Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Check this out!

I was browsing the internet and look what I came across. This is so cool. My stuff starts with the last piece of paper on the top row- all the matching stuff on the second row, and then the last 2 pieces of paper on the bottom. THAT"S ALL MY STUFF!!!!! I"m so glad to see stores finally carrying it! My store hasn't gotten any of it in yet, I'm dying for it too! My album set doesn't come out until April sometime, so that one will have to wait. But this is showing my Amber line and 2 of the open shelf paper from my album set. So exciting!!!! Also, have to give a shout out to Melissa- found her page and i think it's absolutely MAHVELOUS! She used my Amber line and my acrylic stamps that just came out CHA in Jan. Isn't it so adorable?! You ROCK girl! And another shout out to Janet! Here's a page she did using the open shelf papers from my Hailey line album kit. I love seeing people using my product! It's seriously a feeling worth getting! Thanks girls!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's been almost a week since my last post. Well, WE spent all week car shopping. Yup... got my van!! And I got my new silhouette today!! ( in know I said I was getting a wishblade, but changed my mind)
SO I'll post pics tomorrow of all the new goodies! Just checkin in!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Project #2

Ok- so I said I was gonna do a "series" in my "flower holder collection". Besides, one container to hold all of my WONDERFUL Prima and Bazzill Flowers just isn't enough. SO here's the second container I've made. Granted, it's SO not as good as the first one, but it still matches and I think it's still pretty cute. hatcha stink?!

Have I mentioned.....

that I am COMPLTELY in love with my IPOD? Holy canoly.....i seriously have this thing with my everywhere I go. I've put music (duh), video, tv shows (hello Grey's Anatomy!), and pics. I can't believe how much a little white box would change my life. I've spent hours searching out the absolute best music to put on this thing. If you have any suggestions for songs- let me know... i'm always looking for more! SO here's my nice little photo shoot with my new love..... I got a pink case for it too... of course!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On a Roll

I've seriously been a scrapping fool the past week or so. I know I need to scrap more often. I've been so busy lately. I decided to do a LO a day- so wish me luck... hope it happens! it will give my creative constipation a run for it's money! (no pun intended!)
So here are two LO's I've the past 2 days. Aren't you amazed at how many pics are on one page? i surprised myself with that one too! The Kayleb one freaked me out because I have absolutely have NO pattern paper on there. I don't think I've EVER not had some on there. SO proud of myself!!
So here ya go- my roll continues..........

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Promise........

I don't beat my kids.. i swear! The phase I really despise is when little babies are starting to walk and in the "wobbly" stage. They hit their head so many times and I'm always amazed at how resilient they are. So I hear my baby screaming loud the other day and come running to her and find this nice shiner. Yup... she had a fight with the corner of the piano bench. And by the looks of it- it won. poor thing. And just yesterday I had my own fight with the edge of my entertainment center and got a nice bump myself. I want to know how these kids hit their heads several times and just play around like it's nothing. I have a new appreciation for kids bumping their heads. It's all good though- i'll show you a pic of her, but not of mine. :)
and just for kicks, i took this pic the other day right outside my house. I love the flowers here in the spring- they are so pretty!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

More inspiration and a funny

I did another LO for my design team today. Can I just say.....FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! I just LOVE how this turned out. (Don't I say that about all of them?!) Well, this tops my list of favs right now. Not to mention, I've been wanting to use this pic forever! accomplished two things at once. SO here it is for all of you to enjoy too! ( btw, if you haven't signed up for this AMAZING kit club...... I"m still promoting it. How can you not want this much product for such a great price?! click here to sign up!)

And I really enjoy reading other blogs, especially if they are funny. Well, my boss, Jamie- she's hilarious! She has such a funny story on her blog right now. Go check it out... if you want a good laugh. And if you don't think it's funny.... I'm so sorry- this is TOTALLY my humor and I can truly appreciate dumb people and dumb situations. Of course, I have to find something funny in about everything- so this is right up my alley. Anywho.... enjoy it! *giggle giggle*

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New pages

I'm on the My Scrap Nook Design Team. And The kit this month is FREAKIN AMAZING! It's seriously so cool. If you haven't signed up for this monthly kit- do so NOW! If you sign up for 5 months, you get the 6th month free! Can't get better than that.(if you do, put my name in the refferal line :)
So here are some LO's I did from this kit. I absolutely love how these turned out. Seriously..... go sign up- you'll have a "better than sex" moment the same time every month! ;)

I got something exciting!!!

I got this in the mail on Monday!!! Now, I was kind of disappointed because this is only half of what I designed. BUT, the rest is still in the works of being printed and will be sent to me once it's shipping out to stores. But this stuff IS SO PRETTY!!!! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside looking at my designs with "official" printing on the back of it. So here's a good idea. Go to your local store and BUY MY STUFF!!!! I'll be posting some pages using my product within the next week!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Ok- so today is the day that I turn 25. Wierd.... I know. I was able to go shopping on Friday and get a new outfit. Rick took me on a date on Friday night too. (which is something that RARELY happens). And he was going to get me a Nintendo Wii for my bday too- but no one has them here. SO we have to put our names on a waiting list to get one. SO instead of getting one of those... I'm getting one of these!
Plus..... I had a scrapbook garage sale yesterday and made enough to get me one of these!
If you don't know what it is- it's a personal die cut machine. It's digital, so you can cut anything out from off your computer: Fonts and images.... I can't wait to get this! I'll be posting a lot of projects using this sucker!
Yay!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

SPring Cleaning

So I've been on a spring cleaning kick because of the WONDERFUL weather that we've had here. And because of my splurging of products, I was in the mood for a change. I switched around all my furniture and supplies and re-made my scrap room. I'm so excited! SO here's my new space. DO'nt everyone be jealous all at the same time.......cause' I know you are.... ;)- jk