Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Project #1

I'm in the process of raiding my stash of flowers right?- well, I've had to come to terms with coming up with a different way of storing them. I've already decided to sort them by color- and I want storable things that match my room. So this is the first project I've come up with. This is only big enough to hold one color, so I'm obviously going to have to get more. I did this last night and LOVE it. what ya' stink?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Need some Yummy Lovin?

On top of selling a lot of my delicious supplies at the garage sale next weekend, I've decided to sell a very good friend. This decision didn't come lightly, but there are other friends (one in particular) that I'm DYING to get, so this needs to go in order for me to do so.
If you are interested in purchasing a QuicKutz die tool with a HUGE amount of dies, click here and place a bid. You're getting a HUGE deal..... so if you've wanted it, try and get it! besides, gotta help the sista out when she needs new toys huh? Thanks!!!!

Got Flowers?

I've been going through my AMAZING stash of scrapping supplies. And I know you are all jealous..... but I am selling a huge amount of it. There is going to be a scrapbook garage sale at my LSS next weekend and that's where I'll bank it baby! I"m hoping to make enough to buy me all new product, so if you'll be there...... only purchase my products k?!
In going through my stuff, I had to make drastic decisions on how to best re-organize everything I have left over.... AGAIN! One decision I made was to empty all my flowers bottles and use those bottles for my button collection I've taken up. :) (yummy) And that left me with another problem...... this-

So you likey? Let's just say that I"ll be selling more than HALF of these babies. That's right- you want some of the goodness- you have to come to the sale! How is it that I got to this point? I love it though..... I"m sure once I get store credit, I'll probably get new flowers!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Back to normal

Ok- so after yesterdays "too much drama for yo mama" epsisode.... I'm back and ready to give you another look at something I put together.
this saying was given to my boss from a fellow scrapper- it's hanging up in the store. Maybe some of you have heard it- i never had... but LOVE it. it's now hanging up in my super duper cool scraproom (that currently looks more like a tornado came through than a scraproom).
enjoy!!!! Let me extend a challenge while I"m at it eh? I challenge you to use this saying and create something with it. When you're done with it- upload it here so we can all be inspired!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

For the Record

Ok- for those of you who know me and read this often, this is going to be out of character and will only be said this once. If you are going to post a comment on my blog (which I whole heartedly welcome and enjoy!!) DON'T INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE OR MY EXPRESSIONS ON HOW I RELATE THINGS! I post on my blog to share bits and pieces of my life and my work. I LOVE to hear comments about it and get pleasure and inspiration from them. I encourage you- everyone who reads my blog- to post comments and let me know what you think. But please people! If you are going to post, think before you type anything. I was very very upset by a comment posted recently and don't think anything should have been said period. Remember the saying when you were a kid- "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I think that as adults, we sometimes forget our manners and get caught up in the fact that we have the right to share our opinions. Well guess what?- opinons are always welcome-but not always needed to be said. This is MY blog. This is MY life. These are MY stories. If you don't like them, please don't read it. I will add that 98% of the time I post, I exagerate and add snippets to make them more humorous. I rarely take things seriously and always try to find humor in everything. I you don't know me- please know this. I'm not here to offend anyone, or to be offended. PLEASE---- think before you post a comment. In the time I've had a blog, I've only been insulted once and once only. Please don't be afraid to post and let me know what you think. IF you have a problem with anything I say- post a comment and SIGN YOUR NAME.... I'd be happy to respond to you. I also want to thank everyone who reads this and encourages me. I've had SOOOO much support and I'm am so greatful for that! It causes me to work harder and design better. Thanks to everyone who helps me be a better person!
in the words of Forrest Gump, "And that's all I have to say about that."

Have a good day! And smile :)-

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is FUNNY

So my son is at the stage where he's coming up with words and phrases I've never heard of before. It's just so funny what kids say. I read on another blog, a challenge to incorporate views from your children. The pages you do always come from your view... so why not use your childrens' view?
so with that challenge- I had this conversation with Kayleb the other day and it was way too funny to pass up. So here's the product of what it was..... isn't he so cute?! I know the pic isn't the greatest, but you get the idea.
Journaling reads:

mom "kayleb, put your pants on before you leave the bathroom please."
kayleb "leave?"
mom "yes, leave. put your pants on before you leave the bathroom."
kayleb "leave? the bathroom?"
mom "yes kayleb! put your pants on before you leave the bathroom!"
kayleb "but mom! leave not in the bathroom. leave on the trees!"

duh mom! of course "leave" goes on the trees and not in the bathroom. how naive of me to think that because you are 3, you know the meaning of "leave". what was I thinking?!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I *heart* Elsie

yup..... one great thing about going to CHA was that I was able to meet my scrapping idols. This is the pic I got with her, man..... those are some hot babes there! :)
I've been teaching Elsie's challenge classes at my local store and they've been a huge hit. Last night, us girls got together again and cropped.... fancy that. So of course the first picture I just HAD to do was the one of me and Elsie. Isn't she so cute?! I don't think she's ever non-cute day in her life. This is the page I came up with..... had to use some new products that just came in the store too, so this was extra special. Then I also included the two pager that I put together for my next Elsie class. This was totally inspired by a flower she did as her make-n-take at her booth and by the color scheme she did on a page of hers in her book. It's going to be next Friday. I'll get the date later... too lazy to get up and check it! if you want info, call Savannah Scrapbooking to sign up for the class. We're focusing on challenges 14-16.
I usually don't do really bright bold colors, so these two pages were a challenge for me- but i LOVE how they turned out...... i just *heart* elsie...... who wouldn't?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm too Young!!

Well, my little girl turned 5 today. I'm too young to have a 5 year old! lol :) Now, ask me this in another 5 years and I'll probably say the same thing. One thing you have to understand about my baby is that she is a total and complete princess. In and out, out and in. People say it's a "phase", well- it's been a 3 year phase. At one point, we had to "name" her food, each little bit she took had to be named a certain princess in order to get her to eat it. Not kidding. So she's stuck in the princess "phase" and then goes through each individual princess phase. It's been Cinderella for quite sometime, but recently it's been Ariel. So, back to tonight.... :) We had a complete princess party. The cake had to be princess, I went to the store to find the perfect cake. Check. Then she had to have princess gifts. Check. Then she HAD to have the new Cinderella 3 movie. Check. Well, seems as though grandma and grandpa are totally on board with this whole princess thing and got her a little Cinderella doll and an interactive DVD princess game. Check. The thing has 250 games and activites on it. Think she'll be a princess after she plays them all?!
Well, here are the pics from tonight. It really was fun. "Mommy- I'm 5 today. I'm all growed up!" How can you not love something like that?! too cute. And how can you not love a little face like that too? spending the time and money to make a little girls face light up like only once- that is worth everything in the world to me. Adorable.
(the word "princess" is listed in this post 11 times. is that a little excessive?!)

Here it is!

I swear I'm the only one that hasn't seen my ad in this months' BHG Scrapbooks Etc. I was sent a proof of what it was going to look like, but still haven't seen it in person. So, since I can't find it yet, I'm going to show you the proof that was sent to me. Here's my loverly ad... complete with my Amber Line that just debuted at CHA. As you know- I do have more product that debuted at CHA, but this ad is strictly for my Amber line. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm back Cont.....

This is continued from my original post just below this one- so read that one first and then read this one...... ;)-
Now for the best part of the entire trip!!! The PEOPLE!!! Ok- so I met the 4 most influencial people to me. Lisa Bearnson, Becky Higgins, Elsie Flannigan, and Heidi Swapp!!!!!! I got to talk to each of them and get pics with them........ and here's the proof... how many of you are REALLY jealous?! That's what I thought..........

As for the rest of the trip..... lucky for Catherine and I- we got to meet the most WONDERFUL people on the face of the earth! Sherri and Kim- they saved us. We met on the bus on the way to CHA on Monday morning and spent every extra second with them until we all left. THey took us down to Laguna beach and Newport beach- then took us out to see Annie on Tuesday night. It was all so amazing and wonderful. These pics are of Sherri and Kim- and this is Sherri ordering my entire Amber Line..... isnt' she the BEST?!?!?!?! Sherri has her own store in Bolivar, MO called The Scrap Nook.

I guess you just get to see the rest of my pics I'll share. These are just because we're dorks. We fell in love with the drink Squirt...... nector of the Gods. And then one pic of us when we went to go see Annie. (Thanks to Sherri and Kim dragging us everywhere with them :)
I really had a good time. I'm very glad to be home though. I've never been away from my kids and was afraid they'd forget who I was- so it's a good thing I came back when I did. Wonderful Wonderful opportunity....... I know Adornit is going to have another Apprentice contest- so if you are interested- give it a go! Glad to be back and posting!!!


Oh my word!!! Ok- to say that this trip to CHA was fun... would be a HUGE understatement! It was so incredibly fun- I think I had too much fun! So- here are the pics to prove it and the story that goes with it. I'll try not to make this one too long- but some pics require a bit of an explantion.

Trip started out good- forgot how much I hate descending in flights.... but I got over that. Got to the Disneyland Hotel and got to our room... let's just say- it's completely "magical". I don't ever remember hearing one word so much in my entire life. Enough to make me puke really. So we had a nice room- had glow in the dark pixie dust on the walls- and princess beds.... completely magical. (barf)- We went to Disneyland on Friday. WE must have been the hottest girls there- cause' we got free cokes from one of the guys in bakery- must say, it was one of the best cokes I've ever had!
Well- these are a few pics of the Disneyland parade. Didn't know that McDreamy and McSteamy worked at Disneyland did ya?! And I'm not gonna say anything about Pinocchio. (sp?) i think the pic says it all.

We went on Saturday afternoon to help set up the booth. It was fun meeting everyone that came. Help to get all the product up and about 5 hours later- it was complete. I had to take home a box of my stuff and come up with a make-n-take. I guess the picture explains how excited I was to do that one.

Now- if you are planning a trip to Disneyland- plan on going to a grocery store or bring your own food- cause' they are gonna rip you to shreds with their food prices! We ordered room service and split a meal a couple of times- here we are on the phone just waiting to order it..... seriously took 10 years for them to just answer the phone! I must admit though- it was some really yummy food!

And here are pics of the booth- of course... i'm only going to show you the pics of my product! Don't they all look fabulous?! I was VERY excited with how they all turned out. Do'nt they look just awesome?!

i have to break this up into 2 posts.... so the continuing saga appears above this one!