Sunday, October 31, 2010

Freebie Post!

Over on the Lollipop Blog :) for those who are digi

And let me say- I can't WAIT for it to be the holiday season!!! And in honor of my friend Autumn... I'm already listening to Donny Osmond :0)- lol


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gold Canyon Give-Away!!!

So uh... head over to Leah's blog and you'll find a FANTASTIC give-away of gold canyon product. Play along... cause seriously- I'd love one of my blog peeps to win ;)-


Thursday, October 28, 2010

How are ya?

I know I've been horrible with updating the blog- so how are ya? haven't heard from my peeps in awhile. :)

Oh... to all my Savannah friends-
CKC is coming to Jacksonville next year!!! It's Sept 9-10. I'm hoping to be there- would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you!!!
So who's coming?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween up to my EARS

So I hate this holiday. Seriously.
I didn't mind it so much until 2 years ago and it's progressively getting worse.

Trick or treaters. Do parents not teach their kids how to be respectful and have manners? Kids show up to my door, hold out their bags and Don't say a thing. Right. Like i'm gonna hand over a handful of candy without you saying anything? sheesh.
Then they get some, turn around and leave, WITHOUT SAYING THANK YOU! So I yell after them.. "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

THEN... they have guts to show up at my door AGAIN, play stupid, and expect to get more treats. um.. not gonna happen.

And then kids over the age of 12... really? You have nothing better to do with your time then go mooch off of other people and get free candy without even dressing up because its "not cool"? please. If you show up at my door not dressed up, and over the age of 12.. YOU AREN"T GETTING A DANG THING.

so... I put on a happy face, plan my son's halloween party for his school class, get my kids things to dress up in every year, take them trick or treating-teaching them manners along the way, and when they get home, they have candy they are thankful for and it's over.

Now I can get on with more pleasant things in my life...

*Off my soap box now lol*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My website is up!!

Ok.. well... the first one anyway. lol

You can now officially order candles from me online and have them shipped directly to you!
If you want- check it out and place an order...they are the perfect gift!

And if you have any questions about any of the product, let me know.

You can also host a "book party" where I will send you catalogs and you get orders and when you turn them in, you will recieve the hostess rewards as if you had a physical party. If you are interested in doing this and earning FREE candles, email me.

Just go click on my candle picture in the sidebar and happy shopping!!!

Friday, October 08, 2010


So i've had a struggle the past couple weeks trying to balance my new working life. I know it's something I"m supposed to be doing (and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it btw), but it's always hard to justify spending time away from my kids.

Right now in our lives, It's about working hard and sacrificing A LOT to do what we know we're supposed to be doing- which is getting out of debt.

But today marks my first day of our store opening and I get to officially start my job in sales once again. the past 2 weeks have been hard labor getting the store ready and I'm so happy that I was part of it. I work with wonderful ladies who are friggin' hilarious and I know this is gonna be a fun ride. (just wish I was able to have it be MY

anyway- just checkin' in to let you know all the craziness. And Lollipop Press is taking off!! The website will go live sometime in the next week and I'm so excited!! it's looking fabulous and I'm also working on the 2 new lines for November!!!

Here's a page I did with the Shaded Chic line, just because I needed a break from designing and just wanted to play :)