Sunday, June 08, 2008

If you hadn't heard by now

We're MOVING!!!!!!!!
Yes folks... after months and months of applying anywhere and everywhere, RIck has landed us a job!
See this place? This is going to be our new home.

Actually- I wish. If you don't recognize this place, this would be called Graceland- or Elvis's house. (or was for that matter) This will be just down the road from where we will be.
And if you haven't guessed by now, we're headed to Memphis, TN!

Rick had a bunch of job interviews last week and before we left, we had a job offer. He will be teaching middle school art for a school just oustside of Memphis. We are very excited to have something to depend on and BENEFITS!!! :)

so..... any of you out there that read my blog.... have any suggestions of places to live or wanna pitch in to get me a house? ;)-


Victoria said...

Hey,Congratulations! Yeah, I have an idea on where to live....Idaho. Oh, you mean where to live in TN. Christina lived there for a year or so. She had her first baby there. I should ask her. Good luck on everything.

AMANDA said...

I'm just so excited you are moving close to me... :D

Rebecca said...

This is Rebecca...Brad Jones' wife. I wish I could help pitch in with the cost of a house, but that's great that Rick has a job. We're in Louisville right now and next year will be in sort of neighbors!

Lisa Brown said...

I am so happy for you!! I ran into Rick in the hall and he told me about the job. i can imagine what a happy relief it is. Plus, Memphis should be a really fun place to live - great BBQ. Yum!

Jen Gallacher said...

MEMPHIS!! That really isn't close enough for my taste, but you're going to have so much fun. What a gorgeous place for you to raise your kids. :) Now I need to come visit, baby!! Good luck on the house hunting thing (this is a good time to be searching, after all). :)

lindy said...

This is good news! We are happy for You. Hope you are feeling well. Lindy

Amie said...


congratulations and all that crap.


I'm sure you're thrilled!

BEARD said...

Hey Amber! This is Aubrey (Christensen) Beard, Becky's friend. That's awesome you are moving to Memphis...That is where I live right now. Kevin and I are here doing security systems. I really like it! When are you moving? If you have questions you should email me or something. Take care and good luck with the move!!!