Thursday, March 01, 2007

SPring Cleaning

So I've been on a spring cleaning kick because of the WONDERFUL weather that we've had here. And because of my splurging of products, I was in the mood for a change. I switched around all my furniture and supplies and re-made my scrap room. I'm so excited! SO here's my new space. DO'nt everyone be jealous all at the same time.......cause' I know you are.... ;)- jk


the real ~Roxann~ said...

looks great! i really like it. Somehow it looks more functional than the way it was it?

I wish I could come scrap with you in it 2x a week like we use to when I was there.....Boo Hoo!


AMANDA said...

I am jealous!! It looks amazing...I wish I could scrap with you too!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am jealous . . . you are so organized. I need to do some spring cleaning, too. Blah!!! Wanna come up and do it for me--ha ha!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome! And you are right - we have been having amazing weather :).

Anonymous said...

Great, great space! The red accents are so fun!!