Monday, June 30, 2008

More Baby Lovin'

Ok.... so of course I have to post more pics of the baby. I'ev taken about a gazillion so far (go figure) and he's just too cute to not share!
Have to say- that this first week has been awesome. Can't believe it's been a week already. Just goes to show how fast time goes by and how precious every second is. I'm just eating it all up cause i know it won't last long.


here's a few more pics of Jayce and his chubby cheeks- can't wait to see how big they get once he starts gaining some weightage.... :)-
And i think his shirt says it all!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jayce Richard Winward

Well folks... he's finally here! I've been resting up and trying to get used to life with 4 kids- hence the reason I haven't posted until now.
I went into labor on Sunday night and Monday morning at 11:04 am Jayce made his debut into the world. I had to push only one time..... so it was great for me (and he had no cone head either.)
So things are good. He's healthy and for the most part a happy baby. He's uber cute with those fabulous chubby cheeks. Having him makes me realize how much I NEEDED another baby. (yes...needed) And being that the kids are on summer break, I don't get to ease into the whole 4 kid thing. Rick left me the other day to go to the store and I had all of them. It was good- pretty funny actually. Thing is, I'm handling 4 A LOT better than I did with 3.
I'm feeling great! Just not being pregnant anymore is wonderful and being that I can fit into some of my non-prego shirts makes me feel so much better. It's been nice to just rest and not worry about things. (even though it won't last much longer)

Anyway- Here's the specs and some pics. The pics of Jayce look funky- his head isn't THAT deformed. it's not deformed at all. guess i just had the wrong angle. But he is just so cute- I love him. Guess i'll keep him around....... :)-

Jayce Richard Winward
June 23, 2008
11:04 am
7 lb 2 oz
18.5 in long
(yes... he's my biggest baby and even came 3 weeks early!)

And here's a few funnies:

Kids came to visit in the hospital and kayleb was so excited. He wrote his name on a napkin and when he first saw Jayce, he walked up to him and holds the napkin up and says "Hi baby Jayce. I'm Kayleb. see.... here's my name. K A Y L E B" It was so stinkin cute. I got a pic of it. :)

Then the proud oldest sister holding him for the first time. She is at my feet all day long saying "mom... i washed my hands, can i hold him?" "mom.. can i touch his head?" "mom... I'll feed him if you want me to."

She's so helpful- it will be really nice once we move.

Then the proud papa. this pic is smooshed for some reason..... but you get a better idea of how round baby really is.

And this cake.... the hospital made it and gave it to us. How cool is that? and it is SO YUMMY!

anyway...... there he is... all perfect and wonderful. I'll post more later when I get around to it. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pre-K "Graduation"

So between last year and this year, something changed to where pre-k "graduation" isn't "allowed" anymore. What the? So instead of doing a ceremony-like what we got to do with Hailey- they held a family party instead. It was actually really nice as we could show up when we wanted and leave when we wanted. Sad I didn't get the cute pics like with Hailey, but we had a good time. They had this blow up toy to jump on and a sand box and the fun park there as well- so the kids were plenty entertained the whole time. So here are my fav. shots from the party. Mia had a blast as well- which was nice to not have to try to keep her contained.

Kayleb is so funny- these pictures are SO him, which I love. And this is our favorite teacher in the world, Ms. Marty. She was Hailey and Kayleb's teacher and we are very sad that she can't be Mia's teacher as well. We will surely miss her.

I'll post picture of Hailey's awards later- like i said... a lot to post, don't wnat to do it all at once. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oy vey!!!

Ok- so craziness has entered my life and i have a feeling it won't settle down anytime soon. You forget how much it takes to move and all the little things you have to settle and organize. Then you have the task of packing and in the process you realize how much CRAP you have and wonder why you've lived with it for so long. During this past week, Rick and i have gone through only 2 rooms. We cleared out the office and turned it into the "box room". It's about half full of boxes right now. most of them are for the garage sale we intend to have. (don't ask me when though)

Anyway- I have a lot to update on, so I'll blog a little at a time over the next few days to get it all in.

First off- it was Kayleb's bday this week. he turned 5. Can you believe it? He's getting so big- i'm freaking out that he'll be in kindergarten in the fall. We had a good bday for him. Went to Sonic for dinner, went to the store, opened presents, etc. he opened his presents and LOVED them. there's nothing better than having the kid love the gifts you get and play with them non stop. He hasn't put them down since he got them. He got this pirate ship set, a kings castle set, and Soccer Boppers. Then we ate cake. Actually- let me rephrase that.... Rick, me, and Mia had cake. Hailey has all of a sudden decided she doesn't like cake. and Kayleb - for whatever reason- didn't want any. But it sure was good! So here are some pics from the night. isn't he so cute?!

Then another "fun" thing that happened was little miss decided to get into an ink pad of mine. Yah. I have everything in the office, and we keep the door shut. But like that matters right? She snuck in, grabbed my ink pad and decided to literally paint herself in it. She came up to me and said "Makeup mom!" . luckily, she didn't touch ANYTHING but herself. she did manage to ruin her shirt and panties, but i can deal with that. The pics pretty much suck, the lighting was terrible. But you get the idea. Can't tell you how long it took me to scrub this girl- i think my bathtub is permanently stained. hahaha gotta love the little stinkers.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

If you hadn't heard by now

We're MOVING!!!!!!!!
Yes folks... after months and months of applying anywhere and everywhere, RIck has landed us a job!
See this place? This is going to be our new home.

Actually- I wish. If you don't recognize this place, this would be called Graceland- or Elvis's house. (or was for that matter) This will be just down the road from where we will be.
And if you haven't guessed by now, we're headed to Memphis, TN!

Rick had a bunch of job interviews last week and before we left, we had a job offer. He will be teaching middle school art for a school just oustside of Memphis. We are very excited to have something to depend on and BENEFITS!!! :)

so..... any of you out there that read my blog.... have any suggestions of places to live or wanna pitch in to get me a house? ;)-

Saturday, June 07, 2008

See that number on the side?

The little icon with the morbid floating baby?ol See that number on there? Yah. THat's how much longer i have to endure this kid inside me. ALl i can say is that I'm over it, I'm done, and anytime after next week, he can come. I"ve had a wonderful pregnancy, but I"m done. There's so much going on right now, that i just need the first major event of the summer over so I can focus on other things.

just letting you know that I'm still here and things are good. I'll post an update later on. (oh... and my computer is on the fritz.... so i haven't been posting because it's sick. I'll post as soon as it gets better.) :)