Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beach Trip!

Sadly enough.... our time in Savannah is coming to a close and we *plan* on moving in not too long.(like 12 weeks) Don't ask what our plans are.. cause we don't have any! Nothing like not knowing where your life is going and where you're supposedly going to make someone go crazy!

Anyway- that being said, we thought we'd take advantage of Rick being on Spring Break last week and take a trip to the beach. It's not entirely warm enough to really enjoy the beach experience, but it was fun none-the-less. Don't know when or if we'll get back to the beach before we move, so we thought this would be a fun little trip.

Thought I'd share a funny story and some pics from the day.

See the picture with Rick and the kids heading towards those big rocks? Well.... the water was really low. Most times we go- those rocks are covered. But not this time. Rick thought it'd be fun to let the kids climb on them. I didn't really care- harmless enough right? (like climbing on huge rocks over the freazing ocean water is harmless.... ha!) Anyway- So hailey and kayleb climbed up on the rocks to play. By the time I made it over to them, Mia had already fallen in the water and her pants/shoes were all wet. But she was standing on the beach away from the rocks. Rick had come over to stand by me to just watch the kids have fun. Well- a nice little wave came up and eliminated any possible way of getting hailey and kayleb off of those rocks without getting major wet. WE told them to stay put and to just hold on until the water went down so we could get them. Hailey of course.... was FREAKING out. She thought she was goign to die. Kayleb on the other hand, stodd there and just waited for the water to go down to get off. The water went down, Rick went up and got them off and we were on our way. I think Hailey is traumatized though..... she keeps talking about how she'll never go on rocks again. hahahaha

The cutest thing in the world happened just after this incident. We were walking back to the car when Kayleb comes up to Rick and says "Dad, you're a special Hero. You saved us."

how cute is that?!?!?!?! So now daddy is a special hero for saving the day.

I think the day was worth it. :)

On another note, I made the mistake of handing the camera over to Rick for a bit. He then snapped pics of me with the kids (which isn't bad... but he KNOWS i hate prego pics) So I thought i'd humor you all with the ONE picture that shows my belly. And yes... I'm only 6 months and I look huge. I swear this kid is gonna be the big one. So enjoy your one look at the belly... cause i won't be making the mistake again! :)-


{Elyse} said...

Oh Amber, I love the prego shot! You look Beautiful pregnant or not! And that looks like so much fun at the beach...something I truly miss :(

AMANDA said...

Oh miss Amber...You look hot to me!! :) You're kids are too dang cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

great pics! It looks like a goodtime was had by all!
oh and by the way you are sooooo NOT huge!pah-leezz

the real ~Roxann~ said... the time I'm done with'll be posing for those preggo pics!! :P I of course think you look a-dor-a-ble!! (but I sleep with hot chicks!! ha ha ha ha!!!)

Nice beachy pics. Really makes me miss Savannah.

Amie said...

what are you talkn' about? you're teeny! And a cutie!

Anonymous said...

You've GOT to be kidding me . . . I was bigger than that with my one kid at six months!!!!!

You make me SICK!!!!

ahahahahahha :)

Anonymous said...

You do really look fabulous.

lindy said...

You look amazing pregnant! not fair. such great pictures.