchased for a nominal price. One thing I've done, is sanding things down and refinishing them so they "match". doesn't cost much, but at least it matches now.

Whithin the first 2 chapters of this book, it made me want to get up immediately and want to rearrange my house. I was so motivated to try and make things look better so that it would not only "flow" better, but me more pleasing to the eye. I have since been moving things around and trying to create the sense of having more room- even though I don't.

This book can't come more highly recommended from me! Seriously- it doesn't matter what size house you live in. If you want to "get rid" of things and just try to make your own house look and feel better, this is definitely the book to read. I may be a little biased because I am VERY interested in design and decorating, but it really is a fabulous book. Very easy to read and has pictures to show Lauri's points.

Ok.... go get the book. You won't regret it, it's one of the best decor books I've ever read. Seriously. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

'Nuff Said

Today I felt like this:

And felt like all I did was this:
I wish I could be like this:

But right now, I'd settle for just looking like this:

yup- 'Nuf said. :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Silly kids.

Oh boy... do I have them! My kids never fail to make me smile and laugh every single day. Guess that's why I love them so much huh?!

On halloween day I was snapping all those pics of baby and this one was one of my favorites. I had to scrap it today, so here's how it turned out. Not exactly my favorite page in the world, but i thought it was cute enough.

sorry the picture isn't the best. it looked ok when I was editing it. *sigh* oh well.

Oh- and for the update.... my hand is better. Not 100%, but it's getting there. my wrist still hurts and is still red. But the wierdest thing, the side of my hand, just the edge of my palm, my skin is wrinkled. really wierd, like- not wrikled like it's been in water forever. but just wrinkeld. in wierd little wrinkles too. It's right where i burned it and can't tell if it's going to stay that way, or if it just happens to be part of the healing process. doesn't hurt, just looks funny! but i am doing better- thanks for the kind words everyone!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Yes.... I said it, schtuff.
I was able to ge a lot of work done this weekend- so that was good. Here's the mini album I said I'd show you. i absolutely LOVE the poem I used- so be sure you read it.
And... look what i did today!- actually, did it about 30 minutes ago. Lets' just say that i pulled a stupid and leave it at that. Pretty good 1st degree burn covering about half my hand- it sucks.. cause it kills like the dickens. Boy- i am forever greatful for Tylenol and IBProfin (sp).
And just for kicks- Self portrait Sunday. And I managed to pull this pic off AFTER i burned myself. Pretty impressive huh? Glad I'm smiling and not writhing in pain. :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Something Creative

I was FINALLY able to scrap some this week! being that my room was a MESS- i had to get it manageable before i could work. But it cleaned itself (i wish) and i was inspired. I did this page for one of my Design Teams. I love how it turned out. I was able to do another page and a mini album this weekend! Although i won't show you the other page (cause i really don't like it), i'll take pics of the mini album tomorrow and post it here. This is using the november kit from The Nook! So if you want December's kit- better be sure to pre-order it before it sells out! Isn't the husband so cute? I just love him! *sigh* :)