Friday, October 08, 2010


So i've had a struggle the past couple weeks trying to balance my new working life. I know it's something I"m supposed to be doing (and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it btw), but it's always hard to justify spending time away from my kids.

Right now in our lives, It's about working hard and sacrificing A LOT to do what we know we're supposed to be doing- which is getting out of debt.

But today marks my first day of our store opening and I get to officially start my job in sales once again. the past 2 weeks have been hard labor getting the store ready and I'm so happy that I was part of it. I work with wonderful ladies who are friggin' hilarious and I know this is gonna be a fun ride. (just wish I was able to have it be MY

anyway- just checkin' in to let you know all the craziness. And Lollipop Press is taking off!! The website will go live sometime in the next week and I'm so excited!! it's looking fabulous and I'm also working on the 2 new lines for November!!!

Here's a page I did with the Shaded Chic line, just because I needed a break from designing and just wanted to play :)

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