Friday, September 28, 2007

October Kit is up!!!

Oh man.... this kit is absolutely DELICIOUS! Leah has done it again with her magnificent taste. You won't be disapointed with this one at all!

So here's a look at what it's gonna be- and please... go sign up FAST. we've sold out of every month's kit by the 3rd day of each month! So if you want it, go get it here.

And if you sign up to get it- put my name in the refferal box! Thanks! :)-

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Book Review: What Mothers Do

Ok- so I've been reading this book and I must admit, I thought it was going to be completely different than what I actually read.

The title, "What Mothers do, especially when it looks like nothing" (by Naomi Stadlen) is a good enough title. I take one look at that and say to myself, "I want to read that book." Being a mother, anything that relates to mothering/parenting is something that I'll be interested in. Personal experience has led me to believe on more than one occasion that what I do on a daily basis can sometimes feel like "nothing". I don't know how many times I've been asked what I do all day when I tell people I'm a stay at home mother. What do you answer to that? If all you say is "Watch my children" it may come off to some as "nothing" and "oh that's it." Now, I have enough of a hard time admitting to mylsef that I'm actually worth it and doing something good when I can't manage to put my make-up on or do my hair in the morning. And having someone point out that "that's it" is all I do during the day, seems pretty demeaning.

What I loved is that this book hit each and ever one of those points. I was able to sit back and look at myself and what I do as so much more than "just being a house mom." Naomi heads each chapter with a different "problem" that confronts mothers each day. I'll hit on some of those.

Chapter 2 "Nothing Prepares You". Uh.... DUH!!!! People can talk and talk and give you story after story of how motherhood will be, but unless you experience it in ANY degree, nothing prepares you. Quote: "Why are mothers so overwhelmed with shock? In a sense, a woman can't prepare for meeting her baby. But she can be prepared to be surprised. That's what happens over erotic love. It's revealing to compare how differently women get ready for romance. We don't go to falling-in-love preparation classes...falling in love is described in songs and contrast, the experience of turning into a mother is rarely the subject of songs or litrature."


Chapter 12 "Closer to my mother". So you know the saying "I'll never turn into my mother"? Oh boy... NOTHING could be further from the truth. Sure, everyone has their own quirks and does things differently. But you never realize how much of an impact your mother has on your life until you become a mother yourself. You all of a sudden relate to her on levels that you couldn't have otherwise done. You have similarities there that you had no idea existed. You come to a greater appreciation for what your mother has done and how much smarter she really is than you. (Yes, i admit it mom!) But there are also times when your mother wants to "help" more than what is needed. What I love about this book is that Naomi puts everything in plain terms. She doesn't sugarcoat anything. Quote: "Sometimes the mother's mother assumes she knows what kind of help her daughter wants. She doesn't check that her daughter really wants it, and her daughter feels awkward about explaining to her mother that it wasn't what she most needed." Has this happened to me? OH YES. Do I regret any of it- HECK NO! I'd rather that my mom be part of my life and be over-helpful than not at all.

This really is a wonderful book. There were times when I felt that things were being repeated and it was a little slow. But the content is what matters most and I do like it. I'd highly reccomend this book to any MOTHER or soon to be mother who's looking for answers to questions you probably don't even know you had. There are so many individual experiences and stories in there from mothers all over the world.

Please, go get this book, seriously worth it. Especially because it makes YOU feel more worth it!

*SIGH*...... McDreamy :)

Ok- So I haven't posted in a while. But Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy came out on DVD on teh 11th and my BFF and I have been busy catchin up on last season before tomorrow-when Season 4 starts!!!!!

ok- So I just HAVE to reiterate how much I love McDreamy........LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! And what do you think is going to happen with McDreamy and Meredith? And with Izzy and George? aawww...... nothing bad- or I may consider not watching the show anymore! HA!

Oh- and Private Practice starts tonight too- with cutie-patooty Addison, so don't miss that one either.

So glad fall priemier week is here! (clearly... i have NO night life at all) hahahahahahah

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fun at the Lake

We have this AMAZING lake here in Savannah. It's called Lake Mayer. It has all these nice playgrounds and a hockey rink. Has a sidewalk all the way around it for walking and have I mentioned how many freakin ducks are there?! i tell you- if you're afraid of ducks or getting attacked by them, this is a place to avoid! lol

BUT- the place is BEAUTIFUL!!! seriously, takes my breath away every time I go.

We went as a family last monday night to feed the ducks and play around. I ended up taking over 200 pictures! Do'nt ask me why.... just happened! :) But see this baby? This is my new love.... I hadn't had a chance to play with it until this night and you want to know why the pics turned out so crisp and fabulous? It's because of this beauty right here!!! *sigh* I love my camera!!! (and my 70 mm lens) :)-

So here's a few pics from that night. the lighting was perfect, the subjects were perfect, and the place was perfect. And when you're trying to be a good photographer, those elements help A LOT! So here's a few to share. The first one is one of my favs from the night. and then I had to add the worlds UGLIEST duck. seriously.... they're scary! and then a few more! I'll put them all in an album a little later if you'd like to see more. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Book review: February Flowers

Ok- So I've mentioned a blog called Mother Talk. Well, I get the privilege to

do my first book review from this book! I'm not good at this, but this is my honest opinion about it.

February Flowers by Fan Wu

From the back cover:
Set in modern China, February Flowers tells the stories of two young women's journeys to self-discovery and reconciliation with the past.
Seventeen-year-old Ming and twenty-four-year-old Yan have very little in common other than studying at the same college. Ming, idealistic and preoccupied, lives in her own world of books, music, and imagination. Yan, by contrast, is sexy but cynical, beautiful but wild, with no sense of home. When the two meet and become friends, Ming's world is forever changed. But their differences in upbringing and ideology ultimately drive them apart, leaving each to face her dark secret alone.
Insightful, sophisticated, and rich with complex characters, February Flowers captures a society torn between tradition and modernity, dogma and freedom. It is a meditation on friendship, family, love, loss and redemption and how a background shapes a life.

Honestly, It was a pretty good book. It wasn't hard to get into. I was interested in the way the story was told in the first person. I always like it when it's coming from a "persons view" rather than someone looking in from the outside observing. I felt very much a part of this book as I read. I couldn't help but imagine myself as Ming and how I would have reacted in certain situations. I liked how Fan Wu was able to bridge the gap between childhood and womanhood so smoothly. She is a very good story teller with and imagination to make you think that it were actually true. I could easily relate with Ming and Yan with their college bound friendship as I've had the opportunity to have a friendship just like it. I kept finding myself wondering why these 2 girls had become friends through all their differences and situations. What was it about each other that kept them friends? There were some answers in her book, and a lot of it is dependant on the culture they were in. But that is one area that I think Fan Wu wanted to leave open for any opinions you wanted to form yourself about the characters and how they reacted and acted towards each other.

I had a hard time with all the Chinese/Oriental words. Being that I'm not familiar with the language(s), it was hard for me to imagine certain people and settings based on their name alone. So I couldn't really appreciate the descriptions to thier fullest.

One thing I like is how open ended this book is. It leaves so much room for discussion and gives the reader a chance to form their own opinions. I'd very much reccomend this book, especially for book club members. Would definitely keep discussions going for a while!

Check out other reviews on this book HERE. And if you are interested in purchasing it, GO HERE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's official!!!!

I'm officially a Gold Canyon Candle demonstrator!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. If you've never heard of the company- CHECK HERE. Now- to explain a little.... if you've heard about Yankee candles, take those, times the smell and scent choices by 10 billion (at least :) and take $1 or 2 off the price and that's what they are. I've been ordering and throwing parties for these candles for the past 3 years and STILL love them. So I finally took the plunge and decided to sign up and sell them myself! ( novel idea right?!)
So here's what you can do to get them. Just because you live in a different state, doesn't mean you can't order from me. All candles ship directly from the site and go directly to you!! Awesome huh? AND... if you want to "throw" a party, all you have to do is have your friends/family/co-workers order at least $150 and you'll get FREE CANDLES!!!!!! (and it would be considered a "party")
SO... you'll get free candles, and with more product ordered at a party- you get even MORE free candles AND 50% off a certain amount of items.
Here's a good example. I held a party last year. With the orders placed at my party and $30 spent of my own money of candles, I was able to get 3 FREE candles and 50% off 3 other things. I ended up getting 8 HUGE candles for $30! And when i say huge- i mean it. They are 26 oz. but burn for 400 hours!!! can't get better than that. AND.. there's certain promotions the company puts on each month. CLICK HERE for the September promotions. AND.... (just when you thought there couldn't be anything better- hahahahahaha) all the seasonal scents are out now, so all fall and christmas scents are available. never too early to start gift shopping!!!

So.........there's my shpeal. :) I want you to book a "party" or just order from me. (how's that for being honest?!) if you book with me, I'll throw in a free candle for you too!
Contact me if you want to know more!!!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Couldn't resist

Ok- so i'm a HUGE slacker when it comes to scrapping pics that were taken years ago- even months ago, but have no issues with scrapping pics that I take either that day or the day before!
So- with how cute my kids are (because I'm allowed to be biased!lol) I couldn't resist doing a page today with their first day pics.

I was only able to do one- but hey! I did a page UNINTERUPTED by children! tha'ts an accomplishment in and of itself! so here ya go- a fun page. I'll do my son tomorrow- then I'll show that one off too! :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

Ok- so I admit..... I totally expected to be really nervous and sad today... yah- not so much! It was actually very relaxing and nice to have a quiet house! It ended up a wonderful day- kids had fun, got them to school on time, and they survived! I just about cried dropping Hailey off- walked her into class and said goodbye and she just looked so happy, beaming, and said"bye mom"- but she wasn't sad at all. she could care less that she wasn't going to be at home anymore. Kayleb was excited to go to school- but I don't think he understood that going to school was GOING TO SCHOOL AND STAYING THERE. lol- but he did good. it was like pulling teeth to get him to tell us what he did today and how it went. but he came home happy and wants to go back tomorrow- so he obviously did well.
I was fine- didn't scrap. UGH! but i did enjoy just relaxing and playing with Mia- ran some errands and watched a movie. it was a nice day all together. Put the kids down and they zonked out! it was so funny. knew they would be tired, but the second their heads hit the pillow- they were out. have to admit, i like having a quiet house during the day and not having to struggle keeping kids in their beds at night. *sigh* :)

so- here's their first day of school pics. they turned out so cute. Even though hailey has to wear uniforms- she was very excited about it. i think it's just because it's "new" clothes. lol What a good first day- i could get used to this! hahahahaah

Monday, September 03, 2007

Last Day of Summer Vacation

it's true. I thought it couldn't come fast enough, thought I couldn't last the whole summer, and now it's FINALLY over. I couldn't be more relieved. Although i LOVE my children dearly, I really struggled this summer with them. But alas, school starts tomorrow and i can begin to re-live what it's like to be down to 1 child again. (at least for 8 hours) :)

I've been so excited for school to start, that I've forgotten to actually think about my 2 kids attending new schools. Hailey starts Kindergarten and I'm terrified. She has a wonderful teacher and she knows where to go and where to sit. But it's her first time in a "big school" and that scares me. not to mention the whole bus riding thing. That terrifies me even more! Don't know how I'll be able to handle her independance. it'll kill me, I swear!:)

But Kayleb goes to Pre-k. I'm a little more at ease with him going, just because it's the same school and same teacher that Hailey had- so it's familiar to both him and I. But still- he's a home body and i'll be sad when he's not here. I think it will be harder for him to transition into school than hailey. Hailey is meant to be a student, I'll never have to worry about her at all. Kayleb, still don't know.

Oh- I'll be a nervous wreck all day tomorrow- I know i will be. I'll probably cry too once they are gone. I'm such a wimp like that. And I know they'll be looked after and be safe, it's just letting go that'll be hard.

But besides that- my plans for tomorrow.... SCRAP!!!!!! without kids......... wow.... what will that be like? i have to do something enjoyable to keep my mind off of worrying, so that's all I plan to do tomorrow. That- and I'll get to spend one on one time with Mia. I think she needs it. she's constantly competing with the older kids and now she can have it undivided. That will be really nice, for both of us.

Ok- well- I managed to clean out all the kids clothes, do all their laundry, and choose out their first day outfits. I put all their backpacks together with all their supplies and got it all out and set on the piano so we can just grab and go in the morning. I also cut Hailey's hair! i was debating whether to do it or not, but finally decided that if i have to do it everyday- I'd rather hear less moaning and whining than more. So i'll chop it off. and we did! We cut off a whopping 6 inches! How on earth can you cut that amount of hair off of a 5 yr old? well- her hair is like mine. It took about 3 years for her to get any at all-lol- but once it did, it grows fast. It's a cute little bob, A-line, just below her ears. I love how it turned out. And how's that cut for not having a hair liscence? :) the last one is blurry- but you can see the detail of the cut.

And if you don't remember her hair before- here's a before and after- so you can see how much we REALLY cut off!
time to go. I need to go do something fun with the kids tonight. last day of summer, their last day of freedom. BBBWWWAAAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! jk :)-