Friday, December 19, 2008

One of the FUNNIEST things ever

My friend Zarah pointed this clip out today- it's seriously one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen. And i cripple over with laughter everytime I watch it too.
If you need a good laugh- take a look and save it. Freakin' hilarious!!!!

Word to the wise: If you ever go to Japan... NEVER ride the train! :)-


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Tub

had a little photo shoot with the tub today- hadn't pulled the camera out for a while. (i know... bad mommy)

And because you haven't seen him for a while- here he is. He's getting so big. plus- he's totally in the fun phase. He's rolling over, saying "mama, dada, nana" and laughing a ton! And all he does is give you his cheesy grin- i love it.

So here's the little guy- how can you not love him?!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Nook DT Call

Ok- it's that time again for another DT call for The Nook. I've been on the team for 2 years now and I love it. the kits are ALWAYS fantastic. So believe me... you can take my word for it!
here's the details:

The Scrapbook Nook Kit Club is currently seeking some new designers to be a part of our creative team and share in the fun of our monthly kit club! We are looking for talented, motivated, enthusiastic, responsible designers to design layouts and projects each month from our kit. Our 6 month term will start in January with the February kit!

A designer’s job:
1. Design at least 3 projects from each month’s kit.
2. Add at least 1 non kit something to the gallery per month..
3. Be an active member of the message board.
4. Help Moderate the boards.
5. Create online classes based around the kit- about every other month.
6. Promote the club.

What you will receive: A fresh kit each month packed with brand new release goodies valued at appx $32 Additional product donated by manufacturers 25 % discount on add ons Bio up on the website fame, honor & glory! There will also be occasional contests and opportunities for you to earn extras.

To apply: Please send an e-mail to by January 2nd including:
1. Link to an online gallery where we can see your current work.
2. Answer the following questions (If a link to a scrapbook resume answers most of these, provide the link, and answer the extras ): A: List your prior experience B: Design Teams you are currently affiliated with C: Describe your style D: Have you been published; if so, where? E: Online Message boards you are active on F: What makes you a unique asset to our kit club?
3. Tell us about you. How long have you been scrapping? What’s your motivation? What do you do for work? What’s your favorite product line? What scrapping trend do you not like? What other things make you tick? Why do I want YOU on the DT?
4. Name, address, phone number, e-mail, personal website if applicable New DTers will be announced by Jan 5th. For more information e-mail dt@myscrapbooknook or visit our website at

Hope some of you apply- it's uber fun!

PS-Thanks for all the nice comments on my dresser aka my entertainment center! Roxy- It' sin my living room holding my TV and hiding everything else! And Becky.... tips: get a power sander. using just a piece of sand paper and your hand IS NOT FUN. plus- use a tinted primer, takes a lot of work off of the painting process. ANd for others: if you want inspiration- check out Pottery Barn website- FULL of nice eye candy. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yet another "calling in life"

yes... i have found another one. Re-finishing furniture. Now... if oyu had asked me this when i was redoing my piano... i would have shot you in the face. lol but honestly- if you have the right tools- i LOVE seeing the end product and making all the work worth it.
remember the mention of re-doing the dresser that was given to us? here's the sucker before i did anything. (actually... i had started sanding the top already- but you get the idea)
the nice and UGLY wood.... the gold/brass knobs that happened to half of them missing.....yah- not cute AT ALL.
so i spent 2 days hard core working on this thing knowing snow was coming. and it's a good thing i did- because it was a MAJOR storm this morning. anyway- we got it inside and got the new knobs on it and got everything set up. holy cow---- I LOVE IT! turned out so good!! see!!.......
isn't it awesome?! i know.. ya'll are jealous.. i can tell. ;)-
and there's enough storage to keep all my stuff in it and you can't tell. i even have one drawer empty. fun times fun times. just need to find something cutsie decor-ish to put in that middle section.
rick was so proud of me. and i must say- i am proud of myself too! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008


My little baby boy rolled over for the first time yesterday! and guess what? I MISSED IT! oh well... i turned him back over and made him do it again and he did. so i was happy! and the other best part is that he can say MAMA now too! same day! the thing is- he says it not in reference to me... but because he can actually say something and it's said when he's sad. oh well.... at least it was MAMA first and not DADA. all of our other kids all said DADA first. so i'm happy- regardless of it's meaning right now!

and i'm currently working on re-finishing an old dresser. been workin' hard for 2 days straigh because it's supposed to snow every day for the next week. (ask me how excited i am about that one......) so hopefully i can get it in my house tonight.

i'll post before and after pics once i'm done! toodles!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

ARE THE BEST!!! seriously- TO DIE FOR. and i usually only make them in the fall- but husband likes them a lot, so i make them when he wants them. And of course- he comes home the other night and says "Hey, we ( as in YOU) need to make pumpkin cookies so I can take them to work."

right... i'll get right on

so i made them today. And while i'm shoving my face of all this wonderful goodness (and an extra butt cheek to boot), I thought i'd share this wonderful recipe so all you can join in the fatness with me. trust me... you'll thank me once you have them.
(and i guess this means you need to make them too Jamie! :) )

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies:

1 C butter shortening
2 C sugar
2 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
4 C flour
2 eggs
2 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp all spice (optional, i never use it)
2 C pumpkin ( i just use an entire small can of it)
1 package chocolate chips

Mix everything together and drop good sized balls on cookie sheet. cook at 350 for 8-11 min. Edges must be golden brown to be done.

now.... i've undercooked them tons of times- but i've never overcooked them. I typically put them in for about 13-15 minutes because i want no gooey at all. so just keep an eye on them. i've had one oven cook perfectly at 8 minutes and my oven now cooks for 15 min. and barely gets them to the point of non-gooeyness. :)
now.... you can all be jealous that I"m eating mine and not making them anymore. and when you are eating yours... i'll just come over and eat them with you!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Blessing in Disguise?

So I was in the walmart parking lot the other day. Headed there to finish up some shopping and such. I was driving around the lot looking for a good spot and saw someone getting ready to pull out of a good one. (because we all know that it would be horrible if i actually had to walk more than 10 steps to get to the front door)
so i pull around and i stop, put my blinker on, and sit and wait for this person to pull out of their spot so I can have it. All of a sudden I feel this "bump" and a hear a loud "screech". um... yah.
Merry friggin christmas.

There happened to be a lady that was pulling out of her spot and backed right into me with her honkin' suburban. didn't even see me.

All in all- it was fine. the only damage was to my drivers side door. Huge dent and a massive scratch to match. all the elecrtical still works, locks and it opens, and the window still works. So seriously- it wasn't that big of a deal. She was very nice and apologetic- hated that it happened.
no damage to her vehicle of course.

Called the police- got a report, got her insurance info blah blah blah. an hour later, i'm finally able to shop.

then i get home and immediately call her insurance agency. Come to find out, she's already called and put the claim in! Nice huh? So now I get to get some quotes and they'll cut me a check.

Now..... do i enjoy that I now have a white trash vehicle? no. BUT.... because of all of our moves, we've had to go into major credit card debt to pay for all of them. This check, can possibly wipe out almost all of it. So do we fix the van or do we keep the money and pay off some debt? Honestly- we're leaning toward keeping the $. Our plan was to keep this van until it dies, no plans of selling it or trading it in at any point. so we just live with the eye sore. Guess we'll see how much we get and what it's worth huh? (i'll post a pic later.... can't find my card right now)

on the other hand- We have this puny little 19" tv right? We got it as a wedding gift and it's been good to us. Over the years, the picture has slowly gone down. It's now to the point that the settings for the picture are at their highest and it's almost impossible to see what's going on. We've been looking around for a new TV for a while, just haven't gotten it. We go to watch a movie the other night and we literally couldn't see a thing. it was so annoying. So we sit and look at the finances and figure we can "afford" something. We go shopping and end up finding a fantastic deal and came home with a new LCD tv. hook the sucker up and holy cow!!! such a difference! RIck is dying- he's so in love with it- i told him to marry it. lol----- so there's our christmas, anniversary, and birthday gifts for the next 5 years. :)

anyone wanna come over and play Wii or watch a movie? it's friggin awesome! :)-

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Holy Schmoly!

Ok.... so we're alive! we've moved, we've unpacked just about everything, and my decor is up! It actually feels like home now- which is nice since I haven't had it in a LONG time. :)

It is So incredibly funny living here. I mean, it's a huge bonus to be near family- which i totally love, but it's alos hilarious to see how *wierd* (for me) it is to be in the middle of "mormon-ville".

So i've compiled a list of things of how to tell you are truly in Utah aka "mormon-ville":

1) You move into a condo building and find out that everyone in that building, and the building next to it, and the building next to that are LDS (mormon).

2) You move in and the first day you have people knockin on your door welcoming you and handing you homemade rolls.

3) You take your kids to school and the first things you hear are : "I know some Winwards, they were in my bishopric in such and such a place." or "I used to live in Rexburg, I went to Ricks College- I assume that's why you were there too?"

4) You go to church and it's PACKED. And then once you come home from church, you have 5 people knocking on your door to introduce themselves and offer any help.

5) You attend a company christmas party and the first thing they do is offer a prayer for the food.

And that my friends... is just the beginning! lol- it's seriously hilarious. I thought GA was a different culture- well so is this. And it's taking just as much to get used to it as it was to get used to the South.

So- we have a home (for the next 8 months) and we're glad to be here. It's been a tough past 6 months and i'm glad to have that behind us. Let's just hope that from here on out- it will be "easy-going" and I'll finally have a chance to breath! :)