Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Nook University Challenge

One of my scrapbook design teams- The Scrapbook Nook- is having a challenge coming up. It's going to be so much fun.
There are prizes involved and it's a great way to get some cool scrapping done.
If you want to check it out and sign up, click on this link and join in the fun.

Oh... and it has a WAY cool store too, they usually get CHA stuff in really fast!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Mia

I"ve done pics of the other kids recently except for Mia, so here she is in all her adorable glory. :)

She's seriously one of the cutest kids ever- gotta love that smile and how goofy she is. The other day, she was doing something funny and here's how the conversation followed:
Me: " Mia, you're goofy"
Mia: "Momma, you're Mickey Mouse"

what a nut. hahahahaha

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Seems to me that I need to put this warning out there for others...

4 kids in 7 years. What was I thinking again?

It's been one of those days. ( ALthough I love my children and wouldn't trade them for the world, wouldn't recommend doing it. lol)

I Finally Got It!

SO I"ve been trying and trying for days to get little mans' smile on camera and I finally got it!
he's just so adorable...

I threw in one pic of him raising his eyebrows because this is seriously his signature. He looks like a little old man when he does it, and i think it's hilarious.

Isn't he just the cutest?!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School... #2

Ok... so today was Kaylebs' turn for school. And I must say i'm very impressed with this school. They hav ethe parents come in, they divide the kids into groups and do a school tour. Then they take the kids into a room and do snacks and an activity. Then parents leave kids with the teachers and go to have a little info mtg.
All kindergarten kids are shipped from class to class and "experiment" with each teacher. The teachers take notes and then tonight, they go over all the students and match the kids to the teachers and who they feel best meshes with your kid. So I must say that I'm happy about that.
So- boy is at school today for the first time and will be riding the bus home with Hailey for the first time. At first he didn't want me to leave, but then got into it and by the time I had to say good bye to him, he could care less whether I was there or not. lol
SO here are his first day pics. He's such a goof ball. i loved these pics too- had to throw in that goofy grin because it wouldn't be Kayleb if I didn't post one.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Morrissey Curse: A Story

Once upon a time there was this girl. She was a good girl, found a good guy (with the last name of Morrissey), got married, found a nice little apt. to live in. Her husband then deployed soon after they were married. This girl was left to live by herself in this cute apt. One day, this girl gets home to find that there is a leak in her ceiling in her bathroom-enter: Morrissey curse and new best friend :). After months of asking for repairs and hassles with the complex, she moves into another apt with help from best friend. This apt. wasn’t as nice, but at least it didn’t have a massive leak in the ceiling. Her husband then comes home from deployment and they decide to buy their first house. They find one in a brand new neighborhood. They decide to buy this house… enter: Morrissey curse. Now, being that this story is obviously not about me, I can’t tell you all of the details or ALL of the things that happened. Continuing on…… They move into their new house. The house next door hadn’t been built yet, so the builder starts on his next project. And for reasons unknown, this said builder hires some men who don’t speak English to work for him. And I don’t know what it is, but these men felt the need ruin this girls’ property. Enter: Morrissey curse. These men plugged in a little oven thing to cook burritos on her front porch without asking. They used her water without asking. They dug up her yard without asking. Husband gets deployed again. Now…. It’s a good thing this girl had this best friend, otherwise she wouldn’t have made it. ;)
The house next door finally gets completed and she can finally breathe. WRONG. ENTER: Morrissey curse. Her power gets cut off. Why? Well…. Someone “forgot” to write her street down and had the wrong address under her name. So after days of complaints, they finally get it worked out. And all the meanwhile, there are family issues going on that drive the stress level up. Like I said… good thing she had the best friend.

Now… Why do I tell you this tale? Because. I don’t want to toot my own horn (although I totally am), I am the best friend in that story. And little did I know what I was getting myself in to when I became the said best friend. I know I couldn’t go into detail about this whole Morrissey curse thing… but believe me, it’s bad. Actually, when you’re the one looking in from the outside, it’s pretty dang funny. BUT I BECAME THE BEST FRIEND. And when that happens, things sort of “rub off” during a relationship such as this. What am I talking about? If you haven’t figured it out by now, I now have THE MORRISSEY CURSE. Yes…..I have the curse by proxy. Now how, you ask, do I know that this curse has followed me and my family? Well I’m prepared to make the list of what this curse is capable of. And mind you, all this has happened in a 3 week period.

1) Our moving van we thought, would be big enough. Nope. Couches, 2 hutches, and about 20 boxes get left behind in Savannah. ( And this may be bad.. but I’m actually happy about it)
2) We move. Simple enough, but our 10 hour drive turned in to 17 hours, 2 days, a hotel night’s stay, and seeing every rest stop and side of every highway from GA to Memphis.
3) Day after we arrive at our new home, van breaks. $400 later…..
4) Kayleb decides to play and throws a shirt INTO his fan in his room. Blade breaks off, shoots across the room, knocks the blinds off the window, shatters the light fixture on it, and kills the motor. $60 later for a replacement fan……
5) We’re in our new house, been here for 2 weeks and AC breaks. And of course, it breaks on a Saturday night. We live in 95 degree house for 3 days until it gets fixed. TORTURE.
6) Car starts overheating. Take it in to get fixed. $700 later……
7) Rick starts work. He’s been warned over and over again about how this is one of the worst schools in the area. Yup…. He’s been working for 3 days and he already wants to look for a new job.

Ok… I’ll leave it at that. There’s more, but I won’t bore you. Lol So hence…. The Morrissey Curse. It’s followed me and I’m hoping that over time it will find its way back to savannah and leave it there.

Moral of the story…if you become best friends with someone who’s married into a curse……either dump them as a friend or be prepared for the curse to follow. In my case- I’d much rather have the curse follow and have a really good friend to depend on. (aaahhhh..... so sweet huh?)

The End

Or is it???

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

So here in TN, they do this whole thing sort of wierd. Everyone starts school on the same day, minus the kindergartners. They only go ONE day this week. They either go Tues., WEd., or Thurs., depending on their last name. I guess the idea is to have them get in small groups to get to know their teacher and know their way around the school and room and such. I guess that's good and all, but hello! School starts today and I want my son in school! hahaha.
Actually, it was a mess this morning trying to explain to him why Hailey got to go to school and he didn't. Oh well. Hulk backpack and Spongebob lunchpail will have to wait for another day.

So here are Hailey's first day pics. I"m actually VERY happy the my house is brick... makes for a nice background for pics! Isn't she adorable? I'm taking full advantage that my kids don't have uniforms.... cause in 2 years, they will. ugh.

And.... just to throw this out there for laughs- I had to take all 4 kids in to her school with me this morning. Took her to her class, then had to turn in some paperwork. I had all 4 of them trailing after me in a SWARM of kids and parents. I had to laugh. And honestly... i've never seen so many freaking parents taking their kids to school on the first day. It was a nightmare. guess everyone around here either feels the need to drop their kid off the first day, or the bus system is horrible. I'm opting for the first one. lol

Sunday, August 10, 2008

INfo Needed

So my external harddrive went AWOL on me and so being that i cleared my computer before i moved and put everything on that stinkin thing (yah..i know)- i no longer have ANY of my email addy's.
i'm putting my personal email out there for ya'll. I want you guys to email me personally so I can have your email addy's on file. ANd if you want to be my friend and want me to email you- shoot me a message too. :)-
Actually... i've made some REALLY GREAT friends just by becoming email buddies, and i'm always looking for another excuse to get on my email even more than i already do.... so send it on over! lol

here it is,

Gettin ready for the big day tomorrow. Kids start school and hubby starts teaching his first day. I'll go into the whole saga of what he has in store for him sometime this week. I think I'll wait to post about until after the first couple days of school to see if he survives. ;)-

Friday, August 08, 2008

First Smile!

Yes.... little baby smiled his first smile just yesterday. I love this point. I was attempting to get his smile on camera- but of course they never cooperate when you want them to, but I got a pretty close one. he was on his way to a smile, so that's as good as i'm gonna get i'm sure for another little while.
but here's little guy, aka little monster at almost 7 weeks.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

SO here it is!

Ok... finally got around to taking some pics of the new place. Let me tell ya.... it's what i call FUGLY. yes.... it truly is. BUT... i'm so not compaining because it's a house and i'm just glad to not be in an apt. anymore. And it has nice new hardwood flooring and new tiling inside- which is way nice. And the story supposedly goes somewhat like this: there was a n old lady and her husband that orginally built this house back in the day. SHe lived here until she died. She was a true blue NATURAL woman- which means..... if something grows- it stays. If a bird dropped a seed and a tree grew, it had a right to stay. The house needed to stay "natural"- so until the place caught on fire- she didn't change a dang thing. And how do we know all of this? well.. we have a very nice neighbor who moved into the next door house about the same time and has been there ever since- and he's not short on words-if you know what i mean. He is really nice though.

so there ya go- nice story huh?!

and then i was faced with where to put a whole rooms worth of scrap crap and fit it into one corner of my really small kitchen. but we make do with what we have right? it worked out pretty well though!

then i got my spankin' new couches because my old ones conveniently couldn't fit in the moving truck. and although this set wasn't our first choice- i'm so glad this is the one we got. it fits so well in the room and i love it morw and more every day.

THEN.. ( i know- so much to tell huh?) i got to pull out all my fun shmancy new decor that i've had shoved in a closet for 3 months. And lets say that i couldn't even use all of it- cause theres just not enough room. but i LOVE how it turned out! i still need to print up my kids' pics to go in those empty frames- just so you know that i just don't hang up frames with nothin' in them for the heck of it. lol

and i threw in this pic of a tile thing nailed to my front door. have no clue what it is or what it means- but it's comin off today. anyone know what it means?

ok... so there ya go- isn't this all fun and exciting? i'm going out to take pics of the kids today-so i'll post those tomorrow!
oh.. and since i'm posting from Rick's comp, i can't figure out how to get my pics where i want them in the post, so i've lumped them all together. i'll figure it out eventually. :)-


Friday, August 01, 2008

She Lives!

Yah- no kidding... i'm actually alive!

Ok... so things are starting to settle down a bit. got unpacked, starting to decorate (which i'm totally loving!) and got all my scrap stuff set up to start working again.
my only issue is that my comp is seriuosly retarded and now hubby and I are back to fighting over the one comp- and the wireless on it isn't working, so we're stuck to one spot to use it. and of course.... my external harddrive crashed (and it better be fixable or 3 years worth of photos are lost) , and all my recent pics are on my computer, so i can't post anything from here.

upside..... i got my new couches, my new kitchen chairs come tomorrow, and i'm having fun putting up all my new decor- it looks fabulous!

so..... once i get this whole comp/internet thing settled, i'll post a ton of pics and a more detailed version of the move from hell.... lol

miss you guys!