Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Haircut!

little boy had some loooooooong hairs. Too bad there were only some round his ears and on top of his head- but still.
So here's the process and the result. He's just so friggin adorable! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Baby boy: The nut

SO little boy is 10 months now- i know... CRAZY.
Husband and I had a little fun last night taking pictues of him while doing all his little quirky things. He's just so much fun right now and is just a hoot to watch.

he just started doing this funny thing- he'll get up on his hands, then go up on his tip toes into a piked position. THen he'll rest his head on the floor and jst sit in that position for a minute. it's so funny.

Rick got the picture of him doing it last night, so you can see what I mean. (and I should mention as well that Rick took all of these pics. pretty good huh?!)

just thought I'd share a few cute pics of my baby from the night. Isn't he adorable? :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Went to the park today

and it lasted a whole hour. I guess that's good- considering.
but here's the thing. This parkis friggin fantastic. It's called Discovery park and it looks like a wooden castle when you first see it. It's huge, full of fun things- and it's there to entertain for HOURS.

So we've been battling the flu this week and today was literally the first day we could play and have fun. (Being that spring break is now offically over- go figure)

We get to the park- the kids play, and almost an hour goes by and then all at the same time- Hailey and Kayleb come up to me and say "I don't feel good mom"


so we rush home, no one eats dinner, and now they are laying on the couch.

and what does this mean for me? i probably get to spend the next week locked inside my house AGAIN battling whatever this is.

good news: our health insurance kicked in- so if anything happens, at least we're covered. That feels good.

So thought i'd share the only happy pic from the day. Mia was the one sick this week- so of course she's the only one who wanted to stay and play today. At least someone was happy right?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I want to officially swear off snow.

this is what i woke up to this morning. just 2 days ago, i was laying out on my deck catching some rays... and then this!

i'm boycotting mother nature... this is SO wrong. lol

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Daughter... The Model

Seriously- I may need to explore this option for her. Think the pictures say it all. (and the best part, the only thing i did to those pics was turn them to black and white-no other adjustments)

Happy Easter!

This time.. i have OODLES of pics!
we had an easter egg hunt this morning at our church and it was so fun. and by fun... i mean- we were in and out within 30 min. and made out with loads of candy! (totally my idea of fun)
so here are some pics from the event. The one with hailey absoultey cracks me up. How I got her in mid air is beyond me- but i think it's one of the coolest pics ever! and then the kids at the end- it was a little chilly, so they weren't to happy that I made them stand there for a final picture. lol

and then the other night rick and I were watching this documentary about these little kids being born into this one remote part of India to where they pretty much don't get a shot at anything but becoming criminals. So there's a lady that takes little 35mm cameras and film over there with her, gets abotu 10 of these kids and teaches them basic photography. And when they are printed, she brings them back to the states and sells they're pics to raise money tosend these kids to school to give them a shot at life. totally amazing.
anyway- so these kids are ages from 8-12 and the pictures they took are simply amazing. the angles, the subjects, just amazing. totally got my creative photography thing going on.

so yesterday I took my camera and challenged myself to just take pics of everyday life in odd angles and situations and see what happened. ANd I must say.... the things i got were SO FUN!
I thought i'd share some of my favorites. the best thing is that my amazing lens is so perfect, that i didn't alter or crop these pics in any way and they all turned out fabulous.
So enjoy the eye candy.... and maybe some other candy as well- Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Been a while?

um... yah... I'd say so huh?
I've been pretty busy. My little brother just got married over the weeken and my sister got to fly in from Ohio for it. We spent the weekend having fun and shopping....and I got to take all the pics!
I'm currently editing all the pics- but once i have them finished, i'll post them for all to see. This past weekend totally confirmed that my passion in life is wedding photography- so if you're in the market... i'll give you a huge deal! ;)-

other news:
my baby started crawling (finally). and he went from crawling to pulling himself up on things in less than a week. hasn't quite figured out how to get down from some things- so he's found out that knocking his head isn't all that fun. (poor thing) it's totally fun with him though- he's all over the place.
the other kids keep plugging away at life. doing well in school and making friends all over the place- makes it nice to not have to worry about them so much.

Rick enjoys his job- he's been super busy. We're hoping for a raise and/or a promotion soon. One of the designers quit and so now there's only 2. He keeps working on his book and he'll be submitting it in the next month or so.

And I'm doing everything. photography is still top on my list. i'm scrapping here and there- but not too much. i got called to be in the primary again in my ward. (our church- and for those of you who remember, it's being incharge of the kids under 11 and i did that the 5 years i was in savannah)- so it's pretty funny. i love it though.

the only news to share is that we are thinking of buying a house! our rent is OK- but the place is SO SMALL. and to find a bigger place means a bigger rent payment. (of which we can't afford)- so there are some places around here where we could buy and save almost $400. yah. seriously. we'll get it all together and look in a month or so. if it doesn't work- it doesn't work. we'll just stay here and see what happens. Don't really want to move again- would take our total up to 4 moves in less than a year and that's seirously not my idea of fun. so i'll keep you posted.

i'll post all my pics once i get them finished- i'm totally excited for them.

hope you are all still coming around every once in a while. guess i can't expect it if i don't update huh? i'm such a loser... lol