Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Long time

So- it's been a while since I last posted. I know... SLACKER! anyway- couple things.....
I met this new friend- Catherine- she's amazing. We've been having so much fun together and I've baptized her into the scrapbooking religion. I know.... I'm amazing.. what can I say?! So I now have another scrap buddy to play with and it's been a lot of fun.
Mia has her surgery tomorrow on her lip. I remember mentioning it earlier- but I didn't explain it. SHe has this bump/cist that has grown on the inside of her lip since she was 2 weeks old. Sometimes they go away- in her case... it's just getting bigger. So they have to go and snip it off. The surgery is only an hour long and we can be in and out within a couple hours (knock on wood)- so it should be fairly simple and painless. She wo'nt bein a lot of pain- just a few stitches and a one day of possible grouchiness- but that's about all.
As promised eariler- I "found" the other pages I did in that contest and here they are. I've been busy and haven't had the chance to scrap lately.. but that will all change this weekend. We have Angelia Wiggington coming to teach workshops at my Local scrap store here and I get to be her assistant! I"m so excited! Then we get to stay for an all night crop... yah. Last time I stayed up all night- either Freshman year in college or my high school senior all night party. We'll see how this turns out to be. I'll be depending on a lot of friends to keep me going! ayway- I"ll post on that once it's all over.
ok- on my merry way to clean and hopefully scrap some!


Anonymous said...

I REALLY like your if I could turn back time pages- I so identify! "I'd be skinny" yeah, me too!

These are great Amber :-)

Anonymous said...

I've missed reading your posts. How did the surgery go? How'd she do? Hope all is well.