Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What the???

Look what I found in my yard yesterday.....

I mean... seriously? Never had them, don't want them... how to get rid of them?
Pulled them out...threw them away.... EEEEEWWWWW.

they make for some great pictures though huh? lol

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potatoe Trip!

Now that we are back West, we get to participate in the annual Bradley Family Potatoe festivities. And by "festivities"... I mean, we get to sit in the back of a truck for a couple hours and bag potatoes. lol
The funniest thing about this year was that my two oldest weren't interested, so they lasted a whole 5 minutes. That, and unlike last year, Jayce was old enough to enjoy it this year.. and he totally did. (if you couldn't tell by the pics)

Just thought I'd share the fun times had by all this past weekend. Have I mentioned yet how HAPPY I am to be back in the West near family and friends? I absolutely LOVE it here!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here's the conversation that took place this morning with this little munchkin:

Me: Mia, what do you want to be for halloween?

Mia: a angel because they fly

Me: they do?

Mia: yah- I like flying. I fly high in the sky with my parents

Me: Your parent fly? who are you parents?

Mia: Susie and Erella. Susie is the girl and Erella is the boy. They're my parents.

Me: Oh really? and they fly high in the sky huh?

Mia: Yup. up so high they get in the hot lava with water.

Me: oh dear.... not the hot lava.

Mia: Yah. hot lava is scary and it gives me bad dreams.

Me: well Hot lava isn't nice is it?

Mia: I had a bad dream last night about chickens.

Me: I'm sorry baby. And what was so scary about chickens?

Mia: They were nice and happy to me.

Seriously... I will never know where she gets this stuff. Apparently, if you ask my 3 year old one question, it will lead to about 30 other things and she'll end on a completely different note than what you started. lol

I love this girl!

PS...anyone know how to shrink the header border? I want it to fit around my header or be completely gone.... i'm lost on the

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's a Flippin' Miracle!

Alas....the creative gods finally decided to show their good graces on me and (hold your breath folks)..... I SCRAPBOOKED. *SHOCK*

I know.
You can pick your jaws off the floor now. lol

So here's the result:

And another fun thing....

My little boy done grown up and lost a toof. lol- his first tooth came out just today- and here's the goofy grin to prove it.

good times......

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Man's Baseball Bat

My baby is fond of the baseball bat we have. We got it for Kayleb when he was 2...... hasn't been used much except for the occasional weapon. (not by us.... my

So here's the story of his "friend" the other day.... it was so cute.

He dropped it in the pool on purpose- but because he HATES water... he refused to get it out. So he just walked away. lol
He's such a nut- I love the little guy. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Do

I was so flippin sick of my nasty hair... I snapped today. lol
i called and made an apt. to get my hair cut and 2 hours later.... this is what I came out with.


Why oh why do I make myself go through that horrid "hate my hair" phase several times a year? at least it's over for now.

cute huh? :)

now this crazy storm blew in last night. This picture was taken just west of my house.... what it typically looks like at dusk.
then if you turned immediately to the east... this is what you saw......
it was creeping over the mountains like this giant dark monster that wanted to eat you alive. lol
seriously... one second it was all bright and sunshiny.. then the next second it was dark and creepy. The color was the creepiest part... it was a wierd shade of yellow/green. Luckily...we survived. It was just a good rain storm with wind. :)
just thought I'd share the latest..... lol

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Need an Update?

Maybe.....but only because i don't write on here often enough. It's def. in the goals to update more often- i promise!

So here's the lowwdown.....

I spent the last month traveling again. This time it was to Tulsa, OK, Charlotte, NC, and Somerset, NJ. Each trip was a blast of course, but it took a serious toll on my knee. after the last trip, I just about died of pain- so it was a good thing i scheduled the surgery.

I had surgery on Sept. 2. Yes... the date changed. but it was good. I wasn't nervous at all- the anesthesia knocked me out good and they loaded me up on 3 doses of morphine afterwards (I was high as a kite... I might add) . But things went well, nothing else was found and everything was repaired.
I was up and walking on my leg just 1 hour after surgery and it hasn't been too bad since either.
Post 1 week surgery: I'm moving around pretty easily. My knee feels like it's going to give out every now and again. Stairs are still hard and kneeling down is not even an option yet, but there's no pain and i doubt I'l have any scars. I had a wonderful doctor and as soon as I'm completely pain free.... i'm sure i'll love him more. lol

So things are good. :)

Kids started school- they love it thank heavens! Me too.... summer is so stressful for me, but this one again esp. since we had to move yet again. But we're all happy, healthy, and things are going very well for us now!

So.... do i have pics of the house... of course! do i have them on the computer yet? of course not! lol.... because i'm still a loser. I've taken the pics, I've got them... just not on the computer yet and I'll totally get them up by the end of the week I swear. I do still love my house and the fact that i have the best family ever and they have come down to help us a few times is just awesome.

So I'll leave you with a funny:

Mia comes up to Rick last night with a sad/guilty look on her face and says
"Daddy, I'm really sorry... but I ate your lipstick."
Rick: "You did? where is it?"
Mia: "Right here. I'm really sorry daddy."

she then pulls out his chapstick and true to her word.... looked like it had been eaten completely gone. lol
(and no... she hasn't felt sick or anything)

gotta love the kiddos!