Thursday, February 01, 2007


Oh my word!!! Ok- to say that this trip to CHA was fun... would be a HUGE understatement! It was so incredibly fun- I think I had too much fun! So- here are the pics to prove it and the story that goes with it. I'll try not to make this one too long- but some pics require a bit of an explantion.

Trip started out good- forgot how much I hate descending in flights.... but I got over that. Got to the Disneyland Hotel and got to our room... let's just say- it's completely "magical". I don't ever remember hearing one word so much in my entire life. Enough to make me puke really. So we had a nice room- had glow in the dark pixie dust on the walls- and princess beds.... completely magical. (barf)- We went to Disneyland on Friday. WE must have been the hottest girls there- cause' we got free cokes from one of the guys in bakery- must say, it was one of the best cokes I've ever had!
Well- these are a few pics of the Disneyland parade. Didn't know that McDreamy and McSteamy worked at Disneyland did ya?! And I'm not gonna say anything about Pinocchio. (sp?) i think the pic says it all.

We went on Saturday afternoon to help set up the booth. It was fun meeting everyone that came. Help to get all the product up and about 5 hours later- it was complete. I had to take home a box of my stuff and come up with a make-n-take. I guess the picture explains how excited I was to do that one.

Now- if you are planning a trip to Disneyland- plan on going to a grocery store or bring your own food- cause' they are gonna rip you to shreds with their food prices! We ordered room service and split a meal a couple of times- here we are on the phone just waiting to order it..... seriously took 10 years for them to just answer the phone! I must admit though- it was some really yummy food!

And here are pics of the booth- of course... i'm only going to show you the pics of my product! Don't they all look fabulous?! I was VERY excited with how they all turned out. Do'nt they look just awesome?!

i have to break this up into 2 posts.... so the continuing saga appears above this one!


AMANDA said...

Amber you're so freakin' cute!! Isn't if fun to see all your stuff in real life!?! I wish I could buy it all right now!! I better be able to see you this summer or I seriously might just walk there.... :)

Anonymous said...

Disney made you puke? You are NO fun!!!!! I hate you!!!!! Jk . . .

the real ~Roxann~ said...

What's up with that Pinnochio?!?! I don't even know where to go with that one........

The stuff looks great! Way to go!!!


Jen Gallacher said...

Look at you all professional and everything. :) Too much fun for one girl. LOL!

scrappermom said...

Hey Amber,
It was great to meet you at CHA. It sounds like you had fun there. Although you were not amused with the magical part of Disneyland. You need to know it is the most magical place on Earth were you can forget about the world and enter into a magical! world of make belief (even though we are adults we can still enjoy the magical experience). I also stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and even though I am an adult I thought the rooms were part of the magical experience there too!!!!It is to bad you didn't think this way too! I am wondering did you have to pay for your trip? or was it a freebie for winning? It sounds like you were not impressed by this trip. Well your stuff was cute and hope you had some fun! I am not sure what the meaning behind pincocchios picture was???