Friday, October 06, 2006


Ok... so my friend Lisa (her blog is on the left)- "tagged" me and now I have to respond. I guess the whole gist of it is that once you are "tagged" you have to state 5 wierd things about yourself that no one knows. SO I'll do my best to make you oooo and aaawww over everything i say!

Wierd thing #1) I like dipping my toast in Hot chocolate. Yup.... soggy bread- heard right. BUT- it is all thanks to my dad and childhood. You should try it sometime... either plain toast or with cinnamon and sugar- it's YUMMY!
Wierd Thing #2) I can't stand grocery cart handles and gas station handles. EEWWWW..... totally grosses me out to even have to think of touching them. If I HAVE to touch them- then I lather up with hand sanitizer at least 4 or 5 times the second i get in the car. Wierd phobia thing.
Wierd Thing #3) Ok- this is freakin hilarious and I can't believe I'm admitting to it.... know what a dutch oven is?! hehehe- One of my fav things to do of all time is to get in bed before my husband and let a little bodily function loose... then the second he gets in bed, whip up the blankets and give him a nice whif!
Wierd Thing #4) I'm still a little girl at heart. Explanation..... ever have one of those BFF necklaces or rings? I TOTALLY still want those! I have these friends that given the chance... I'd buy them in a heartbeat to wear. Yah..... wierd.
Wierd Thing #5) OOOhhh.. just came up with a good one! K- so I get this from my mom.... and I'm totally blaming her on this one. Ever get a sunburn and it doesn't turn into a tan and the skin peels instead? Well... if you ever need that skin peeled off- I'm your girl. Yup- I like to peel the skin off your back when you've just been sunburned. Ok- sounds gross... but it really is fun!

Ok- I could come up with more... but I don't think you want me to! Just a little tidbit of info you may or maynot have heard before, and may not want to know ever again!
Still have some good news.... can't share it for another couple days.......sorry! :)-

oh- I'm supposed to tag 5 others now too... um....... ok- Jamie, Amanda, Angelia, Lou, Jen G.
Have fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

EEeeeeewwwwwwww! Geez, I totally didn't need to know that!!! My eyes...MY EYES!!! :)

Cindy Howard said...

I had forgotten till I read your post, but my great-grandmother use to dip her toast too.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your 5 weird things - had to come read them for myself! Eeeewww is right! I can't believe you actually told everyone those things about yourself- you are very brave!


Jen Gallacher said...

You are so GROSS! Yuck. ;) I'm gonna have to dig deep to think of things that yucky. LOL!