Monday, March 31, 2008

April Kit LO's

Here they are folks. I've only been able to do 2 LO's so far- have a huge, WONDERFUL project that i have in the plan- but i don't know if i'll be able to get to it tomorrow or if it will have to wait until next week. But it's really fabulous and I can't wait to get it together.
Ok- so seriously, I've done these 2 LO's using only 3 sheets of paper.... so this kit can go a long ways and it's too cute to boot too! SO GET IT NOW!!!!! :) you like? i absolutely love them. they turned out better than i thought they would. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm back on!!!

the My Scrapbook Nook Design Team that is!!! guess there's been some people dropping out and my friend needed some help, so she handed me some free product and asked me to be back on and voila! Here I am again!
I must say... i felt completely empty not being on it for these past 3 months, so i'm very happy to be up and running again on it!

So.... with that being said- I got my APRIL KIT today!! OH MY WORD. ok- ladies.. for those of you who are in llluuuuuuuvvvvv with the new Pink Paislee company- this kit is chalked full of it. It's seriously one of the best kits ever! So here are some views..... PLEASE go get one now because they are almost sold out and will be shipping anyday now! and tell them i sent you...... :)
so be lookin in the next couple days for my projects- I'll have them up here by Tuesday! YAY!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pulmonologist Update:

Ok- so my last post i mentioned the apt. i had the other day. Roxy got on me for not sharing information, so i'll fill ya'll in. Not that is't THAT exciting... but it is a story none-the-less.

I've had asthma for literally as long as i can remember. BUt it's only affected by major excercise and allergies. It's not one of those things that i have to inhale medication just to walk down the street. Anyway- since i've gotten older, i've had to use the inhaler less and less. To the point that the ONLY time i've gone to the dr to get one is when i'm pregnant.

So i wen tto my last OBGYN apt and my dr didn't want to prescribe me an inhaler for some odd reason, and sent me to the pulmonologist instead. (yah.. don't get that. but whatever) So i head to the apt. ONE FREAKIN HOUR LATER.... i finally get into where they do this breathing test. It's so annoying. you have to plug your nose and breath into this tube rediculously and then these numbers appear. have no clue what they mean, but i usually pass it every time i do it. (who would've thunk?)
Then i wait another 45 minutes and then the dr finally comes in. Needless to say, i'm pretty pissed at having to wait so long. How is it that there's only 3 people in the office, umpteen nurses, and 3 dr's available... and it takes THAT long? ugh

anywho.... so he comes in and starts askign all these questions on my health, family history and such. then he says "you know... when you're pregnant, you typically are short of breath."
i wanted to get up and slap him at that point. like DUH! i've been pregnant 4 times.. i think i'd know. so i then say "Well... i've had asthma and i think i can tell the difference between being short of breath and not being able to breath." then he's like "yah." um.. DUH HEAD.
during all these questions... he just keeps asking the dumbest things and making me feel like i'm stupid. seriously people.... after 12 or more years of living with a condition, you'd think i've been through the process and know the difference between being able to breath and not being able to breath.
he then says "ok- let me listen to your breathing" he takes out his scope thing and listens for a whole 2.5 seconds and says "sounds good". i'm like- you've got to be freakin kidding me. Then he points to a "spot" on my collar bone and says "how long have you had that?"
me: "a while."
him: "has it changed at all?"
me: "no"
him: "do you have any more spots like that?"
me: "not that i know of"
him: " and it hasnt' changed?"
me: "no"

(um... did i miss something? was i here about breathing or a skin analysis?)

so he pulls the collar of my shirt down a little to view around the rest of my neck. yah... nothing.

Ok- skin cancer runs in my family. I think i'd know what to look for if something were out of place or "growing".

he then says "ok- well i'll prescribe you something called pro-air. it's an albuterol.. but the name is changing. Next year you won't be able to get albuterol at all."
me: "umm.... ok"
him: " they've changed regulations and albuterol isn't ozone friendly so they are switching it to pro-air because it is ozone friendly. but it's the same thing."
me: (wanting to laugh) "ok"

Seriously? Did he really just mention that albuterol is not ozone friendly? I'm afraid that all us asthma inhalerers are about to die after using an unfriendly ozone inhaler. because i don't know about you- but whatever we put in our body, obviously comes out in another way, and heaven forbid we pass some gas that isn't ozone friendly! hahahahahaha.

i was so fed up at this point. he left and i got out of there. but not until he mentioned that he wanted to see me back in 2 months. YAH RIGHT. like i'd step foot back in that office. unless i have a dire medical emergency... won't be doing THAT again.

soooooo..... i'm now safe with my inhaler, i can finally have some relief for these allergies, and now i know that i'm helping to save our ozone by breathing in "Pro-Air". lol

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I just had to add.....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- I'm totally laughing right now at the down right luck I've had.

History: I gained 50 lbs during pregnancy with my first daughter, 30 with my second, and 25 with my 3rd. Always hated it. And I ALWAYS lost weight in the first trimester... but then gained rapidly thereafter.

So I had this pulmonologist apt. today and they had to weigh me. I hate that part.. i always cringe. But i step on the scale and she starts moving the levers..... just to go over my previous weight. I sigh and say "bummer- hate that." then the nurse laughed and said that the scale was 3 lbs heavier- so i needed to subtract 3 lbs. I was like "you serious?" yah.. she was.

Guess what???? I'm 25 weeks and HAVEN'T GAINED A SINGLE POUND!!!!!! how is that freakin possible? must say that i'm really happy.... guess my body is losing weight while this kid is growing.. cause i KNOW he's more than a pound now.

But i'm totally knocking on wood right now, cause just wait.... i'm gonna gain like 10 lbs in one month- and then my butt will be as huge as the belly. And THAT would really suck.

like i said.... I'm laughing. :)-

Beach Trip!

Sadly enough.... our time in Savannah is coming to a close and we *plan* on moving in not too long.(like 12 weeks) Don't ask what our plans are.. cause we don't have any! Nothing like not knowing where your life is going and where you're supposedly going to make someone go crazy!

Anyway- that being said, we thought we'd take advantage of Rick being on Spring Break last week and take a trip to the beach. It's not entirely warm enough to really enjoy the beach experience, but it was fun none-the-less. Don't know when or if we'll get back to the beach before we move, so we thought this would be a fun little trip.

Thought I'd share a funny story and some pics from the day.

See the picture with Rick and the kids heading towards those big rocks? Well.... the water was really low. Most times we go- those rocks are covered. But not this time. Rick thought it'd be fun to let the kids climb on them. I didn't really care- harmless enough right? (like climbing on huge rocks over the freazing ocean water is harmless.... ha!) Anyway- So hailey and kayleb climbed up on the rocks to play. By the time I made it over to them, Mia had already fallen in the water and her pants/shoes were all wet. But she was standing on the beach away from the rocks. Rick had come over to stand by me to just watch the kids have fun. Well- a nice little wave came up and eliminated any possible way of getting hailey and kayleb off of those rocks without getting major wet. WE told them to stay put and to just hold on until the water went down so we could get them. Hailey of course.... was FREAKING out. She thought she was goign to die. Kayleb on the other hand, stodd there and just waited for the water to go down to get off. The water went down, Rick went up and got them off and we were on our way. I think Hailey is traumatized though..... she keeps talking about how she'll never go on rocks again. hahahaha

The cutest thing in the world happened just after this incident. We were walking back to the car when Kayleb comes up to Rick and says "Dad, you're a special Hero. You saved us."

how cute is that?!?!?!?! So now daddy is a special hero for saving the day.

I think the day was worth it. :)

On another note, I made the mistake of handing the camera over to Rick for a bit. He then snapped pics of me with the kids (which isn't bad... but he KNOWS i hate prego pics) So I thought i'd humor you all with the ONE picture that shows my belly. And yes... I'm only 6 months and I look huge. I swear this kid is gonna be the big one. So enjoy your one look at the belly... cause i won't be making the mistake again! :)-

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Isn't this a marvelous day? I love Easter... it's seriuosly one of my favorite holidays. Simple, nice, and not so commercialized. I can truly sit back and enjoy the day and celebrate the true meaning of Easter and linger in that spirit all day. Can't get much better than that right? :)
So here's our day in a nutshell..... I may be biased, but I seriously have the cutest kids on earth.
and yes... they are eating PEEPS at 8 am. (thanks to the daddy of course!) Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Too Funny

The other day we headed to the park after school to let the kids play. So you know those toys where there's just a "pipe" coming out of the ground and you stand at one end and talk into it and another person goes across the playground to talk through the other pipe? Well... they had one at this park and Hailey thought it was like the coolest thing ever. She thought it was magical and alive in every sense. So take a look at this picture and tell me it isn't one of the cutest things in the world!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zutter Bind-It-All

Over this past weekend, i was literally thrown into demo-ing a machine i have never seen before in my life! Needless to say, it was pretty interesting! So i had heard and watched Roxy demo this thing, but didn't pay it too much mind-besides... i wasn't the one trying to sell it right? ;)

Then Saturday morning comes along and Rox tells me that I HAVE to demo this thing because we need to sell more. Well.... umm....... YAH RIGHT. so I ran to the booth and pulled out the machine and the "how to" booklet to see if i could figure the thing out. I guess people had the impression that I was doing a demo for them, so they started sitting down. Then the questions started coming. Enter: freak out mode. yah.... So I just started playing with it. Honestly, All I could dish out was a bunch of BS, because i honestly had no clue what i was doing. But I was doing something right.... because I ended up selling 3 of them within 30 minutes!!!! Now- it seriously isn't a hard machine to figure out. There's this guide on the side of it that tells you exactly what all the functions are, so you have to be pretty dumb to NOT figure the thing out in a short amount of time.
That being said...... i fell in love. I did- honestly and truly. besides... what's a scraproom without the latest gizmo or gadget right?! So i call the hubby and tell him about it. He actually got more excited about it than i was, so of course i got permission and bought the thing.
At the end of the show, Kim tells me to take one of the starter packets and a packet of binder rings home to make something fantabulous and put it up on my blog. Well.... I came through on the making of the thing.. can't guarantee that it's fantabulous though. :)
SO I came up with this cute little mini album using pics from my trip. I couldn't help but scrap them- so here it is! Notice the incredible binding? Yah.... this machine cuts the holes AND binds the thing together. It's seriously awesome! If you want one... shoot over to Kim's wonderful site and buy one- it's such a cool toy! so what do ya stink? :)-

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Savannah Trees

Well... we headed out to the wonderful, beautiful Forsyth park right after school today with the kids to play. Couldn't help but take pics of the most awesome trees ever! Seriously can't get sick of looking at these things. So here for your viewing pleasure..... Savannah trees. :)-

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WONDERFUL weekend~

So I made my way to beautiful San Francisco this past weekend with my wonderful friend Roxy. She got me the hookups and I couldn't have asked for anything more fun! Here's a low-down on the weekend and some pics to prove it.

Wednesday: Flew into SF and saw my Roxy. It was so good to see her. Leah lou came and picked us up from the airport and took us on a nice ride and view of SF. We first went to the pier and saw the ocean/ports. Took some pics and enjoyed walking around. We found some cool street vendors and had some really yummy cupcakes :) We then made our way to the absolutely incredible Gardens at the Palace of Fine Arts. (that is is Leah right?) Yah... this place was freakin unbelievable. we spent most of our time here walking around and taking pics because you couldn't help but be inspired by the beauty around you. Leah also took us over to the Golden Gate bridge to take some pics and that was totally cool too. In the mean time, we drove around looking at the coast and at massive, beautiful houses. It was seriously all too cool. I told Rick that if we ever get to the point of making 500K a year, we're totally moving there! :) We then met up with Aly at the Nook for some shopping (which was totally fun). I got hooked up with some awesome product and can't wait to play with it. Then it was off to dinner. After that- we had to say our goodbyes and head to the hotel.

Thursday: Wake up and have a good breakfast then head to the convention center. We got there, found our stuff and started at work. I had woken up that morning with a stuffy nose and knew that it wasn't going to be good for me that day. so because of my belly (hahahaha) i wasn't allowed to lift anything. But once everything was off the pods and on the floor, i set to work helping to set up the displays and product. It took us 11 hours to set up the whole thing. It was a long day to say the least. I don't think i've ever been so sore in my life! but we did a fabulous job i thought! We then headed to PF Changs for dinner which was the BEST chinese ever! Oh man... can't wait to get back there! I took some Benedryl and headed to bed as soon as we got home.

Friday: Woke up feeling even worse! I was so miserable and SOOOOO mad that I had gotten sick. But i had a long day ahead of me and a class to teach, so i geared up, took more benedryl and we headed. Got there, set up the class- just to have ONE WHOLE PERSON show up!! I was upset at the turnout- but quite happy that i didn't have to be miserable for an hour and a half teaching while feeling ill. So the lady that attended was very nice and had a good time. said she loved the class too- so at least that was good. Went through the day mostly running the register. I didn't want to sneeze and snot all over customers, so i tried to avoid going around. I sat down a lot and did what i could to help, but it really wasn't a good day. Although I loved being there and experiencing running the booth instead of visitng them. Aly was nice enough to just drop me off at the hotel after grabbing a quick bite on the way and then they headed to dinner while i went to bed. I was sad to miss out- but once i hit the pillow... i was out!

Saturday: I woke up WONDERFUL. I guess sleeping for 12 hours worked wonders, cause it seriously was needed. I didn't take anymore benedryl as I had figured that the side effects were affecting me more than the actual sickness was. So once that was out of my system, i was 100%! We made it to the convention again in time for me to set up my class again. I had 12 people this time and it was SO much fun to teach. The ladies were wonderful and loved the class. It's been a couple months since the last class i taught and I had forgotten how much i loved it. So I was so happy to teach again. Afterwards, i headed to the booth where Roxy proceeded to tell me that I had to sit and demo the Zutter Bind it all machine. i freaked. lol- I've never used the thing before in my life and iw as supposed to demo and sell the thing?! PUH-LEASE woman! but.. she was serious and i told her i'd do my best. So i ran over to the booth, grabbed the manual and started playing around. I guess people thought i knew what i was doing because they all proceeded to sit down and watch and ask questions. After about 30 minutes, i had figured the thing out and had sold 3 of them! So now that i'm on cloud 9, i decided that i was the bomb-diggity and could do this thing. I sat for another few hours and demo'd. after selling everything on the table and opening another box, Roxy shows up. We then took turns the rest of the day Demoing the machine and working the booth. We sold out of a lot of product and ended up selling ALL but 6 of the machines! I was so excited. The time came for the show to end and we started tearing down. It took us only 4 hours to take it all down and leave as compared to more than twice as much time to put it up! but I left with some cool product myself, including one of the bind it all machines!!!! :) We then went to dinner, made it back to the hotel and had a blast. because i had been sick the past 2 nights, Roxy and I hadn't ahd a chance to have much fun. Aly was so tired, so she went to bed and Roxy and I proceeded to talk and laugh the night away. Finally about 2 o'clock we went to sleep just to wake up at 4am to get to the Airport on time.

Sunday: made it to the airport, got on my flight (which was fabulous) and then landed in Washington D.C. I had been able to catch the last flight on standby to get home earlier. I tried to then get on an other earlier flight on standby and with problems, they had overbooked it. I was so sad. I ended up having an almost 6 hour layover there becase of it. But i got on my original flight and made it home safe and sound.

It was a long weekend and one that i wouldn't trade for anything. I had such a blast (despite getting sick) and would totally do it all over again. the experience was amazing and i loved that Kim gave me the chance to do this. Kim has a wonderful store set up- totally check out her site, because it freakin rocks!

So here's the pics i took from the weekend. I altered them and will be able to blow these up and frame them. I loved how they turned out. Have a good week everyone! :)