Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Oy. Ok- so when I was a kid, i remember being excited about holidays. Being able to go out and get TONS of candy was an awesome thought. BUT- was I really annoying? (and you're not allowed to say anything mom :)- ) was I constantly asking when it was time to go and mentioning that it was halloween every 5 seconds? I can understand my kids excitement to go out and do something as fun as trick-or-treating, but i was about to lose it tonight! They wouldn't eat their dinner, they were whining, they had their costumes on right as they got home from school (although that was really cute), by the time we left to go trick-or-treating, I was seriously about ready to scream! But then you take a look at those faces and can't help but laugh at their excitement love them all the more for it.
But alas..... they are so adorable and were so excited and couldn't wait to go get a bunch of candy.
Our church does a Trunk-Or-Treat every year to have a fun and safe place to trick-or-treat. (what did you do this year Roxy?! lol ) So that's what we did tonight. Kids had a blast. They were off the second we got out of the car. We tried getting Mia to say "trick-or-treat", but she wouldn't. She'd just hold out her bucket. hahaha
After about 15 minutes, they had hit all the cars and had come back! They were ready to go! AWESOME!!!! I can totally handle that- but we still had over half of our candy to give away. And heaven forbid i have 3 pounds of candy to bring home instead of 2! My rule is that if the candy isn't gone by Thanksgiving day- it goes in the trash. (i know.. i'm mean)
So... here's a look at our night. a few of the kids in their costumes. I had a little photo shoot with Mia this afternoon to take advantage of the daylight- and it's a good thing too. Cause i started snapping pics this evening and my camera battery died! Anyway- then there's some of them trick-or-treating. And of course had to throw in a few of Rick and I after it was all said and done. We had fun coloring our hair for a little somethin somethin to get in the spirit. Rick is all blue and I was pink with a little bit of blue. aren't we hot?! hahaha- considering getting permanent pink highlights... what do you think?!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All the Yummy things

A couple of wonderfulnesses (like my word?) happened these last 2 days.
#1 ) I found my stinkin new pair of PERFECT shoes!!! seriously-way too excited about these. I'm like a little kid- i can't take them off because i like them too much! STATS: Sketchers size 7.5. Brown leather with swirly BLING! (eat your heart out Heidi Swapp :)- ) Padded insoles that are HEAVEN to walk on. Cool strappy thing that i've wanted in a show since I bought a pair for my daughter 2 years ago. Aren't they to die for? Now i know i shouldn't be drooling over something so earthly and literally unimportant.. but hey- a girl can have fun right?

And then- because I made my first months goal in selling my candles, i got my bonus in the mail today!! Now believe me- I wish it were cold hard cash, cause nothin would beat that. But if I had to get a bonus, this is the second best thing. They just pick random things off the shelf and send them to me at no cost. (of course. that would defeat the purpose of it being a bonus if i had to pay for it :) ) and when I took these suckers out of the boxes, my house was Fumegated (sp). If there were any evil spawns or torturous vermin lurking my house, they're seriously gone or dead now. Not that it's a bad smell- cause it's not. (it's pineapple & Cilantro) but they are very strong. but i've had this before, you leave them out and they smell up the world for a few days, then it dies down to the point where you can't smell them anymore. (unless of course you burn them or shove your nose in 'em) hahaha. But they are so pretty and i'm so glad i got it for free- because that saved me a lot of money for something I was probably going to get anyway! aren't they so pretty?!?!?!?!?!

AND THEN... (just when you thought it couldn't get any better....) I was finally able to get something i've been wanting for YEARS. this amazing votive holder is so fantastic! I got christmas colors/flavor to put in it so that i could use it as part of my holiday decor. And when all of them will be lit up, it will smell like christmas tree, cinnamon, and vanilla mint, all rolled together. I'm so excited! strict rule that i can't burn them until end of November though. *sigh*

isn't it perdy though?! dude- selling candles is SERIOUSLY the best thing for me. ya'll shoudl come over and smell the place, you'll never want to leave! hahahhaa
i swore that I'd clean my scraproom today so i could start working on all the projects I need to get done. well- one thing led to another and led to an entire house shift. yes- i am now up to my eyeballs in re-doing just about every room and closet to make space for everything that's taking it up. So far.. it's been working OK. But now i have piles on my table to go through and a room that is still far from being to a point where i can work. I thought to take before and after pics, but I was lazy. :) I'll start uploading all my work once i get it done.
Oh- and go take a look at the new Piggy Tales Website. ALl the new bio's are up and all our October projects are in the gallery too. So fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin trip

Ok- so I wanna know who decides whether a pumpkin patch stays open or not. Because the patch we've been goign to every year was CLOSED this year. Why you ask? hhmmmm..... well- they obviously weren't thinking of me when they made that decision! HMPH!
FOR RUDE. so I was naturally devastated when we drove up and there was nothing there. not even an apology letter! so I flipped out, then continued driving to find another one. Besides, we told the kids we were pikcing pumpkins and taking pics... and couldn't just not do it!

foudn this little thing on the side of the road. the space was completely covered with trees, so the lighting was terrible. (don't they know that us scrapbookers document every little thing in life? someone was SERIOUSLY not thinking on this one)

So we get out, and let the kids wander around. I try to snap as many pics as i can, but because the lighting sucked, almost none of my 72 pics i took, turned out. I was so bitterly disappointed! I've used all my pumpkin pics from years past, so i have 1 for each kid that I can use this year. guess it makes it easy to document, but come on!

Ok- My rant is over..... i'm so sad. So here are the 3 pictures that turned out. even still- the lighting and blurryness is still a little eh.
Oh- and update..... My Open House was good. I wish the turnout would have been better, but i did sell a few things and got some new contacts, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Hopefully in the spring it will go better. So... now i'm stuck with a bunch of candles. Anybody want them? (for a price of course... i'm not THAT nice) :)-

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tonight's the Night!!!!

I have been putting A LOT of time and effort into the Open House that will be going on tonight. If you are in the Savannah area, you are invited to come!
It will be held at Savannah Scrapbooking, 8805 White Bluff Rd. (behind Kmart)

This open house is going to be huge! Here's a list of vendors attending:
Me (Gold Canyon Candles), Stampin Up!, Lia Sophia Jewlery, Creative Memories, Premier Designs Jewlery, Pampered Chef, and more! There is going to be one massive door prize given worth over $100!!! Each "vendor" will have their own specials, coupons, and door prizes to give away too.
It starts at 6pm tonight and goes until 9pm. If you bring a friend, you will get double chances to win the door prize too!

My specials for the night: I will be having a drawing for a free candle. If you place an order over $50, you will get a free item with your order. If you book a party AT THIS OPEN HOUSE, you will get a $10 gift certificate to put towards your personal order at your party.

So come on over- there will be tons of food, product on hand to sell and take home, and tons of fun! If you can't make it, but would like to take part in my specials, you can contact me to place an order and I'll apply these specials. But you have to contact me by tomorrow night to get them.
Here's Gold Canyon's website so you can take a look at what we offer and what will be available at the open house tonight.

Hope you all come!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Worked!!!!!

So I had A LOT to do this week. I sat down on Sunday night to write down everything I had to do, then I wrote a schedule of what I was going to do on what day so i could keep it all straight.

Monday was my scrap day!!! I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but i still did something and I LOVE IT!!!!! turned out pretty good i think. I was very excited about the word "Thankful". I did that all by myself with a computer and my handy exacto knife! think i'll use it again sometime! It's my new favorite at the moment. This was the picture I took at our little trip to the park the other day.

This was made by the October kit at the Nook- but it's all sold out. But if you hurry- you can get the November kit, which will go on sale soon! They are fabulous!

I'll post more of my projects with this kit later. (once i do more!) hahaha

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Second Post/Picasa

I know... I think I'm pretty bored to post twice in one night, but I really have nothing better to do! Now don't go being all jealous because I get to sit on my toosh all night- I worked hard all day and quite frankly, don't feel like doing much else!

So I thought I'd share a little tidbit about something I absolutely LOVE and can't live without.

If you are digital photography fan (who isn't?), then this is the photo editing software that you MUST have. (it's that great.. serioulsy.)

It's called Picasa. It's free to download off of Google, so go track it down on the main home page and download it. It's so easy to use and who doesn't need something easy to use? I mean, I don't know how to use a computer program and this is something even I could figure out. (and that says a lot, believe me!)

Here's some examples, I took the pics i posted in an earlier post. (doesn't that sound repetative?!lol) the first ones are the original, unaltered pics. the second ones are the altered pics using Picasa. If you aren't convinced that this is the best thing out there, do'nt know what will. Isn't is fabulous?! (oops.. just realized I didn't do the same picture for my baby. but you get the idea right?- OK OK, I'm totally playing the blonde card on that one!)

I totally realize (after viewing my blog after I've posted) that the pics don't look all that different on blogger. they are a little more stark on here for some reason. But just take my word for it, the original and the altered version ARE different and it's a significant difference. Just go try it for yourself so you can see it first hand. :)

My Baby's growing.....

So I've been thinking of potty training baby lately. I didn't want to start until after christmas break because we're doing a lot of traveling from Thanksgiving on, so i didn't think it would be good to try. You know, the whole flying on a plane with a baby is a bad enough thing, let alone one who has to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. And we all know what those airplane bathrooms are like. I'd be afraid of having my kid sucked down in that sucker and come out a smurf! So no thanks... I think I'd like to wait. BUT....for the past week or so, she's been coming up to me to tell me when she's wet and stinky, so that's a good sign she's getting ready. Right? well, being that i've potty trained 2 kids already, obviously makes me a pro. (NOT) But I thought "hey, I haven't even tried to see if she's interested yet." So I pulled out the little trainer toilet (which by the way, didn't look like it had been cleaned since it was last used. I know.. gross. BUt dude... I'm so blaming it on the husband!) and took off her diaper and pants and put her on it. She gave me this look like "what the heck is this mom? but it's WAY cool!" it was hilarious! so she sat and sat, didn't quite know what to do. I sat explaining what she was supposed to do and totally thought she didn't understand a word of it. Because honestly, how is it i explain these thing without showing her exactly what to do? Yah... SO not the mom that will whip her pants down and show the girl what to do. Sorry....... I'd like to keep my privates exactly that. :)-

Well- she ended up going #1 in the little potty!!!!! I was so happy! I started doing this dance and clapping my hands, and of course, she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well, little did I know what I had actually got myself in to. See, she doesn't really understand. (she's sneeky that way) she just thinks it's cool and wants to do it because older bro. and sis. do it. And heaven forbid she doesn't get to do EVERYTHING they can, because that wouldn't be fair.

SOOOOOO........... This is what i found today. hahahahahahaha

Yup..... baby decided she wanted to go potty all by herself. I found this, then walked into the bathroom and saw this.

Isn't that funny? I've gotten myself in trouble though. I've tried putting it away. She freaks out. And then she throws a major tantrum when I close the bathroom door so she can't go when she wants. But she'll take her pants and diaper off whenever she wants and she'll sit on the potty, but she never does anything. ( Do I have a little stripper on my hands? Hey.... so not my fault. again... blaming the husband :) ) Oh well. at least she knows what it's used for and she's trying right? Time to get that doll that goes potty too. but seriously, watching a little doll do it's business in a fake little toilet? whatever happened to just making them go? Aw, the things we do these days to make it easier on ourselves!! hahahahaha But anything to show her because we know I ain't doin' it!

Well- Not only is baby being adorable doing this, she wakes up this morning and dad gets her dressed. Then she comes out like this. (sheesh... wha'ts up with the husband?! lol)
I know the pic is blurry- but the lighting was aweful and she, of course, doesn't hold still long enough for me to correct my light meter :) but isn't she cute? I know i'm biased... but can you not laugh at something so adorable?!
I love my baby!
Oh- and remember the last post I said I'd be scrapping this week? I totally lied. Yup... LIAR! I got as far as cleaning my scrap room. It's ready for me to use... just need to use it! I swear, that's what i'm doing next week. (knock on wood)
and one random thing... how many times can I freakin say "seriously" in one post? SERIOUSLY!
Think I've been watching too much Grey's Anatomy! haha

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm alive!!!!

Ok - seriously... last week absolutely SUCKED. with all of us being sick and not getting anything done. BUT- we are all back and healthy and I can finally be alive again!
So- we went to the park yesterday and of course I snapped a buttload of pics! so here's some of the kids playing. aren't they so cute?! It just amazes me how fast they grow and how big they are getting.
Well- I'll be scrapping A LOT within the next week, so I'll post my projects along the way!
toodles! :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

This has been the week in a nutshell

Kayleb and Mia get cold.

Kayleb gets cough. Misses A LOT of school.

Mia gets croup. Spend 5.5 hours in ER.

No sleep.

Hailey gets fever.

I get head cold.

Hailey loses voice. (although we aren't complaining about this one :) )

Mia throws up.

Kayleb STILL has cough

I am still sick.

yup- tha'ts the week. And here are some pictures from last night. This is the Hailey fever and mom sick phase. Let's hope for a better week next week huh? :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Piggy Tales!!!!!

Besides the fact that I got my very first order of candles in the mail this week- I got the best package! My first shipment of Piggy Tales product came!!!! Oh man- it was jam packed full of all their latest product and can I just say it was absolutely DELICIOUS?!

So- here's the first projects I've come up with. Seriously..... so cute right? This mini album took me for-freakin-ever. not joking. i love how it turned out though. Make sure to pop on over the the Piggy Tales site to check out all thier latest product. Seriously... it's fabulous and you won't be disappointed if you order every bit of it. Hope you likey!!! :)-

Matrimony: Book Review

OK- so I know I haven't posted any projects lately, I'll be doing that in the next post, just to get some inspiration flowing and KNOW that i haven't stopped using my creativity! :)

But for now, I have yet another book review. I'm enjoying this a lot- so you'll see some more book reviews in the future.

This book is called Matrimony by Josh Henkin.

In very vague terms, the storyline of this book is simply about marriage. Julian and Mia meet, fall in love, get married, and face struggles. Now, when I got married, i had this notion that we would be "newlyweds" forever. I had this idealistic thought of how we would be the rest of our lives. Sure I knew we'd face some struggles and we'd have ups and downs, but that's about it. Nothing would or could prepare me for what really happened. Of course we still love each other dearly, or even more than what we did when we got married 6 years ago. But to say that married life is all peaches and cream, SO not true. one thing I appreciate most about this book is how it "shows"s that aspect. Marriage isn't all nice. THere are struggles to be faced and thigns that will happen that may challenge you to an end you may not have even dreamed to expect. Julian and Mia face challenges over a 20 year period. It shows their struggles of moving from town to town, going through college, buying their first home, almost losing their marriage, and uniting again to have a child. In most ways, I could relate to the characters.

On the flip side. This was a book that I had a hard time staying interested in. I got annoyed very easily at the reactions that the main characters would have towards each other and other characters in the book. I didn't like how immature they were- but then again, that is a pet pieve of mine! :)- There were instances where the "struggle" would just drag on. It almost seemed silly at one point to have to start another struggle before the last one finished. To me, this is definitely not a book I'd recommend to someone or a couple who needed "help" with deciding something for their marriage or soon to be marriage. It may be something I'd recommend to somone if they wanted a book to read about marriage, but that's about it. My honest opinion is that this wasn't the greatest book, however- that is my taste and my opinion. There are plenty of other people that would recommend it. If you are interested in other reviews, please go here.