Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

Ok- so I admit..... I totally expected to be really nervous and sad today... yah- not so much! It was actually very relaxing and nice to have a quiet house! It ended up a wonderful day- kids had fun, got them to school on time, and they survived! I just about cried dropping Hailey off- walked her into class and said goodbye and she just looked so happy, beaming, and said"bye mom"- but she wasn't sad at all. she could care less that she wasn't going to be at home anymore. Kayleb was excited to go to school- but I don't think he understood that going to school was GOING TO SCHOOL AND STAYING THERE. lol- but he did good. it was like pulling teeth to get him to tell us what he did today and how it went. but he came home happy and wants to go back tomorrow- so he obviously did well.
I was fine- didn't scrap. UGH! but i did enjoy just relaxing and playing with Mia- ran some errands and watched a movie. it was a nice day all together. Put the kids down and they zonked out! it was so funny. knew they would be tired, but the second their heads hit the pillow- they were out. have to admit, i like having a quiet house during the day and not having to struggle keeping kids in their beds at night. *sigh* :)

so- here's their first day of school pics. they turned out so cute. Even though hailey has to wear uniforms- she was very excited about it. i think it's just because it's "new" clothes. lol What a good first day- i could get used to this! hahahahaah


AMANDA said...

Oh they are so darn cute!! LOVE Hailey's haircut...nice job amber!! :)

Becky Heisler said...

awww look how stinkin' cute they look !!! I had this very same day yesterday, I did shed a tear or two as my baby went off to Kindergarten.. but that was short lived !!! LOL I had a very nice day!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Adorable!!!! I do love Hailey's haircut!!! Did you really do it yourself?!?! I am completely amazed!

And Kayleb, well, K-man is adorable, too!

Scrap today, wouldja!!!!

Laura S. said...

Oh so sweet!


dinesh said...

nice photos..cute