Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potatoe Trip!

Now that we are back West, we get to participate in the annual Bradley Family Potatoe festivities. And by "festivities"... I mean, we get to sit in the back of a truck for a couple hours and bag potatoes. lol
The funniest thing about this year was that my two oldest weren't interested, so they lasted a whole 5 minutes. That, and unlike last year, Jayce was old enough to enjoy it this year.. and he totally did. (if you couldn't tell by the pics)

Just thought I'd share the fun times had by all this past weekend. Have I mentioned yet how HAPPY I am to be back in the West near family and friends? I absolutely LOVE it here!!!


Anonymous said...

So you have no friends back east? I'm hurt :(

Victoria said...

Our first year without a bag of potatoes...I miss that! How fun for you guys!

Have you had a chance to send me the pics on CD yet? We'd really like to try to get something put together for my mum that she can display. Let me know whats going on. Thanks!!!

CHER said...

ok, so where do all these potatoes come from?..... I would love to get me some.Cute blog!!!