Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Inspiration Page 1

Ok- So I said I'd post these pages. This is only one that I did. Haven't scanned in the other yet- but I'll try to get to it tomorrow. This is my niece Macie. I have some hidden journalin behind the flowers on the left side. The journaling is about how Macie and the problems she went through when she was first born. She was in the hospital for only a week- but she's a healthy little bugger now that eats everything! I absolutely LOVE this page. It is one of my fav's right now. This has a lot to do with having some wonderful inspiration from Angelia Wigginton.


Ok- So this past weekend we had Angelia Wigginton (her blog is on my list) come to my local store here and teach some workshops. They were so much fun. I got to help her walk around and show the samples she did to the class. So- here are some pics from the classes- there's one of all the staff at Savannah Scrapbooking with Angelia, I locked Jamie in the bathroom and she's trying to get out, some friends, and the class as a whole.

Then we had an all night crop. It was the first time I've ever ahd the chance to stay up all night and scrap and the first time I've ever had 12 hours of uninterupted scrapping! I completed some amazing LO's that I have posted below. Here are some other pics of how much fun we had. Now one little explanation- me and 2 of my friends decided to make shirts that say "Scrap till you Crap". they ended up turning out really cute- so there's a picture there too. If you want one- email me and we'll go from there. And the reason I was able to stay up all night and behave the way i did..... well- one of the pictures explains it all..hehe :)
OK- so I still have the pages I did to post. I'll be on later to post those. Screaming kids and lunch are the priority now.... :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Long time

So- it's been a while since I last posted. I know... SLACKER! anyway- couple things.....
I met this new friend- Catherine- she's amazing. We've been having so much fun together and I've baptized her into the scrapbooking religion. I know.... I'm amazing.. what can I say?! So I now have another scrap buddy to play with and it's been a lot of fun.
Mia has her surgery tomorrow on her lip. I remember mentioning it earlier- but I didn't explain it. SHe has this bump/cist that has grown on the inside of her lip since she was 2 weeks old. Sometimes they go away- in her case... it's just getting bigger. So they have to go and snip it off. The surgery is only an hour long and we can be in and out within a couple hours (knock on wood)- so it should be fairly simple and painless. She wo'nt bein a lot of pain- just a few stitches and a one day of possible grouchiness- but that's about all.
As promised eariler- I "found" the other pages I did in that contest and here they are. I've been busy and haven't had the chance to scrap lately.. but that will all change this weekend. We have Angelia Wiggington coming to teach workshops at my Local scrap store here and I get to be her assistant! I"m so excited! Then we get to stay for an all night crop... yah. Last time I stayed up all night- either Freshman year in college or my high school senior all night party. We'll see how this turns out to be. I'll be depending on a lot of friends to keep me going! ayway- I"ll post on that once it's all over.
ok- on my merry way to clean and hopefully scrap some!

Friday, September 01, 2006


Ok- so I won the contest at Creating Pages website. And along with the prize- I get to be the guest design team member for the month of Sept. So- click here to see my gallery with their product! http://www.creating-pages.biz/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=660
I know I said I'd put up the rest of my pages from the other contest... honestly- I need to find them! I saved them somewhere but I can't remember where - or under what name- so I need to go a lookin to find them!
Things continue to be good. Ernesto missed us.. barely. We had a good rain storm- but they canceled all the schools yesterday. Hailey's school was one of the only ones open. We were lucky though.
I get to go on a date tonight! It is an amazing thing when my husband and I actually get to go out! Doesn't happen very often- so we will soak it all up without kids in tow! Going to go do things we can't do with little kids- like bowling or miniature golf, sitting down at a nice restaraunt.... you know- those sorts of things!
And just to let you all know.... countdown to LOST begins now..... only 34 more days left!!!!
ok- I"ll go look for those pages now!