Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Guy, Little Guy

The Provo Library does these wonderful little activities. They do the annual Fairy Tea Party (I showed pics from last years) and then they do a Big Guy, Little Guy activity. THy ny las abut an hour, but they are so much fun and they get families to do things together.

The boys went over this past weekend. It was a mid-evil period party. They got to dig for gold, play basketball (didn't know that was avilable back then lol), face painting, and sword fighting.

Here are a few shots of Kayleb. Notice how he can't be normal in any of them lol. He and Rick had a great time though!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eye Candy!

In a different sort of way :)

Here's a sneaky peaky at what I've been working on for the past few weeks. (and no- it's not been weeks on this ONE project lol)

Cutie patootie right? *sigh*.... i've found my new love ;)-
OK- and I just have to add.... As I'm posting this, I overhear this convo between my 2 girls:
Hailey who is 8 and Mia who is 4.
Hailey: "Mia, do these make my butt look skinny?"
Mia: "Um... yah, I think they do"
Hailey: "I think if I wear both of them, it will work.... Yup."
Seriously?! I have NO CLUE where she gets it.... cause' it's def. NOT from me. LOL

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh where oh where has Amber gone?

OH where oh where can she be? lol

yah- story of my life to not keep up on this thing. I need to seriously just sit down and make a goal to post everyday for a certain amount of time.

a few updates and I"ll post pics later:

1)Since Hailey's Baptism, we had yet another emergency. We had some friends over and the kids were "cleaning up" and Kayleb decided that slamming the door was part of cleaning up. It just so happened that Mia's head got in the way- so I'll let you guess what happened.

Yup... stitches. 4 of them. on her forehead. *insert eyeroll here*

so over the whole emergency trips and stitches bit AND med bills rackin' up. we've gotten more stitches in the past month, then we have in our years of having kids. figure that one out! Oh well... life goes on and things happen. She's good by the way, she'll get them taken on in a few days.

2) I've had major teeth issues. I had a root canal done about 2 weeks ago and was supposed to be fitted for my temp. crown today... but some unforseen circumstances blew that out of the water and I get to live with a putty tooth for the next 2 weeks. lol oh well- at least there's no pain, otheriwse I'd have MAJOR issues.

3) I've been prepping my garden!! I've managed to get out of the house and working in the yard 2 days this week and got a bunch of stuff cleared and "hoed". lol.... got half a plot worked out, now just have to wait for the rain to stop so I can finish the rest of it. I got all my seeds yesterday- we will be growing spinach, green beans, peas, watermelon, green peppers, lettuce, and onions. Can't do corn- kinda sad about that. But we have our apple tree ready to go and our grapevine ready to go too.... so lets' just say August will be a VERY fun month!

ok- I won't bore you anymore, I'll post more later. That- and I have yet ANOTHER surprise coming up. (believe me.. it totally wasn't planned, but I'm happy none the less. and NO... not pregnant. - cause I know lot's of ya'll were thinking just that. lol)

toodles :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hailey Got Baptized

Just yesterday.
In our religion, children are baptized at the age of accountibility (8). It signifes their ability to make choices for themselves and use the knowledge and tools they've been given to choose right from wrong.

It's a big deal. And a very happy occasion. And one I thought would take FOREVER for me to get to. lol


So my oldest turned 8 last month and had we had the wonderful day yesterday. Family and friends showed up for support and it couldn't have gone more perfectly. She was nervous, (actually, terrified at one point. lol) happy, and excited about the whole thing. The program was nice, the baptism was wonderful, and her confirmation was perfect. Hailey has grown up so fast and she's learning and becoming a true individual.
It truly was one of the best and happiest days ever!!

So I thought I'd share some pictures. You may be able to tell that she was overly thrilled at the fact that she HAD to take pictures. lol BUt she was an angel. She looked so pretty and grown up. (insert mothers tears here lol)

I'm very proud of you baby. I don't think another little girl has ever looked so beautiful and happy. Love you!