Friday, July 24, 2009

Result: The knee

See this nice little drawing? Well.... this my friends... is what has happened to my knee. DOn't know how, don't know why.... it just did. It's a typical sports injury, but I don't play sports... so figure that one out. lol

anyway- on top of the tear of the meniscus, I have a cyst growing there as well. AND THEN... I have tight tendons on the right side of my knee that got pulled or stretched or something and the way to fix that is by a cortisone shot and physical therapy.

And he says we can wait to get it fixed, but if I don't, I run the risk of the cyst growing even more and the tear becoming worse. I have to have surgery to fix it regardless of when it happens. This my friends... it what also causes arthiritis of the knee. If left untreated, you can get the worse case of arthirtis possible. SOOOOO... you can guess how much I'd like to have that happen. lol

So the prognosis..... Surgery on Sept. 4 for the tear and the cyst... and the cortisone shot. (I've heard that they hurt like the mother... so I opted to have it done while I was under lol) Then after a few days of doing nothing, I then have to go through "extensive physical therapy working on the calf, knee, and hip".

I'm not too excited about all that, but anything is better than this pain I'mgoing through. I have good days and bad days...mostly bad days. It was so painful last night, it felt like y whole leg was going to fall off! I was lugging boxes yesterday and i guess I overdid it.

so I ask the Dr. what I should avoid.... "don't be doing heavy lifting or running/walking too much. Avoid unstable terrain."

Oh.... you mean like going camping for the weekend and then moving the next weekend?

Right....... lol

Monday, July 20, 2009

Things are GOOD!

Ok... so as of last thursday, we have a HOUSE! and here's the best news... it's still in the kids' school boundaires- so no school switiching!
this was such a HUGE blessing. here's how it went down...
Hailey has this best friend who lives 3 blocks up from us. they were in the same class and were begging to play together. so in December (last year) she snuck around and finally got to a point where we (me and the other girls' parents) had no choice but to meet and let these girls play.

long story short.... they become BFFs and her mother and I become fast friends. so over the course of the last *almost* year... we've done a lot together.
now, because they live on this street, they know hat this guy is getting married and is wantingto rent out his house, but hasn't posted it anywhere. So she mentions that we are looking for a place and talks us up and whatnot. She then tells me the information, I call the guy, and within 4 days, we got it!

here's the blessing part: we needed a house big enough for our family in the same school and a nice neighborhood- no busy streets. what we got: EVERYTHING and more! we are exactly 3 houses down from said BFF and couldn' tbe happier!

so YAY! now that our looking is FINALLY over- we move in 1.5 weeks i'm getting bored. lol I've packed up everything that can be packed in my house already and i'm just sitting here waiting. since we're only going 3 blocks up, i figure i don't have to pack clothes, just take them out fo the closet and transfer them to the next, etc. and everything we don't use... it's already packed up in storage. SOOOOOO..... i'm just cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.... biding my time. lol

but here's a little something I made to hang up in my dining room... it's not completely finished, and i'll def. post pics of when it is- but you'll get the general idea of what it is.

on another note...

My knee has been botherig me for about a month now. Don't know what made it hurt, but it does. I think back... when i was a junior, my dad and I got in a car accident and it screwed up my knee. ever since then, i've had occasional pain- but nothing major and nothingi can't handle. Until this past month.

i finally went to the dr. last week and based on his tests he did in the office, his assumption was that i had torn cartlidge. it's cause by blunt trauma....(but i can't think of any blunt trauma that hppened) and can only be repiared by surgery. yah... you heard. SURGERY.

It's gotten to the point where I can't kneel down, bending my knee is almost out of the question, and I wake up at night because of pain.

SO i had Xrays done last week, bones are all good, nothing broken, so now I have to get an MRI done tomorrow to see what cartlidge/muscle damage there may be. I also meet with the oprthopaedic surgeon tomorrow to discuss how to move forward.
then I went to Lagoon (a local theme park) with my hubby on saturday. Yah... i should've just shot myself in the foot because i think it just made my knee 10 times worse. *sigh*
so there's prospective excitement coming up on top of yet another move. lol I'll keep you posted on that as well.
anyway- gotta get ready for the big family reunion happening this weekend. haven't been in about 5 years... should be fun times!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Just letting you know....

still no house. I've been calling and calling and nothing. we're crossing our fingers to hear back today. In the mean time... i'm packing and cleaning and hoping that our small storage unit can be packed to the max... cause heaven knows I don't want to live amongst boxes for longer than I have to. lol
Ill keep ya'll posted on what (if anything) happens. :)