Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

This time.. i have OODLES of pics!
we had an easter egg hunt this morning at our church and it was so fun. and by fun... i mean- we were in and out within 30 min. and made out with loads of candy! (totally my idea of fun)
so here are some pics from the event. The one with hailey absoultey cracks me up. How I got her in mid air is beyond me- but i think it's one of the coolest pics ever! and then the kids at the end- it was a little chilly, so they weren't to happy that I made them stand there for a final picture. lol

and then the other night rick and I were watching this documentary about these little kids being born into this one remote part of India to where they pretty much don't get a shot at anything but becoming criminals. So there's a lady that takes little 35mm cameras and film over there with her, gets abotu 10 of these kids and teaches them basic photography. And when they are printed, she brings them back to the states and sells they're pics to raise money tosend these kids to school to give them a shot at life. totally amazing.
anyway- so these kids are ages from 8-12 and the pictures they took are simply amazing. the angles, the subjects, just amazing. totally got my creative photography thing going on.

so yesterday I took my camera and challenged myself to just take pics of everyday life in odd angles and situations and see what happened. ANd I must say.... the things i got were SO FUN!
I thought i'd share some of my favorites. the best thing is that my amazing lens is so perfect, that i didn't alter or crop these pics in any way and they all turned out fabulous.
So enjoy the eye candy.... and maybe some other candy as well- Happy Easter!

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BiblioBags said...

I don't know if it's just my computer or what, but not all of these pictures are loading.

but I love the ones I can see! The one of Hailey leaping is awesome!