Friday, April 23, 2010

TOO much going on

typical for me though :)

Ok.. so right now, amidst my traveling and designing and family and everything else.... I'm purging.

and yes- it's my scrap goodies!!!!
So I totally missed the boat on my scrap kits in Feb. but I will be doing it again. It's going to be different this year though.

I'm organizing a huge scrap garage sale to happen sometime in June. So if you or someone you know live in the Utah county area, email me and I'll shoot you some info.

but what does this mean for those of you who've ordered from me in the past? Whatever I don't sell at this thing, will be put into kits and sold on here. It won't happen until June, but from what I have, it will take me that long just to organize it all!

So here's a little shocker:
I'm stopping with the scrapping for a while. I love it, just have no desire to do it at all. Hence the purging. I've decided just to keep a few things (neccessities), and cut back. I've turned my interests elsewhere for the time being (you'll find out soon enough) and want to focus on something else for a while.
I'll still be traveling a little and I'll still be designing scrap product, but as far as scrappy goodness- not gonna be comin' from me :(
Sad, but I need a break from it all. Don't know why, just do. SO it's all going away. not forever, just for now.

here's an idea for ya: went through my paper last night and I have about an 11 inch stack just waiting to be gone. so that's what you have to look forward to! lol

so there ya go. that's it for now...... :)