Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to catch up.

Now that the "official" stuff is over- I'll start posting about our holidays. I kinda liked posting everyday...maybe I can keep it going? lol

So.. I"ll have to do several posts- because honestly... there was just too much awesomeness going on to do just one post. seriously- my family rocks. :)

We have SO much fun together and I just love spending time with them.

First off- Is my cooky little boy. He's the funniest little kid you will ever meet. ANd he gets a kick out of the littlest things. One example:

all the kids were making gingerbread houses and he was totally not interested. He'd rather play with his cars. So as I was taking pics, he decided to start running and hiding from me instead of playing nice and letting me get a good picture. (littel turkey)

so he takes off and after he discovered I wouldn't chase him... he comes back and starts playing "peek-a-boo".
When I turn around and snap a shot- he laughs hysterically and then takes off again.
you get the picture. it lasted like an hour....lol

anyway- a few shots- they are blurry.. but he's so dang cute- i have to show them.

isn't he a hoot? lol

And then on another note: I made my brother and sister-in-law their wedding album. (i know.. it's been almost 2 years) And I was SO STINKIN PROUD of it!! It was awesome.. even by my standards. lol

ANyway- a whole book book full of deliciosness- because seriously, their pictures were TO DIE FOR. If anyone in Utah needs a recomendation for wedding photography- I can totally hook you up.

So yah- here are a few pictures in the succession of them opening the box and seeing it. They loved it and it makes me happy that they get to enjoy it :)
So this is them taking it out of the box and discovering what it is.
Then we have the discovery of what it REALLY is. (isn't her face priceless?)
And then we have the final look...after she's looked at the whole thing. (you think she likes it?)
It was so fun. I took pics of all the pages- I just have to find the pictures now. lol Then I'll post some.
SO there ya go... the first of many posts about our vacation :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Hop day FINAL :)

Yes... 'tis true. I know ya'll have enjoyed hearing from me each day.. esp. since I haven't talked about anything by LP- but then again.. that was the point. lol
So, today I will announce the winner of my RAK, which was the $5 gift certificate to the LP Store.

Drumroll please..............................................................................

CHRISTINE!!! You left a comment on Day 5. So email me @ amberwinward@gmail.com

and we can work out the details :)

For those who didn't come from the LP blog... stop by there to check out our grand prize and how to get in on the good stuff!

And last but not least- here is the FINAL piece to the freebie kit. If you have been with us all week- you should now have the whole kit (picture of the whole kit is on the LP blog)! Be sure to leave love where it's due. This is a texture overlay. Use it on top of your kits or pictures.


Stop by Amandas Blog one last time and check out the goodies she has in store :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Hop Day 7

Sadly, Tomorrow is the last day of the blog hop :(
It's actually been fun posting every day. Maybe i should actually keep that up? lol
So, there's a GRAND PRIZE involved with this hop. I'm sure you want to see what it is- but I enjoy torture, so you won't get to actually see it until tomorrow ;)- Lets just say, it's awesome!
Lots of physical and digital product- so you don't want to miss out.

The way you can get an entry is by doing 3 things:

1) post a comment on every blog on this blog hop

2) become a fan on our FB page

3) Follow our blog.

you will get an additional entry if you make a purchase on the LP website too!

For now, I'm gonna leave you with more eye candy. Here is a card I made using the Chic and Shabby line.
Now go see what Amanda is up to today!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Hop Day 6

It's so sad we're nearing the end of our fun blog hop! I've actually enjoyed blogging every day- despite what you think.....because I know I've been horrid at updating.
One thing that I've gotten to love during this endeavor is how much I DIDN'T know. I've learned so much over the past 5 months or so. One thing I discovered - is that I actually like making sketches. I've never been one to actually use them, but one day I decided to try it out and it was love at first design. lol

I've created several single and double page sketches for LP and they are all posted on the LP blog for your use if you are interested.

Heres' a couple examples of the sketches and a page I did with one:
(I used the Shaded Chic Line from LP- just changed the colors. You can purchase the kit HERE)
Now Hop on over to Amandas Blog for more inspiration!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Hop Day 5

Be sure you keep leaving comments- every time you do, you get entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing which will be held on Monday!!! (pic to come soon!)
I just have to brag- I have the best Design Team EVER. They are seriously a talented group of ladies who work hard to provide the greatest eye candy. I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the Chic and Shabby Line:
Erin Ostgulen- digital
Carol Monson- Hybrid
Trish Harwick- hyrbid
Now head on over to Amandas' blog and see what she has in store!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Hop Day 4

Well- today you get another freebie!! You will love this kit once you have all the pieces. And for those of you who have never ventured into the digi/hybrid world of scrapbooking- seriously... try it. don't be scared- it won't bite. Take this paper and see what you can do with it by printing it out. You'll be surprised at yourself :)
Be sure to stop by the LP website and get more cute kits too- I'd love to see what you do with them!

From here- you're gonna go hit up Amanda again... isn't she the cutest?!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Hop Day 3

So I"ve been doing a little house switcheroo this past week. I have a friend moving in with us and we've had to shift bedrooms. So in this process, I've been able to go through juat about every little item we own and it's made me want Spring to hit. It's usually hit spring fever right about now. I know- a little early. Can't help it though. I get the winter blues and I"m so tired of looking at the same things being the same way and need a change. Luckily- I've had the excuse to do some changes- but today, I've actually enjoyed that it's winter. lol

It's taken me a couple years to get to the point where I actually like snow again. And although I'm excited for spring to hit, one thing I enjoy more than anything in the winter, is sitting in front of my fireplace with all lights out, drinking hot cocoa, and enjoy the quiet.

Rick and I have already decided that we're going to get a nice cabin in the mountains (you know... in the future when we make our millions) to spend some time in in the winter months.
And that's where I recieved the inspiration to one of my Jan lines. It's called Woodland Winter. I absolutely LOVED designing this line. And I"m so stinkin' proud, because I DREW the little animals ALL BY MYSELF! I know.. be impressed..... lol

So here's a picture of the line:

so cute huh? It just makes me smile.

So I'm leaving you with a couple pages I created with the line. Be sure to hit the rest of the blogs for more inspiration and freebies! Next in line is Amanda!

Monday, January 17, 2011

BLog Hop Day 2!

Our first day was amazing!!! So many wonderful comments and a lot of great eye candy!!
So I thought I'd add to the bunch :)
First though:
There is going to be a GRAND PRIZE drawing. (A picture of the prize will be posted on the LP blog sometime during the week) This prize is to die for. In order to be entered in the drawing there are a few things you have to do:
1) Comment on each blog at least once during the week
2) "Like" our facebook page
3) Follow the LP blog

You will recieve an extra entry if you go to the LP website and make a purchase!

So now that that is over- I'm gonna leave you with my first RAK of the week! Here's 3 ways you can get an entry:

1) Comment on my blog
2) Comment on the LP blog
3) Send a friend this way to participate in the blog hop too. (they need to leave a comment saying you sent them)

And then... you'll be entered to get this!

And here's my addition to the eye candy. I used the Chic and Shabby line- and this is my adorable Mia who just turned 5 last week. Cute huh?!
Toodles for the day! Now HOP on over to Amanda's blog and see what amazing things she has in store!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Doing the Blog Hop

You know... the new dance craze? lol
Right. Anywho...

So you get to hear from me every day for the next week because I'm participating (ok.. I'm running the show) in my first ever Blog Hop! If you've never done one or participated in one.. it's super fun. You travel from blog to blog, seeing a TON of eye candy, leaving comments along the way, and picking up some FABULOUS RAKs!!
So.. I"m gonna leave you with the first of many freebies. Here is the link to the first piece of our FREE KIT we're giving away this week. You will travel to all the blogs this way to collect every piece of this fabulous kit.

Be sure to stop by EVERY DAY and leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for our GRAND PRIZE (given out next Monday), and some RAKs and Give aways I'll be doing :) And this isn't just digital... it's Hyrbid AND physical stuff... so be sure to keep coming back, because there is something for every scrapper!

Here's your first piece and enjoy! You'll be coming to me from the Lollipop Press Blog every day. (Head to the LP blog too.. there's a freebie on there too :) From here- head on over to Amanda's Blog. She's amazing. You'll love what she has to show you today.
Here's the first of your SWEET DIGITALS :)