Sunday, December 07, 2008

Blessing in Disguise?

So I was in the walmart parking lot the other day. Headed there to finish up some shopping and such. I was driving around the lot looking for a good spot and saw someone getting ready to pull out of a good one. (because we all know that it would be horrible if i actually had to walk more than 10 steps to get to the front door)
so i pull around and i stop, put my blinker on, and sit and wait for this person to pull out of their spot so I can have it. All of a sudden I feel this "bump" and a hear a loud "screech". um... yah.
Merry friggin christmas.

There happened to be a lady that was pulling out of her spot and backed right into me with her honkin' suburban. didn't even see me.

All in all- it was fine. the only damage was to my drivers side door. Huge dent and a massive scratch to match. all the elecrtical still works, locks and it opens, and the window still works. So seriously- it wasn't that big of a deal. She was very nice and apologetic- hated that it happened.
no damage to her vehicle of course.

Called the police- got a report, got her insurance info blah blah blah. an hour later, i'm finally able to shop.

then i get home and immediately call her insurance agency. Come to find out, she's already called and put the claim in! Nice huh? So now I get to get some quotes and they'll cut me a check.

Now..... do i enjoy that I now have a white trash vehicle? no. BUT.... because of all of our moves, we've had to go into major credit card debt to pay for all of them. This check, can possibly wipe out almost all of it. So do we fix the van or do we keep the money and pay off some debt? Honestly- we're leaning toward keeping the $. Our plan was to keep this van until it dies, no plans of selling it or trading it in at any point. so we just live with the eye sore. Guess we'll see how much we get and what it's worth huh? (i'll post a pic later.... can't find my card right now)

on the other hand- We have this puny little 19" tv right? We got it as a wedding gift and it's been good to us. Over the years, the picture has slowly gone down. It's now to the point that the settings for the picture are at their highest and it's almost impossible to see what's going on. We've been looking around for a new TV for a while, just haven't gotten it. We go to watch a movie the other night and we literally couldn't see a thing. it was so annoying. So we sit and look at the finances and figure we can "afford" something. We go shopping and end up finding a fantastic deal and came home with a new LCD tv. hook the sucker up and holy cow!!! such a difference! RIck is dying- he's so in love with it- i told him to marry it. lol----- so there's our christmas, anniversary, and birthday gifts for the next 5 years. :)

anyone wanna come over and play Wii or watch a movie? it's friggin awesome! :)-


the real ~Roxann~ said...

me! me! I wanna come over!!!!!!

Hagen Family said...

Sorry about your car accident. That happened to us about a year ago in the York Hall parking lot at SCAD. Only we had a big hassle with the girl who hit us. Anyway, We have also been looking for a TV. I am glad you found one. Our TV was working fine until Brian tried to get behind it and it landed picture down so we have a lovely Rainbow/black white circle as we watch tv. Really annoying. We are still looking and hope to find something in the near future. Possibly off Craigslist.

Hope your family is doing well in the "real" world. Robert passed his review! and has another one in Feb or Mar. We should be done in May. Did Rick get extra time to work on his final project or did he have to finish within the same quarter?

Talk to you soon.

Jen Gallacher said...

Yucky on the accident! :( But suh-weet on the new tv. Brett would like one, but so cannot justify that right now.

Lisa Brown said...

It must have something to do with Walmart parkinglots - the same thing happened to me last year. thank goodness it was in Kevin's car and not my van. How fun about the TV. The next time we move, it is on our list of things to buy :).

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Crap about the van.. but can totally understand needing the cash!

YAY for your new tv!!!

Unknown said...

I say keep the dent and pay off your debt. You can always fix the dent later but your interest will just keep adding up. Do you want to send us some of that check? :)