Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All the Yummy things

A couple of wonderfulnesses (like my word?) happened these last 2 days.
#1 ) I found my stinkin new pair of PERFECT shoes!!! seriously-way too excited about these. I'm like a little kid- i can't take them off because i like them too much! STATS: Sketchers size 7.5. Brown leather with swirly BLING! (eat your heart out Heidi Swapp :)- ) Padded insoles that are HEAVEN to walk on. Cool strappy thing that i've wanted in a show since I bought a pair for my daughter 2 years ago. Aren't they to die for? Now i know i shouldn't be drooling over something so earthly and literally unimportant.. but hey- a girl can have fun right?

And then- because I made my first months goal in selling my candles, i got my bonus in the mail today!! Now believe me- I wish it were cold hard cash, cause nothin would beat that. But if I had to get a bonus, this is the second best thing. They just pick random things off the shelf and send them to me at no cost. (of course. that would defeat the purpose of it being a bonus if i had to pay for it :) ) and when I took these suckers out of the boxes, my house was Fumegated (sp). If there were any evil spawns or torturous vermin lurking my house, they're seriously gone or dead now. Not that it's a bad smell- cause it's not. (it's pineapple & Cilantro) but they are very strong. but i've had this before, you leave them out and they smell up the world for a few days, then it dies down to the point where you can't smell them anymore. (unless of course you burn them or shove your nose in 'em) hahaha. But they are so pretty and i'm so glad i got it for free- because that saved me a lot of money for something I was probably going to get anyway! aren't they so pretty?!?!?!?!?!

AND THEN... (just when you thought it couldn't get any better....) I was finally able to get something i've been wanting for YEARS. this amazing votive holder is so fantastic! I got christmas colors/flavor to put in it so that i could use it as part of my holiday decor. And when all of them will be lit up, it will smell like christmas tree, cinnamon, and vanilla mint, all rolled together. I'm so excited! strict rule that i can't burn them until end of November though. *sigh*

isn't it perdy though?! dude- selling candles is SERIOUSLY the best thing for me. ya'll shoudl come over and smell the place, you'll never want to leave! hahahhaa
i swore that I'd clean my scraproom today so i could start working on all the projects I need to get done. well- one thing led to another and led to an entire house shift. yes- i am now up to my eyeballs in re-doing just about every room and closet to make space for everything that's taking it up. So far.. it's been working OK. But now i have piles on my table to go through and a room that is still far from being to a point where i can work. I thought to take before and after pics, but I was lazy. :) I'll start uploading all my work once i get it done.
Oh- and go take a look at the new Piggy Tales Website. ALl the new bio's are up and all our October projects are in the gallery too. So fun!


Jen Gallacher said...

I can almost smell them from here. :) And congrats again on the Piggy Tales opportunity! Happy Halloween!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

babes...the piggytales link isn't working....