Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here's the conversation that took place this morning with this little munchkin:

Me: Mia, what do you want to be for halloween?

Mia: a angel because they fly

Me: they do?

Mia: yah- I like flying. I fly high in the sky with my parents

Me: Your parent fly? who are you parents?

Mia: Susie and Erella. Susie is the girl and Erella is the boy. They're my parents.

Me: Oh really? and they fly high in the sky huh?

Mia: Yup. up so high they get in the hot lava with water.

Me: oh dear.... not the hot lava.

Mia: Yah. hot lava is scary and it gives me bad dreams.

Me: well Hot lava isn't nice is it?

Mia: I had a bad dream last night about chickens.

Me: I'm sorry baby. And what was so scary about chickens?

Mia: They were nice and happy to me.

Seriously... I will never know where she gets this stuff. Apparently, if you ask my 3 year old one question, it will lead to about 30 other things and she'll end on a completely different note than what you started. lol

I love this girl!

PS...anyone know how to shrink the header border? I want it to fit around my header or be completely gone.... i'm lost on the


Leah Killian said...

not the nice chickens!!! Those'll leave you shaking for days.

Lisa Brown said...

I am still laughing! Who needs other things for entertainment when you have kids?

Wish I could help you with the border. I have done it a few times, but every time I forget which line of the code it is you change the number on.

Britt said...

Here's a link for removing the border on your header. Hope it helps!