Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin trip

Ok- so I wanna know who decides whether a pumpkin patch stays open or not. Because the patch we've been goign to every year was CLOSED this year. Why you ask? hhmmmm..... well- they obviously weren't thinking of me when they made that decision! HMPH!
FOR RUDE. so I was naturally devastated when we drove up and there was nothing there. not even an apology letter! so I flipped out, then continued driving to find another one. Besides, we told the kids we were pikcing pumpkins and taking pics... and couldn't just not do it!

foudn this little thing on the side of the road. the space was completely covered with trees, so the lighting was terrible. (don't they know that us scrapbookers document every little thing in life? someone was SERIOUSLY not thinking on this one)

So we get out, and let the kids wander around. I try to snap as many pics as i can, but because the lighting sucked, almost none of my 72 pics i took, turned out. I was so bitterly disappointed! I've used all my pumpkin pics from years past, so i have 1 for each kid that I can use this year. guess it makes it easy to document, but come on!

Ok- My rant is over..... i'm so sad. So here are the 3 pictures that turned out. even still- the lighting and blurryness is still a little eh.
Oh- and update..... My Open House was good. I wish the turnout would have been better, but i did sell a few things and got some new contacts, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Hopefully in the spring it will go better. So... now i'm stuck with a bunch of candles. Anybody want them? (for a price of course... i'm not THAT nice) :)-


Kelly said...

Bummer about the pumpkin patch :( At least you were able to find another on the same day. The pics still look great :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

for sucky pics...they look pretty darn good!!!

What is it with Savannah and pumpkin patches?!?! That was so weird when we were there. There is usually a crappy (read: expensive) one across from the ghetto walmart on the way to my old house, if you want to try it again!!

Julie Overby said...

OH my GOSH! You have to teach me how to do that Amber!! I love your orange pumpkin! I've been wanting for years to figure out how to add a touch of color in a b&w. Such cute photos. That wasn't in Picas was it? It's too clean and picas is a gradual thing. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I was totally disappointed that White Bluff Methodist didn't have their patch. This would've been the 10th year of E in the same place...oh well. I go there now, so I got the bulletin that said the company they've always dealt with was having some serious quality issues and they had to turn down the shipment b/c it wasn't up to par. And with it being the last minute, they didn't have time to find another hoo! They say it'll be back next year with a new supplier. Crossing my fingers!

Anonymous said...

Okay everyone hold your ears if you don't want to hear me screaming.....AMBER YOU ARE SO GOOD GIRL !!! THE PICASA IS AWESOME !!!I have been looking for a program that I could do. that was easy, affordable and would NOT crash my computer. And that I could actually load on my computer. Always takes me forever to download then another 5 hours to learn how just to print something. But this program... 5 MINUTES !! its GREAT. I had to call my Sister "Stephanie" and she downloaded while we were talking on phone. its great girl. Thank you Thank you thank you.

Lisa Brown said...

That stinks about your pumpkin patch! The 3 pics you got were great though :).

Anonymous said...

Hey , how did you take a black and white of Mia and have a colored pumpkin? Way cute kids. Can't wait to see them in 6 weeks. And yes you did ask every 5 sec.