Friday, January 29, 2010

Beach Boy Line

All Lines contain 6 double-sided papers, 1 chipboard alpha, 1 die cut sheet, ad 1 coordinating digi-CD. This is side 1 of all papers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well my dears....the show was a complete success! Although we weren't able to attend the tradeshow as wholesalers, being able to wholesale what we could at the retail part was good enough.

Things have been moving along slowly but surely. The new lines have gotten great feedback and we were able to take some orders and the big news is that we are going international! A large order was placed by these wondeful ladies from Hong Kong and it will be shipped and in their hands by March!

I'll share more info. about the show later, but since I've slacked on the sneak peaks...i'm going to show you the whole thing! First, I'll post the peeks you should have seen before CHA.... this will give you a good idea of what the lines look like. And each day this week, I'll post one line in it's entirety. You've already seen the peeks for the BFF line, so I'll start with the other 3 first.

We are working on the new blog and website, we hope to have it up very soon... so stay tuned for that announcement as well.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

BFF Line and release news...

Ok... so i just got home from Costa Mesa with our first show of the year AND the debut of my papers! The feedback was fantastic! We sold quite a bit, even getting down to only a few sheets of a few! We have our big show this weekend at CHA in Anaheim CA... so if you are in the area, we are going to be there selling- so make sure you come and see me :)

Thought I'd be nice and show you the whole line this time... i still have 3 more lines to stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Finally- The BIG Announcement!!!

After MANY MANY hours of working my butt off... I finally get to show the fruits of my labor. lol
So..... withouth further Adieu...


A NEW SCRAPBOOK COMPANY! We will be debuting next week at the first scrapbook Convention in Costa Mesa, CA. Our official debut will be at this coming up winter CHA!! The new compny is called Scraptique Paper Designs and I have been named Creative Director/Designer.

We have 4 New lines coming out and will be featuring a new line every month of the year! Each day for the next couple weeks, I will be posting a new Sneak Peek on my blog to wet your appetite. :)-

All my lines are called the "Amber Winward Collection" so you'll always know where to get them (and who designed them lol).

SO for our first official Sneak Peek... We will start with our BFF line. This line is 6 pages, double sided, letter stickers, and chipboard sheet.

So here ya go! Spread the word to come check it out! And don't forget... I will be posting a new peek every day until CHA! And be sure to check out this other blog for even more sneak peeks!!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I"m not missing, I promise!

I have been SOOOOO busy- you have no idea. what with the holidays and then to top it off.... i've been working my tail off on this ne and fantastic project (announcement will come next week)- and between those 2 alone, I crashed this last weekend and didn't do a dang thing. lol

anyway- thouht I'd update with pics from the past few weeks. First off is a few pics from christmas. My wonderul hubby got me a Nikon Coolpix camera (since it's a pain in the patooty to carry around my monstr camera on my trips)... still trying to get used to it, but so far it's awesome! so most of these pics are from that.

That's my dad with his annual family puzzle we make him.

Ok- now on to what has happened more recently (aka...yesterday)
I've been working and i'm in the office. Kids are downstairs playing, laughing. Then I hear Jayce come up the stairs into the kitchen and start messing around with stuff. Knowing what he's capable of doing in a matter of seconds, I rush downstairs to find myself already late. The monkey had already made a monster mess. And here's what he did: knocked the garbage can over, took the *almost empty* bag of choclate cereal, proceeded to pour said bag of cereal all over the table, climb up on the table, spread around and kick cereal, shove cereal in mouth before getting caught. And of course...little miss had to join in the

and I do believe the pictures prove everything to a T.

and then just for kicks... little boy is getting to be such a little kid- cracks me up. He will go and steal the kids' toys just so he can play just like them. the one thing that gets faught over in my house more than anything are these little Leapster games. They are handheld electornic game systems for toddlers/little kids. Hailey and Kayleb got them a couple years ago for christmas, and now that Mia and Jayce are in the picture, they feel they can play just as much. (Mia is getting ove for her bday, but I'm debating on getting Jayce one, just so he won't feel left out. lol)

SO here he is, just chillin' and playin'. And 18 months, the kid actully knows what he's doing on the thing. I don't know whether to be surprised or disturbed. lol

THat's all for now, I'll post some work and exiting things in a few days!!!!:) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/New Years!