Monday, September 03, 2007

Last Day of Summer Vacation

it's true. I thought it couldn't come fast enough, thought I couldn't last the whole summer, and now it's FINALLY over. I couldn't be more relieved. Although i LOVE my children dearly, I really struggled this summer with them. But alas, school starts tomorrow and i can begin to re-live what it's like to be down to 1 child again. (at least for 8 hours) :)

I've been so excited for school to start, that I've forgotten to actually think about my 2 kids attending new schools. Hailey starts Kindergarten and I'm terrified. She has a wonderful teacher and she knows where to go and where to sit. But it's her first time in a "big school" and that scares me. not to mention the whole bus riding thing. That terrifies me even more! Don't know how I'll be able to handle her independance. it'll kill me, I swear!:)

But Kayleb goes to Pre-k. I'm a little more at ease with him going, just because it's the same school and same teacher that Hailey had- so it's familiar to both him and I. But still- he's a home body and i'll be sad when he's not here. I think it will be harder for him to transition into school than hailey. Hailey is meant to be a student, I'll never have to worry about her at all. Kayleb, still don't know.

Oh- I'll be a nervous wreck all day tomorrow- I know i will be. I'll probably cry too once they are gone. I'm such a wimp like that. And I know they'll be looked after and be safe, it's just letting go that'll be hard.

But besides that- my plans for tomorrow.... SCRAP!!!!!! without kids......... wow.... what will that be like? i have to do something enjoyable to keep my mind off of worrying, so that's all I plan to do tomorrow. That- and I'll get to spend one on one time with Mia. I think she needs it. she's constantly competing with the older kids and now she can have it undivided. That will be really nice, for both of us.

Ok- well- I managed to clean out all the kids clothes, do all their laundry, and choose out their first day outfits. I put all their backpacks together with all their supplies and got it all out and set on the piano so we can just grab and go in the morning. I also cut Hailey's hair! i was debating whether to do it or not, but finally decided that if i have to do it everyday- I'd rather hear less moaning and whining than more. So i'll chop it off. and we did! We cut off a whopping 6 inches! How on earth can you cut that amount of hair off of a 5 yr old? well- her hair is like mine. It took about 3 years for her to get any at all-lol- but once it did, it grows fast. It's a cute little bob, A-line, just below her ears. I love how it turned out. And how's that cut for not having a hair liscence? :) the last one is blurry- but you can see the detail of the cut.

And if you don't remember her hair before- here's a before and after- so you can see how much we REALLY cut off!
time to go. I need to go do something fun with the kids tonight. last day of summer, their last day of freedom. BBBWWWAAAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! jk :)-


Anonymous said...

So what? I am not allowed to come over and hang?

Lisa Brown said...

How was their first day? Lily's first day of preschool is tomorrow and I am in total denial. Hailey's hair is adorable, by the way. We should get together some morning when Lily is at school - maybe Mia and Derek can play since they won't have the older kids causing trouble :).

Jen Gallacher said...

Oh she looks adorable!! :) You are amazing. I would be too chicken and would cut off too much. :) Although, I do cut Jimmy's hair and trim (I said "trim") Katelyn's.

Theresa Tyree said...

Oh, I love the cute little bob! I had to cut all of Connor's curls off for preschool. It just about broke my heart. He looks so different now. Youre daughter is a complete dolly baby!