Monday, June 16, 2008

Pre-K "Graduation"

So between last year and this year, something changed to where pre-k "graduation" isn't "allowed" anymore. What the? So instead of doing a ceremony-like what we got to do with Hailey- they held a family party instead. It was actually really nice as we could show up when we wanted and leave when we wanted. Sad I didn't get the cute pics like with Hailey, but we had a good time. They had this blow up toy to jump on and a sand box and the fun park there as well- so the kids were plenty entertained the whole time. So here are my fav. shots from the party. Mia had a blast as well- which was nice to not have to try to keep her contained.

Kayleb is so funny- these pictures are SO him, which I love. And this is our favorite teacher in the world, Ms. Marty. She was Hailey and Kayleb's teacher and we are very sad that she can't be Mia's teacher as well. We will surely miss her.

I'll post picture of Hailey's awards later- like i said... a lot to post, don't wnat to do it all at once. :)


TanishaRenee said...

I love these photos, especially of the one with you son hanging from the bar!

Amie said...

so cute! I wanted to let you know that my cousin, who told me she was pregnant the same week/way that you did (IM: guess what/you're pregnant!/YES!) delivered her baby the end of may and I just heard! 3.5 weeks early, but perfect. Anyway, just wanted to say, YOU'RE SO CLOSE!!!!

Joy for Health said...

What lovley photos! I really like them all, the last one is especially cute :)