Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School... #2

Ok... so today was Kaylebs' turn for school. And I must say i'm very impressed with this school. They hav ethe parents come in, they divide the kids into groups and do a school tour. Then they take the kids into a room and do snacks and an activity. Then parents leave kids with the teachers and go to have a little info mtg.
All kindergarten kids are shipped from class to class and "experiment" with each teacher. The teachers take notes and then tonight, they go over all the students and match the kids to the teachers and who they feel best meshes with your kid. So I must say that I'm happy about that.
So- boy is at school today for the first time and will be riding the bus home with Hailey for the first time. At first he didn't want me to leave, but then got into it and by the time I had to say good bye to him, he could care less whether I was there or not. lol
SO here are his first day pics. He's such a goof ball. i loved these pics too- had to throw in that goofy grin because it wouldn't be Kayleb if I didn't post one.


Jen Gallacher said...

What a great way to get kids into Kindergarten. He will LOVE it!! :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Aw...he looks so cute. I LOVE how the school system does that. HOW COOL!!!