Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oy vey!!!

Ok- so craziness has entered my life and i have a feeling it won't settle down anytime soon. You forget how much it takes to move and all the little things you have to settle and organize. Then you have the task of packing and in the process you realize how much CRAP you have and wonder why you've lived with it for so long. During this past week, Rick and i have gone through only 2 rooms. We cleared out the office and turned it into the "box room". It's about half full of boxes right now. most of them are for the garage sale we intend to have. (don't ask me when though)

Anyway- I have a lot to update on, so I'll blog a little at a time over the next few days to get it all in.

First off- it was Kayleb's bday this week. he turned 5. Can you believe it? He's getting so big- i'm freaking out that he'll be in kindergarten in the fall. We had a good bday for him. Went to Sonic for dinner, went to the store, opened presents, etc. he opened his presents and LOVED them. there's nothing better than having the kid love the gifts you get and play with them non stop. He hasn't put them down since he got them. He got this pirate ship set, a kings castle set, and Soccer Boppers. Then we ate cake. Actually- let me rephrase that.... Rick, me, and Mia had cake. Hailey has all of a sudden decided she doesn't like cake. and Kayleb - for whatever reason- didn't want any. But it sure was good! So here are some pics from the night. isn't he so cute?!

Then another "fun" thing that happened was little miss decided to get into an ink pad of mine. Yah. I have everything in the office, and we keep the door shut. But like that matters right? She snuck in, grabbed my ink pad and decided to literally paint herself in it. She came up to me and said "Makeup mom!" . luckily, she didn't touch ANYTHING but herself. she did manage to ruin her shirt and panties, but i can deal with that. The pics pretty much suck, the lighting was terrible. But you get the idea. Can't tell you how long it took me to scrub this girl- i think my bathtub is permanently stained. hahaha gotta love the little stinkers.

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Casey Lu said...

Oh my goodness...even though those photos don't have then best lighting they are so funny! Time sure flies and then they don't do silly things like this anymore! Happy B-Day to your darling son! Glad he liked his toys, my son never did except for Spiderman. Hopefully, I will be lucky with the new baby liking it's toys!