Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Inspiration Anyone?

OK- so a couple of things have happened.
One- my second Elsie challenge class has been posted and you can sign up at Savannah Scrapbooking. You can see a pic of the page we will be doing here http://www.savannahscrapbooking.typepad.com.

Two- I will be updating my progress on my process and production on the new lines coming out in Jan. on Adornit's blog, http://www.georganahall.typepad.com , every Tuesday. So check on there to see some new pics. I will also be putting little extras on here if you want to check it out here too! :)

Three- So I have been completely busy with album jobs! Swamped really. I am greatful that I have had so much work, but I have reached a point that I never wanted to be at. I am not happy doing this. I literally almost never have time to do my own work, which I would like to be my priority. So after I am done with these projects, I will no longer be taking album jobs anymore. It is sad, I have made some good friend by doing this. I just really want to focus on expanding my talents and creativity on my own pages and *hopefully* get caught up! ( I don't think that will happen, but it's worth a shot right?) I will be focusing more on publications and designing. I have made a goal for myself for how many publications I want in the next year, so we'll see how far I can go!

With that being said- I did sit down the other week and came up with this page. I LOVE these pics! isn't he adorable? Yah- this was the last time I did a page for myself and that was about 3 weeks ago. very sad for me! :( But here ya go- enjoy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Elsie Classes

So I've started up a series of classes based on the challenge book by Elsie Flannigan. There are a total of 52 challenges- so we are doing 2-3 challenges per class. I've also thrown in a few of my own, so there will be alot to learn from them! The first class was held last weekend and was a huge hit! The next one will be on Nov. 11th at 6:30 pm. If you want a spot or a kit, call Savannah Scrapbooking and reserve your spot. This double spread was the first class. We focused on the challenges of 1) FOcusing on one photo 2) working with words/ creating journaling on strips and 3) create a ribbon border. I created this page using the new Curvy Cutter. It's not my fav. thing in the world... but I LOVE the sizes of circles it can produce. Now, here are a few pointers/ideas for you to use to create/scraplift or whatever you want!

*When using one photo- you typically want to enlarge it if you are doing 12 x 12 pages. If you dont, you have A LOT of room to fill up. I have seen some pages with 4x6 pics and they turn out good, but i love a good pic that is a larger size.

* To use ribbon, here are a few ideas.

tie them in knots

tie a ribbon around a picture or piece of paper

sew a line down the middle of the ribbon to create a unique look

use ribbon to create a border around a picture

tie a knot to create a "leaf" on a flower

staple small pieces in a "v" on the edge of a pic

scrunch up a strand and sew down the middle

use a straight ribbon for a "stem" of a flower

cut little slits in the bottom of a piece to create a "fringe"

* When creating Journaling using strips, make a list of adjectives of you or the person you are scrapping about, and use those on the strips.

Use a poem on strips

use word stickers as your journaling

Ok- so there ya have it! a few ideas in a nutshell on the first class. You can look on Jamie's blog www.savannahscrapbooking.typepad.com to see a pic of the next class and a description of what it will entail.

We will be focusing on challenges 4-6. *Create your own chipboard embellishment *Create a ribbon cluster *Embellish a floral accent. I'm throwing my own challenge in there as well and that is to create a page with no 4x 6 photos. We will be doing a page with 1 5x7 and 3 3x3's. so be prepared. Also, if you missed the AWESOME workshops that were given by Angelia Wiggington while she was here, we will be using some of the techniques she taught in her "Bloom" class, so be sure to come if you want to learn some! It's going to be an awesome class - hope you sign up!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ok... So I had a phone conference yesterday with Carolee and Georgana of Adornit. We talked over what I will be designing for CHA in Jan. and all the details. I was so excited and happy to talk with them. It was an amazing experience!
So... deatils........ wanna know them?!
I will be doing 3 lines! One will be a 12 x 12 album kit, complete with papers, stickers, and possibly embellishments. I will also be doing 2 "open shelf" lines with matching stickers. I will also be coming up with my own alphabet stickers, and possibly a ribbon set and other embellishments. There may be more involved.... but I need to see what I can come up with in the amount of time I'm given. I am sooooo completely floored by how much I will get to design. I have all the papers done. So now it's on to the hard stuff. Ready for some sneaky peaks?!.....
SORRY!!!! can't give them out quite yet. You'll have to wait like everyone else to see them. They will be wonderful though. I am excited to use them to create projects of my own.
This is still mind blowing! I will be updating often on the progress of the whole process. Updates will also be available on Georgana's blog, www.georganahall.typepad.com up until CHA at the end of Jan. So keep checking there to see what becomes available and to see what's going on.
Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas on what you'd like to see on the market!
For now..... I'm out of here!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Something New/Something Blue

OK- So I've been on this Design Team kick recently with applying for them. Typically I don't because I don't feel most of them give enough product for the amount of work you have to do. The ones I've tried for are worth it.... so hence the reason I've been trying. I tried for one that i REALLY wanted, but alas.... didn't get it. :( This isdustry is full of ups and downs. But in my day of sulking, I get this amazing phone call saying I made the finalists for another! So, the only difference is that the one I got is for a Review Team. http://www.scrapfriends.com I will be sent numerous products every month to "review". I will then create a page or a project with those products and write a review on them for others to see. I will be on the team for November and December, then the 5 winners will be announced the end of December to sign a year's contract. I am excited for the opportunity- we'll just see how it goes. I keep thinking how much I want to get a lot of things on my resume, but can't determine how much is too much. I am busy doing albums for other people still and the only open time I have to scrap is during the kids' nap time and after they go to bed. Anyway- things are good, things continue to work out as they always do.
I also will be starting on my BEST project of designing my new line in the next month! Stay tuned!!!!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Can you tell I'm doing the jig?!?!?!
So.... this will be made public on Tuesday- but remember that contest I was in with Carolees Creations/Adornit?
Now... for that "announcement" I was going to tell you about.......
Drumroll please...............

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to the votes and the purchasing of my product- I have been named the Scrapbook Apprentice! I found out eariler in the week.
Now... the prize.....
I get to create another line. I don't know all the details to how big or small it will be. But another line will be coming out in Jan. I will also be flying to CHA in Jan.... -which is in Anaheim, CA- to debut it!
I am just so excited for this WONDERFUL opportunity. I hope to make "connections" and "promote" myself as a real designer. This is just flat out amazing and such a blessing.
Thanks to everyone that voted for me (I'm doing the Beauty Pageant wave) (crying sobs of tears too- :) hehehe )..... It's been a fun ride- now to create even more! Stay tuned for my next line!!!!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Ok... so my friend Lisa (her blog is on the left)- "tagged" me and now I have to respond. I guess the whole gist of it is that once you are "tagged" you have to state 5 wierd things about yourself that no one knows. SO I'll do my best to make you oooo and aaawww over everything i say!

Wierd thing #1) I like dipping my toast in Hot chocolate. Yup.... soggy bread- heard right. BUT- it is all thanks to my dad and childhood. You should try it sometime... either plain toast or with cinnamon and sugar- it's YUMMY!
Wierd Thing #2) I can't stand grocery cart handles and gas station handles. EEWWWW..... totally grosses me out to even have to think of touching them. If I HAVE to touch them- then I lather up with hand sanitizer at least 4 or 5 times the second i get in the car. Wierd phobia thing.
Wierd Thing #3) Ok- this is freakin hilarious and I can't believe I'm admitting to it.... know what a dutch oven is?! hehehe- One of my fav things to do of all time is to get in bed before my husband and let a little bodily function loose... then the second he gets in bed, whip up the blankets and give him a nice whif!
Wierd Thing #4) I'm still a little girl at heart. Explanation..... ever have one of those BFF necklaces or rings? I TOTALLY still want those! I have these friends that given the chance... I'd buy them in a heartbeat to wear. Yah..... wierd.
Wierd Thing #5) OOOhhh.. just came up with a good one! K- so I get this from my mom.... and I'm totally blaming her on this one. Ever get a sunburn and it doesn't turn into a tan and the skin peels instead? Well... if you ever need that skin peeled off- I'm your girl. Yup- I like to peel the skin off your back when you've just been sunburned. Ok- sounds gross... but it really is fun!

Ok- I could come up with more... but I don't think you want me to! Just a little tidbit of info you may or maynot have heard before, and may not want to know ever again!
Still have some good news.... can't share it for another couple days.......sorry! :)-

oh- I'm supposed to tag 5 others now too... um....... ok- Jamie, Amanda, Angelia, Lou, Jen G.
Have fun!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Ok- so I have a bit of good news.... but can't share it quite yet. :)
BUT... have another bit of good news. The company Notions Marketing has picked up all the 3D stickers from all 6 contestants in the Apprentice contest I was in. So Notions is now marketing my product! That is very huge in this industry... means that it's selling really well. My boss called me and told me she has found it- so that's very exciting! Working on some more projects and getting ready for more work! I'll fill you in a little later on my good news! ;)-